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Worms on kitty

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I have a 13 week old Kitten adopted from a shelter, he is eating well, playing good and acts like a typical kitten should. However I noticed a couple small white worms that look almost like a piece of rice on his rear. Contacted my vet and they want a stool sample. Just noticed this today and he usally wont have a bowl movement until later in the day. I would like to know if anyone has had this and does this sound like tape worms?Also my wife has never had a pet this is her first so she is just totally grossed out by this and after she read some of the stff posted on the internet today this made it even worse. She read where humans can get these, my vet say only way would be to injest them. I plan on getting the sample take it to the vet and get the medication, also does anyone now what type of medication they treat? I saw somewhere on this site where its one pill. Also I thought about making up an excuse to leave work to speed things up so I wont have to wait but then againg he probably wont go to the box until tonight anyway, is there any harm in waiting another day? My vet didnt seem to concerned, wish i could say the same for my wife!!!!
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It's most likely tapeworm, which can be cleared up instantly by a single pill from the vet (usually Drontal). A stool sample may or may not help, usually you can just describe the worms to the vet and they will give you the appropriate meds, but they need to see the kitten to get his weight so that they can dose the right amount. The only way to pass them to humans is if you ate one, which is probably highly unlikely to happen. Waiting a day wont hurt either as they are not a HUGE concern but since your kitten is young I'd get him treated ASAP. Also, you may want to make sure he doesnt have fleas (that's how they get tapeworm). But at such a young age I'm not sure if flea meds are available for him yet. (Its been so long since I've had a kitten!)
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Flea meds from the vet are safe for that age group... I would take kitty to the vet and let them get the sample
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I called my vet at an area animal hospital, one of the best in my area however they just saw him last week for an exam so they said just bring a sample in and i didnt have to bring my kitty.I also will get the flea medication as well already spoke to them about it.My main consern was not being able to get the medication today rather than tomarrow, there is alot of things happening today and all at one time, funerals ,work to mention two.
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ohh so sorry about the issues today .. rest assured kitty will be okay till tomarrow
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I took the sample to the vet and he tested positive for tapeworm and coccidia however he did not have the diarrhea that occurs.They gave me medication combined that i will give him for the next 10 days, anyone know how long before the tapeworm will die off?
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The tapeworms will be gone within 24 hours. Coccidia from what I've read is a little more difficult to get rid of.
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From what I have read the diarrhea often is a symptom, have you ever heard of it not being a symptom? The Vet gave me Albon,ever hear of it?
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Yeah I dont know much about it but I have heard of that medication.
I'm also surprised there is no diarrhea
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I'm so glad you got some medication for the little guy. Lots of wishes for a speedy recovery for him.
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omg, my cat has the same symptoms coming from her butt aswell, i'm calling the vets tomorrow i don't want to catch it myself, she likes to lick my face too so i have to be careful that i don't digest it dam it's sunday tomorrow i have to wait till monday!!
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Its tape worms. Get him treated ASAP. Tapeworms can suck the life out of the kitten quickly. And treat for fleas - that's where the tapeworms come from.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Its tape worms. Get him treated ASAP. Tapeworms can suck the life out of the kitten quickly. And treat for fleas - that's where the tapeworms come from.
yes i am calling the vet first thing tomorrow and i am also getting flea treatment aswell, for the pass day i'm been so paranoid about catching them myself those things looks nasty coming from her butt.
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