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Care to wish us luck?

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Mike and I have a knife show to attend this weekend. We have some beautiful as well as practical knives to display this year. I just finished designing the knife stands and we set up tomorrow. I am including a scan of one of my kitchen set Mike just built me. The handle is out of rare Alaskan coral and there are 6 knives to a set. The block is made of purple heart, the whole set is gorgeous! It is supposed to be *mine* but every year he ends up selling my set and I have to use an old cruddy store bought one! LOL This year I put such a price tag on my set it WON'T sell! Excuse the sanding dust still on the blade!

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Wow! That is beautiful! If it does sell...maybe you could hint that you'd like a set of your own to keep...maybe as a Christmas or birthday present?
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That really is a beautiful knife!!!! I hope things go well at the knife show!!!!!

Good luck!!!!!
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Just superb you ship overseas?????? best of luck at the show.

Hugs and Kisses
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Bundy we have knives all over the world. Shipping overseas is not a problem. If you click on the link in my signature of my post you can go to our homepage and see our work. Email me if you would like to buy a knife, but we build them from scratch and do all the work but heat treating ourselves, so they take time (about 9 months) to finish.
Mike loves challenges and custom orders too!
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WOW!!!! This would be the perfect gift for my brother. It would have to be Medieval looking. I will put some thought into this and then let you know and you can give me a quote on costs, shipping etc. They are truly beautiful.
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Best of luck for the show! I just love the work that the two of you do. Are you still going to Vegas for the show in February?
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Good luck at the show, although with quality like that you won't need much luck!
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Just beautiful MA and good luck and the show
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Good luck! Hope you don't sell the knife :tounge2:

Thank you for reminding me. Hubby turns 40 on Monday. He gave away his beautiful and practical skinning knife (no flames please) hand crafted of elk horn several years ago. I know I won't be able to get ANYTHING before next week even, but I need to head over to Kraftyworld. Might need to "talk" to you about making one. I know nothing about blades, but I know they're important!

I know how busy you are now.

Best wishes,

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Good Luck!!

Break a Blade = Break a Leg!?

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Beautiful workmanship! Best of luck at the show... but with work like that, you don't really need luck!
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Good luck mate!! Let us know how it all goes.
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Good luck for the show.
Tis a great looking knife.

Would it be possible to make a knife or miniature replica sword from a picture?
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I hope you are having a great time at the show!!!
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Ditto from me too!
Absolutely magnficant craftmanship!
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Just checking in before I get to bed. I am exhausted, we almost sold out of product by 4:00 p.m.! There was one distinguished gentleman with a roll of money who wants my kitchen set! Even at the outrageous price we put on it (because I don't want it to sell) He is supposed to come back tomorrow and talk to me about it, I was away from the table when he stopped by.

The lady sharing the vending area with me is in the process of opening up a new rescue shelter! We had a long talk and I ended up selling her an ad on Met up with some old friends, got a few orders to scrim pistol grips for some gun merchants and just had a really full day.

Ady- yes, we are still planning on the Vegas show, Mike is working on some gorgeous minatures to sell there. Loveless, anything you can send my husband, he can build. He enjoys the challenge and is very good at what he does.

I also am getting a new feral tomorrow. But, this time, he has a home. The lady trapped him, got him neutered but is clueless as to who to soclialize him, so I told her I would do it for her as long as she wants him back and he does. I saw his photo, he looks like a Maine Coon mix- I would guess he must be 2 years old? Right now he is living in a cage and feaking out, totally understandable, so tomorrow after the show, he is coming home with us.

I have to go to bed now, I am beat!

Have a good Sunday all..........
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That's fantastic news. I am so happy that it al went well. It sounds like it was better than expected. I hope that guy comes back and pays you a fortune for you setup heheheh!!! Have you taken any photos of you displays? I'd love to see it! I am so proud of you both and your talent. Sleep well and good luck for tomorrow!

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Congrats! Glad to hear all went well - with a little bonus to boot! (Lady creating a Shelter, selling an add on - big day!)

Go get your rest. You've earned it!

Oh - sorry to hear you're selling the set, but so glad to hear you might be getting a great price for it!

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Glad to hear everything went so well with the show!!! Sounds like it was very fun and profitable!! I am wondering if you sold your kitchen set or not? I am glad you had such a great time!!!!
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Just got home, brought back the kitty and the kitchen set. Kitty's name is Fly (he likes to climb the walls) He is upstairs in the catroom and complaining quite loudly about it. Tonight we sleep with our earplugs in!

It was a good show for us, and I am glad to say I am home safe. Call me paranoid but sitting in a huge room with guns, ammo and people walking around was making me a tad nervous. But they had great security and even arrested a teenager who was trying to steal knives from our table. there were about 8 of them and they had congregated near our table talking and whispering and pointing and nudging each other- not to slick for thieves, so by the time they made it over to our table we knew something was up. Two tried to distract Mike and two more tried to get me to the other side of the table, while two stood in the middle handling the knives. When one of our knives went into this kid's pocket without him paying for it, Mike grabbed him and held him till security arrived. The sad part about it, this kid took a chance like that for a $5.00 pocketknife!
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Glad you are home safe and sound!!! Glad you got to keep the kitchen set as well!!! Can't wait to see pictures of Fly!!
Good thing Mike caught those kids trying to steal!!! I am sure they would not have had good intentions with those knives!!!
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Hissy, congrats on a great show. Did you sell your kitchen set?

I am working on the hubby to take a trip to Vegas for that weekend! We'll see if I can talk him into it!
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Sounds like you guys had a very productive and lucrative weekend. I'm sure those knives sell like hotcakes. Just to reassure you a little, I've been going to gun shows with my dad since I was little, and I've never heard of even accidental firings at one. The merchants are generally very, very careful with their merchandise (making sure that the guns are not loaded before or during the show), even if all the "customers" aren't.

Even a productive kitty weekend, too! Timing is everything, and I'm glad the time and place was right for the lady setting up the shelter and for Fly.
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Good to hear the the show went well and that you got to keep the kitchen set .

Good luck with Fly. He climbs walls? I sometimes wish Russell would do something like that but when I think about it seriously I'm gald he doesn't. ^_^

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