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This used to be the dog's blanket, until mean ol' Scratch stole it.

Even for being such a fraidy cat, there is nothing Scratch loves better than a chin rub.

Our baby Squee.

"Hey! What's this flashy thingy you're holding?"
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They are tabbilicious!!! that's so funny cause I tell my brown tabby Antigone that she's Tigalicious all the time
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Awwww look at the little cherubs! Scratch looks in heaven with the chin tickle
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Squee is so cute! I love her name, too! (Don't worry Scratch, you're cute, too! )
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Look at those 2 precious tabbilicous babies!!!
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Awww Beautiful babies!
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ummm, were you all just singing "Fergalicious" in your heads....or is it just me?!

"and they'll be lining down the block, just to watch what I got, so delicious!"
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