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Another breakthrough...I can't even believe it myself. I almost cried (from joy this time) after leaving that room for the night.

Okay, so I got a magazine in the mail yesterday that I really enjoy. I took that along with some sketch pads in the room, put her grass at the end of the bed on the floor and sat down and began to read my magazine (at my assigned post by the door). I happened to push some of my hair behind my ear and as I did happened to glance to the left and here is Miss Lucky laying under the tv tray next to the bed just watching me. Then, I started to read out loud to her. I also told her that I wasn't the enemy, I was the one who wanted her and explained how she'll be so much safer in the house with us - especially this winter when the snow and freezing cold weather arrives. I snuck a glance a bit later and she was stretched out still watching and listening to me. (This isn't even the best part). I remembered last night to have the treat jar by me. Well, I keep them in little glass jelly-type jars. I took the outer ring off so I'd just have to lift the middle section off and dip my fingers in and get out a treat. Miss Lucky came to the end of the bed a bit later to munch on her kitty grass - gradually coming all the way out (checking to make sure I wasn't advancing on her from time to time). Next...omg...she comes within a hands length of me to sniff at the treat jar. I told her I'd be more than happy to give her a treat if she'd allow me to get one out. In slow motion, I moved my hand to get a treat out - of course, she backed up, but just slightly. I ended up giving her 4 treats after 4 advances toward me. She is so darn beautiful. I wanted SO BADLY to touch her, but I DID NOT. Then, after she knew she wouldn't be getting anymore treats (I told her even 4 was too many and she might end up feeling sick), she went over and started playing with her tennis ball - looking back at me. The feather toy wasn't in my reach or I would've tried engaging her in interactive play. Tonight - I must remember the treat jar AND the toy. Anyhow...she was actually laying on the floor on her side playing with the ball with all 4 paws. Then, after getting tired of that - went to get a drink of water, then used the litterbox, then, it was onto the bed to get to the window perch. You guys....she was out practically the whole time I was in there. (Don't laugh, but I do believe she likes my out of tune singing!:tounge2: ). Now when we go to open the door, she's always a few feet away watching the door. (I think this might be to try to escape, but she always runs to the side of the bed as we enter). Also, she actually came out today after I turned the overhead light on (which was also on all last night while I was in there). I do believe this is a very good sign. And, you know what? That is enough for me for the time being - just knowing at least she'll be in a room with us without hiding constantly is great!!! And if she does eventually decide to be more friendly, fine - if not...that's fine as well. I'm just happy she's come this far - and rather quickly according to a lot of you. My heart didn't beat out of my chest last night either - got a tiny bit apprehensive, but got over it VERY quickly - as my heart was bursting with happiness that she came so close to me and just sat there watching and listening to me.

I'm sorry it's so long and I'm rambling, but I am ecstatic with this! She's getting more comfy with us and that means the world to me. I wonder if now she remembers that I'm the one who used to read to her for hours those first days we had her. On Thursday it will be a month since we trapped her and she joined our household. Can you believe it?

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Has it been a month already!!! Wow. that went fast! Seems like only yesterday you trapped her and brought her in!

I am thrilled to hear she stayed out with you the whole time instead of hiding today!!! You are making much progress and I think it is great that you gave her the treats and she didn't bolt or anything when you reached into the treat jar! She will now also associate you with the one who gives her treats, which is a good thing! Good job!!!
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Has it been that long already? I really can't believe it!

Wow Sandi - my heart's jumping for joy! See - we told you her hiss didn't mean "I don't like you!"

You must be beaming. And I'm sure you know in your heart she'll be your pal. This just confirms it - and lets that ray of sunshine through what must feel like has been a lot of cloudy days. And you don't live in Portland! (Sorry - don't mean to offend anyone! )


And you tell the moments so great! Keep writing!


:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Well - the same stuff happened tonight - only I was drawing and the darn little squirt came up and thought my pencil was a toy. I didn't mind at all. She even smelled my knee tonight, but looked at my hands and wasn't quite brave enough to take that leap yet. I'm also thrilled to report - although she doesn't quite understand the interacting with me with her toys - she did "attack" her feather toy while I was making it fly around. As soon as I made it land, she'd huddle down, and like a flash she'd pounce onto it. However, she didn't do anything when I'd wiggle the other end. So, I'd put the hard wand end down and she'd pounce on that and all the while she'd check on my reaction (at least that's what it looked like she was doing). I think I've got her conditioned to go smell the jelly jar (right next to me) and then she looks up at me, steps back a half a foot, and sits down waiting. Too funny - and did I mention adorable!!! When the hubby came in, she stayed out from under the bed! Big, no huge, accomplishment. She's really getting brave. She does hiss if you're a little too close for her comfort level. It seems whenever I say, "It's okay, Lucky" she continues on with whatever she's doing. Must be the tone of voice I use or something. She even stretched out and I thought she was going to go to sleep as she watched me draw. (Of course - I was drawing...a cat scratching post - ha, ha!) Even asked her what she thought of it. She actually - much later, came up and smelled it, along with the pencils, erasers, and drafting brush. I love it when she lays there all stretched out just taking in whatever it is I'm doing. I think I'll attempt to take my digital camera in there tomorrow or the next day and (without the flash) take a picture or two to share with you. I don't want to freak her out, even though it didn't when I took the one's outside.

Well, that's todays report! I'm still flying high on happiness! I don't get afraid anymore, either (now I feel silly that I ever did).

More later...
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Sandi - all these 'little' steps are so very important to your little Lucky! She is smelling the pencils and such taking in your scent! She is waiting for her treats like a good little girl!
When you open the door she is not trying to escape in by opinion, but waiting to see which one of you is coming in to visit with her!
My feral momma Goldie has been inside since February of last year and has had free roam of the house since I got her spayed in June. I am THRILLED to pieces when I go into the bedroom and she is up on my dresser on my clothes! (I know - I should put them IN the drawers) and if she does not hop down and go under the bed, I am actually jumping inside!! I had to learn that any attempts I made to befriend her were seen as a threat. Now I ingnore her as much as possible and she will share a corner of the bed with me, and LOVES to come and wtch me in the bathroom! Go figure!! Goldie interacts with her two youngsters that we have here and spends time out here in the livingroom and waiting for the grub like the rest. It does take time and I KONW it is frustrating, but you are doing great with her, and she is indeed lucky to have you in her life!
God bless you and Lucky!

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Sandi, I'm am beaming too just reading all about Lucky! You guys have done EVERYTHING right with this little girl. It won't be long before she gets brave enough for the hand, I just have a feeling.

I just want to share what happened when Ophelia first let me touch her. I had been playing with her and Trent on the bed every night for quite a while, but when the hand came toward her she would back off. She had also been watching with great interest when we loved on Trent, who was (and is) a very lovey kitty. Finally, I was petting Trent and she knew I was going to attempt to pet her too. (I didn't even know what a feral kitty was, let alone that she was one!) She sat down with her back to me, and I could see her brace herself for what was to come. I reached out and gently ran my hand down her back a couple times, and she relaxed a bit. It only lasted a few seconds before she jumped down off the bed, but I was ecstacic. From then on, she accepted pets and loves, once she realized it wasn't a bad thing.

You have made a HUGE jump in socializing Lucky. Oh, I also wanted to clarify something, about looking at her. The thing you want to avoid is looking her directly in the eye. Try to look just over her ears, and she won't feel threatened. Ophelia still reminds me that looking her in the eye is rude in her kitty-world.
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Thanks for the reminder about looking Lucky in the eye, Heidi. I do try to remember that when we're playing and stuff, but sometimes I probably do forget. I loved the story about the first time you got to pet Ophelia. I can imagine how that must've felt.

Debra, I so enjoyed your story about how Goldie sits on your clothes and doesn't run under the bed. It is so great to hear the same emotion in your stories as what I'm feeling every time we make a breakthrough. I actually read both your and Heidi's posts with a big smile and a full heart!

Heck, just having these new things happen is so rewarding! I have found myself in the best mood lately. I read a post in a different section about a pair of cats the owner thinks hate her. Boy, I'd better respond to her immediately as I just went through that feeling.

I do have a concern, however. Okay, Lucky is going to be needing to go back to the vet for her 2nd part of the Feline Leuk. shot as well as to be spayed. I am a bit worried that if she goes through that ordeal, we'll be back to square one. Also, I'm not sure how long we can possibly wait - we'd like to have her spayed before she goes into heat. I'm not really sure how we're going to get her to the vet either - or should I say - get her in the crate to get her there. Do we use the livetrap again (I'd hate to have to do that again). Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated, as always. I plan to call the vets office tomorrow to see if they have any suggestions or pointers.

Well, I'll be going to spend time with my little Lucky. I just started reading the book, "Think Like a Cat" and it seems informative and interesting. Maybe we'll both learn something together. I have noticed that my other cat has gotten MUCH friendlier towards me - as well as my labrador turning into a lap dog. I guess they wonder why I'm going in that room that smells of another so much. I do believe they're jealous. Believe me - they're all spoiled rotten - with attention and treats.


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Sandi - you read me right! With every little step of progress with my Goldie girl, I just puff all up and smile inside my heart! You are dong the same. When we both win over these feral friends we will have to get something else to occupy our time!
I do not have any great suggestion for you about the Vet trip. I can tell you that Goldie forgave us after a few days. I actually think she was glad to see me when I went to pick her up!
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I'm not sure what the best way would be to get her in the carrier either. It took us 1/2 hour to try to get Ophelia in the carrier when we moved a couple months ago (in an almost empty bedroom), and she's been with us three years. I'm not sure you will want to try this, but what finally worked for us was putting a towel over her so she couldn't see and then picking her up and putting her in. It was still pretty traumatic for her, but I think that was more because we chased her around the room for 1/2 hour before I could convince hubby that he couldn't just pick her up without her turning into a ball of claws, and moving to a new place that I think had other cat smells in it.

The first time we moved, and this was well before she would let either of us pick her up for any reason, we lured her into the carrier with treats. That went surprisingly well.

I don't think you would be back to square one, but it may take a few days to get back to the status quo with her. Just do the same things, being there with her, giving her treats and she will come out again. Who knows, like Debra with Goldie she may see you as her savior from that other place.
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I forgot to say one thing. Explain what is going to happen, and that it is so she will be heathy. Do it in a real calm voice and start telling her this a couple days before you are set to go. I know it sounds a bit odd, but I truly believe that they understand a lot more of what we say than most people think. As much as you guys are both talking to her, she should be able to understand a lot of it.
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Yes, I agree with you 100%. I think they understand so much of what we say. It's been evident with our other pets as well. I will do that, start telling her before hand and see what happens. I liked the idea of the towel - that has 2 good sides as well, she won't see us as the one's doing it (even though she'll know it's us because she's so smart) and we won't get scratched to bits. I'll let you all know how it goes.

One thing, she still hisses occasionally - will that eventually stop - when she's totally comfortable with us?

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Ophelia generally only hisses at Trent, when he pushes playing on her when she doesn't want to. But there have still been occasions, when she is really scared or freaked out, when she has still hissed at us. Like when we were chasing her around the room for 1/2 hour. It is her defence mechanism, and I don't take offence when she does because there is usually a good reason for it. Generally she doesn't hiss or growl or swat at us. I'm sure the more comfortable Lucky gets, the less she will do it.
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To get Lucky into the cat carrier, could you leave it out and open in the room where she is? You might even put a treat or some food inside of it. Maybe she could get used to it that way. I used to leave my cat carrier out, and both of my cats are not afraid of it.
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I'm gone for a day and half and look what happens! Sandi - I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!!

I agree with Brenda. We leave the crate out all the time. (It's next to our bed). When Lazlo gets scared, it's where he runs to hide! It has a stinky shirt from both Gary and I in there (we rotate out dirty shirts so we can keep it "clean" LOL! ), but even after multiple visits to the Vet, it remains his safe place! Go figure.

I'd try leaving the crate out and putting treats into it. If she eats them, then you should try putting treats out while you are in the room with her. IF she gets used to going in and out of there for the treats while you are around, then it is a simple matter of shutting the door. This worked once, and only once, with Booger (Rocki). But for now, once is all you need!

And as to the visit with the Vet - this time it should be different. Neither of you will stay in the room with her while she's sees the Vet. I assume since she'll be spayed at the same time she gets her shots, it should be a matter of taking her in there in the crate, and they'll take her away in the crate. When you go to pick her up, they'll bring her out to you in the crate.

I was scared to death that Boog would run away and not come back after we brought her back from being spayed. Just the opposite happened. Instead of wanting out, she wanted to stay inside! She stayed the longest she ever has. Obviously she didn't feel well after the surgery, and she wanted the comfort and warmth. Like Heidi says, we explained it to her over and over the few days before (while sticking treats in the crate and getting her to go in there). We explained it to her on the way to the Vet. We asked her forgiveness and told her we REALLY hoped she understood on the way home, and kept reassuring her she'd be back in her territory in just a little while...

She really wasn't mad. I guess we were her rescuers that time. I feel SO LUCKY for that!!!!

Maybe you'll get lucky with Lucky, too.

It sounds like things are going so well! You just have to remember, you are her caretakers (her parents!), and whether she gets mad and the visit sets things back or not, it's best for her. It's just like having a kid!

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I'll definitely try the treats in the carrier thing and hope it works. However, I had to report another breakthrough. She smelled my hands tonight! I sat as still as a statue when I figured out what she was up to and was thrilled when she smelled me. I don't freak out anymore when she gets too close or even when she hisses (only once or twice a day at me now). My hubby had to put some of those outlet protectors into the receptical so she wouldn't stick her little claws in there and hurt herself and that particular outlet is under the bed. Well, Miss Lucky was out from under the bed, but when she figured out his arm was under there, she went under immediately to check out who was invading her space and although she hissed, she did not bite or scratch him. He used to have the alarm clock plugged in there, but Lucky unplugged it the other day, so I was at the store buying those plug things right away. She's really starting to progress now. We were actually playing with her feather toy tonight and she figured out that I was the person at the other end of the wand making the feather-bird dance, fly and land. We had such fun. She'd pounce on it and pull it and if she managed to pull it away from me, she'd go sit by the one dresser so I could get the other end of the wand and play again. I was so proud of her. She's almost always out now when we're in the room (unless the tv is on - then she doesn't always come out - so we're leaving it off for the time being). She started scratching at the end of the bed yesterday so I put the scratching post there and low and behold, she started using that tonight - so, of course, I praised her with a treat! She absolutely LOVES treats! I feel like that's about all I'm good for in her eyes, but I know better. My hubby thinks she might've been brushing against his bare feet & calves last night. He knows it wasn't her tail as it wasn't feathery soft pushing. So...who knows you guys...maybe the time will come soon when I can pet that little gal. I was just thrilled she smelled my foot and hands tonight.

One quick thing. The other night, I had stretched my leg out when I was sitting on the floor with her laying (and almost asleep) a foot away from me (if that), and when she saw that foot (which was farther away than the rest of me) she hissed and looked at it like it was a live being. It was kinda funny. Must've been the heavy sock material. Just hilarious. She got over that fear (of my foot) pretty quickly.

Happy, happy, happy - that's me these days! Such great advice from all of you has really paid off thus far. Also, I must say, I'm really learning a lot of interesting stuff from that book "Think Like A Cat" by Pam Johnson-Bennett. I think Heidi recommeded it. I've had tame cats for the past 20 years and some of the stuff in that book, I'd never thought of. I'm glad I decided to go ahead and purchase that book.

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Sandi I'm so happy for you!!!! It is such a great feeling when she gets more and more brave, isn't it? You made my day with all this progress you are making with her.

I'm glad you like that book. I haven't actually read it (just the exerpts on Amazon), but have heard great things about it. I was thinking of asking for it for Christmas, and now I know I will.
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Sandi - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! It IS so much fun to pop over here and see how things are going. Even when it's bad news - I feel like writing is like holding out a hand to give you a hug - but it is especially fun when it is good news. Like Heidi, I'm all smiles now!!!! What a great day!

And Heidi - I haven't been to the Lounge (and don't know if I'll have time today) so excuse me if there's a thread there - but did you notice you've surpassed the 3000 post mark?
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Thanks, you guys, I just knew you'd share in our successes.

Heidi, as far as that book goes, it's a lot of basic stuff one usually would be familiar with if they've had cats before, but it's been 17 years since our older girl has been a "kitten" so it was nice to 'refresh' my memory with some of the basic things. I think we've always been very lucky with all our pets before, but I don't want to take any chances with Lucky getting hurt or injured. And basically, even though she's not a tiny little kitten, she is still such a youngster that I'm sure she'll get into some of the things the book mentions. I think I'm also going to get the one of the other books by Pam Johnson-Bennett, Hiss and Tell or something like that. It's about stories she's dealt with with her clients. I went to Barnes & Noble's site and read an excerpt and it was pretty interesting.

Laurie, believe me, when you guys write, I can feel just about what you're trying to convey to me, so I feel the hugs and the confidence you all have in us to bring Lucky around. I know I sound like a broken record, but...without you all giving us your great advice and ideas, I don't know if this little feral girl would be as far along as she's come so far. It's getting really difficult now to spend as much time as I'd like to in there with her, with the leaves needing to be raked up and the holidays just around the corner, but I make time! I have to if I want her to continue making progress.

Well, I'll be talking with you ladies again very soon

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aw, Sandi, you're very sweet. And that's what is making Lucky even Luckier!
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Sandi, it's been a while since you last posted...how are things with Lucky? I've been thinking about both of you in the past couple days and was wondering. Did she get spayed yet? How did that visit with the vet go?
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Heidi - me too! I almost posted yesterday, but thought...if Sandi had something to report, she will. ...or she's just been busy. But now that you've posted, I thought I'd chime in too.

Sandi - we miss you!!!! How are things going? Forward? Backward? Sideways? We miss you AND Lucky!!!!

We need the next installment! We're Sandi and Lucky starved!
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I was wondering the same thing...is there any news Sandi? Hope everything is going well with Lucky!!!
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Hello All,

Gosh, I hadn't realized so much time had passed since the last installment.

Yes, Miss Lucky was spayed last Monday! All went well - except I'm a bit confused. The vet said Lucky was on her best behavior - NO hissing!!! Okay, now...why would she not hiss at anybody there??? The vet tech said it was probably because she was too scared. Since she's been home, it's more of the same. She will hiss if we get too close, (even with a treat in hand), or when I stand up to leave the room after her play sessions she'll give me a hiss. I don't know if it's because she's intimidated by me when I stand up (makes sense) or if it's cause she doesn't want me to leave. She's a little doll, though. The day we took her to the vet - I went home and cleaned up a storm. I must say, though, she's a very clean little gal. I figured I'd have a mess under the bed, but nope...I still vacuumed (had hubby help me move the box spring and mattress before he left for work) washed walls, dusted, just basically did a bang up job of the room. All was put back just as it was - and it seems it passed Lucky's inspection. It was quite funny how we managed to get her into her crate. We put treats in the crate/kennel/carrier each night for 3 nights and the last night - wouldn't you know it? She wouldn't go all the way in. My husband was standing by waiting to close the door once she went in, while I was a bit farther away playing a bit with her. Then, all of a sudden, she goes to use her litter box, then comes over by me - plays a bit and goes to the kennel. Her butt was the only thing sticking out and hubby pushed it in lightly and shut the door. Mission accomplished. I'm telling you - it took quite awhile to do this. It's like she knew what we were up to (of course she knew - she's an intelligent cat).

Then, that first night home, she was pretty much under the bed. The next night she came right out and laid down by my feet and stretched out by using my big toe as a stability point. The night before her surgery she actually came right over and sat next to my leg (touching me), but I still haven't attempted to pet her. I'm supposed to wait for the head butt, right? It'll be 2 months on Thanksgiving that we've had Miss Lucky (or Luck Duck) as I sometimes call her. I think she's finally getting to know her name. I don't know why it seems like we've had her longer, but I'm still patiently waiting for the time she fully trusts me. I do believe she trusts me quite a bit now as she's come such a long way, but do you realize how very difficult it is when she's right next to me and I can't even pet her??? Crazy. I'm willing to wait, but what if she NEVER wants to be petted. I guess at the vet's one of the male vets petted her head and she did hiss at him. Then, our vet told him to stop that!!! Too funny.

It's getting so COLD outside, I'm just glad we know our gal is in such a warm place now. Always with a full tummy and plenty of play. She LOVES her toys!!! I just laugh up a storm when we have our play sessions! I'd forgotten what it's like to have such a playful cat. Our older girl still plays, but understandably gets tired out pretty quickly. We still love her to bits as well!

Anyhow...I have been busy - can you all believe I haven't even started my holiday shopping yet??? Usually, I'm done by this time. Well, more pressing things have been on my mind. Also, I've been reading up a storm - about what??? What else? Cats. Ha, ha!

Hopefully, I'll be writing one of these days (months) to let you know I've finally been able to touch her. I'm so looking forward to that day. Do you think I should try to feed her a treat out of my hand? Should I put it in the palm of my hand and lay my hand flat on the floor? Or is this a bad idea? Asking to be bitten? She knows I'm the treat doler-outer. That's why she "kisses up" and comes and sits by me all the time. She thinks she'll get a treat every time (and I must admit, at this point she pretty much does - when she does something wonderful - or out of the ordinary).

I'll be in touch as soon as we have more exciting news to share. Thanks so much for all your interest

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I'm glad to hear her spaying went well!!! Gosh you have so much patience!!! I would probably have reached over and petted her when she was right beside my leg...but that would have probably been wrong to do...but I think you are doing a great job with her!!!

I would think offering her a treat from your hands would be okay, but I'm no expert. I wouldn't lay it flat in my palm if it were me, though...I'd just hold it out to her and let her sniff it and see if she takes it. But maybe someone who knows more about this will tell you if you should try that or not.

Keep us posted!!!! I think about you guys alot!
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Hi Sandi,

Nice to hear from you after all this time. I was wondering how you were doing with Lucky. Now I know, you are doing great. I know how hard it is, but until she does not hiss at you, I would not pet her.
I know you want to and you are anxious, but that hiss is her warning, and her next step could be to bite or scratch you, and you really don't want that kind of pain. Ferals are quick when they go to attack. Does she growl at you as well? Flatten her ears, or tuck her tail between her legs when she see's you? I also would not hand feed her treats, not yet. just toss them in her direction right now and show her you are not a threat. NOT that you are a threat, but for some reason she is still edgy and not trusting.

Over-all what did the vet say about her? Is she of good body weight and healthy? Did he have any trouble with her examining her before the spay? You might ask him.

I hope you get your feral miracle before Christmas, but good for you for not giving up on her. She deserves to be yours body and soul, and one day she will just waltz up to you and either jump on your lap or nudge your leg. Good luck in the meantime.
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Sandy - we now have a "hisser," so I know what you're talking about!!!! Munchie hisses, too - but it became clear real quick that she does it because she's startled. When either Gary or I or one of the cats scares her - she didn't hear us coming or something - she hisses. Her ears aren't back and she doesn't arch her back, but she got scared. And she doesn't hiss at the Vet - it is because she too scared and just generally scared by everything there - she hisses at home because she's comfortable enough to. I'm sure this is the same with your Lucky. !!

Sandi - she sounds like she's a very sweet little girl. She has no one to learn from that you're OK - our little Munchie had Lazlo and Shelly to learn from, and she quickly wanted attention too. She (Lucky) must have had a bad experience with people somewhere along the line - and while she obviously enjoys plaing with you and interacting with you, she's "protecting" herself by not opening up to the love yet. You are a sweetheart and a dear for having such patience! But in the long run, if you can wait it out, I'm sure you'll all be happier - with what will probably be an incredibly loving, trusting lap kitty!!!!

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No growling with the hissing. Actually, when she hisses, she doesn't have dilated eyes or flattened ears. Just the quick hiss. Laurie hit it on the head, it's usually when she's startled. Occasionally, if we're closer than she thought (even if it's her doing) she'll hiss at us as well.

I will continue to toss her the treats instead of attempting to hand feed them. She has been laying all stretched out and seemingly contented the past few nights.

I had actually written a much longer reply earlier, but for some reason, I must have taken too much time and I had to re-sign in so it didn't go through.

The vet said Lucky was "on her best behavior" and was probably too scared to hiss at them.

More later,
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hmm I wonder if perhaps she is hard of hearing? I had a hisser too- in fact her name was Hissy- turned out she was partially deaf and scared easily. Turned out after a year of working with her, to be the most loveable and wonderful lap kitty on the planet. Here she is:

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Aww...Hissy is beautiful!!! I'm not sure about Lucky not being able to hear...I suppose it's possible, but she seems to hear when my husband is on the bed and moves a little while we're playing on the floor at the other end of the room. I think she's just so awfully timid. You know...when I think back to how the momma cat reacted when we first noticed kittens way back in the boat during the summer - she actually left - jumping the fence and waiting a half a house away from ours until she felt it was safe to return to them. I wonder if she just taught them to distrust humans? I have no clue about that. We'll just keep working with her and hope for the very best.

When you said you worked with Hissy for a year...do you mean the play sessions and the stuff I'm doing now? I thought that was probably it, but wanted to clarify.

Good news!!! Lucky didn't hiss at me at all tonight and after I left the room, I had to go back in a little later to put something back in there...normally, she'll run under the bed if we're standing up, but she stayed out at the end of the bed - so I threw her a treat. Guess I just have to move REALLY slowly when I'm standing up.

More later,
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I'm so glad everything went so well at the vet with Lucky.

Every time she doesn't run away and hide is a victory. She will come around to you. One day when you least expect it she will bump you, or jump on your lap.

I think you are right about her hissing. I think she just startles easily, and that too should abate in time. What you can do with the treats is start tossing them closer to you (slowly and gradually getting closer, of course), and perhaps she will get more comfortable with being close to you.

Thanks for the updates, Sandi. It's always a nice pick-me-up for me when you report good things about your progress.

Hissy is a beautiful kitty, Mary Anne.
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