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I love how Katie always wants to be where I am, not necessarily on my lap (although that's her favorite spot), but in the same room, so I'm not out of her sight. She's my soulmate kitty.

I love Gracie's snuggles and kisses and how she "talks" to me. She gives me kisses on my ears and nose upon request and is my most vocal kitty. I get to hear about every aspect of her life.

I love how sweet and crazy Peter is and how he's grown from a timid feral kitten into such a goofy, loving boy. He has a well-deserved reputation for not being the most brave of cats, which I find very endearing. One of the ways he shows affection is by gently pulling my hair. Sounds weird, but it's so sweet.

I love how Claire, who used to be so skittish around me, now loves to snuggle under the covers at night and getting her pretty belly rubbed. One of the sweetest things she's does is bring me her "mousey." It's this ratty, old catnip filled mouse she found somewhere, that she brings to at various times and drops at my feet.
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Lucky also has this stuffed moose which she's had since she was 4 weeks old. She chirps at it and carries it around and puts into bed with her sometimes. Once when she was about three months old and we were staying at my sisters (and her new baby also 3 months old) Lucky dragged her moose and brought it to the baby when he was crying. I think that's what won my mom over about Lucky!
That's just adorable!
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Twig and Rocket used to sit together and they would groom each other. That'd make my heart melt. Now they fight if they are to close for too long. Neffie needs to be intergrated soon, so we can get things back to normal.

Luna sleeps with me at night sometimes and that makes me melt. Isis crawls on Brad when he is in bed and it makes him smile. She is very nervous and won't come near people except Brad and I. So crawling on him is a break thru and little by little, we are hoping that she is coming out of her shell.
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Miss Moofi, when she comes for a smooch, she cant meow, so she does this sort of twirling sounds, oh my ! does it pull at the heart or what
Princess Pepsi, when you lean down to her head, she head butts you soo....oooo...oo cute
Dino, when he´s asleep and he is rolled over on his back, paws all a dangling

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I would have a more difficult time trying to find something about them that didn't make my heart melt.

Hubby, daughter and I are all so crazy about Bijou and Mika that we are in meltdown most of the time. I for one cannot walk past them without stopping to kiss their heads or rub against their cheeks - just love on them. Fortunately for me they love it and don't get upset.
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The one thing Boots does that melts my heart everytime is in the morning when he wakes up, he walks up the bed, headbutts me, chirps, and crawls up on my chest to be petted. I love it because it's our personal time. When he gets out in the house, he doesn't like to be seen with his poor meowmy, and snuffs his nose at me.
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hmm..the things that make my heart melt with the kitties, well with 6 this is gonna be a little long

Willie well I LOVE it when he gives me his paw and does his little meow and looks at u with this cute furry face, who could resist that??? Lately he restarted to play as well, just soo cute!!!

Midnight- hmmm lets see well when he jumps up on everyones chest with their arms out

Bella- well well well, what doesnt make my heart sink for this girl I would have to say when she does meow which isnt that often, and also when she jumps up and cuddles and she is so big tho she wants to be on my shoulders and man is she heavy (although that got a little annoying tonite, she kept following me everywhere just to cuddle and I mean ALL DAY )
Also when she plays with her little mice, ok another one is when she "mothers" stormie and keeps everyone in line including the dogs

Stormie- Well when she does cuddle which isnt often, and when she gets very vocal when I come in my room or start a coversation with her, and of course her and her fluffy toys and well playing fetch is a def big one

Blue- How she follows me all the time and her meow, and when she cuddles on me and well all time top is her playing with anything and everything that she can

Tessa- What to say about Tessa, lets see when she starts randomly playing with her tail or anything in general and well same with Blue. Another thing is how excited she gets when she sees me and she does her little low meow
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My heart melts when Saki looks up at me and meows, and bats his eyes. I know that he wants love Also at night when he comes up and snuggles on me and purrs in my ear and licks my earlobe. He has been licking my earlobe since he was a kitten It's really cute.

Zoey makes me melt because she is always right there to give me head bonks. She always comes to me when I call her and I LOVE when we 'chatter' back and forth. She sounds like a little chirping bird
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The latest that has made my heart melt is that Holly has started to sit next to me in my chair. She is 9 and has only been with me a year, for the longest time her attitude was "Okay I will let you feed me, but don't bother me"
I love it when Annie runs to the cell phone when "Daddy" calls so she can talk to him.
With Sissy, Sam, and Spook I love it that after dinner they will follow me around until I sit down then all three have to be in my lap.
With my Lady Dianna it is funny when she will rub against my leg or run across my lap and give me a quick rub. It is as if she is saying "I need a snuggle but I don't want you to know that I need a snuggle, so catch me and give me a snuggle"
I really miss my Shadow always knowing when I didn't feel good and would always stay right next to me. And his way of always taking the newest fosters under his wing and mothering them.
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Awwww. Everyone has the sweetest kitties!
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I hope I can include my dogs, too.

Miagi - he is such a goofy boy, he will roll over on his back so you can rub his belly. and he'll run around like Tarzan going up the wooden pole we have in the living room in the morning. he's so silly!

Tiger - when I get up in the morning and open my eyes, Tiger is right there bumping his body into me and bumping me with his head telling me to get up. it's the cutest thing in the world!
and he makes a little silly sound when you wake him up from a nap.

and my dogs :

Rocky - he will greet you with a something when you get home, whether it's a piece of paper, a sock, or a shoe or a tennis ball he will greet you with it.

Jenny - her eyes and how she is so tolerant of my hound Buster is amazing.

Buster - his eyes, he has gorgeous brown eyes that I could look into all day.
and he is a goofball.. and very much a couch potato!

and Ginger - she's my mom's dog and how they both love each other is amazing.

I just love my furbabies!!
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Last night, for the first time ever, Quill gave me a goodnight kiss. I picked him up as I was going to bed, and he put his arms around my neck and gave me the sweetest, softest nuzzle ever. I gave him a headbutt and he was purring so loudly that I just held him for what seemed hours, he was still and he was just looking into my eyes as if to say he loved me. It was quiet, so all I could hear was him purring contentedly. He is my baby and I will never, ever leave him, and I hope he knows that.
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Let's see, I have to narrow it down to 1?!

I love when Petunia is laying on her back (like she is now!) and I talk to her and she looks at me over her belly fur with her eyes only half open.

Today, Pepper decided to lick my arm when I got home. He's never done that before. It was like he was saying welcome home and where have you been?

Of course, they both are wonderful spoiled rotten kitties and it's hard to narrow it down to just 1 thing each!
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Oh my, where to start...

Pepper...she's my special girl. Pepper is my first cat ever, she was my birthday gift. I love how she greets me at the door every single day. I love how she chirps as me to "hurry up and feed me" when I'm preparing her food. I love that ever since the first day we brought her home she sleeps with me every night.

Pixie...she's my sweet girl. I love how she will just suddenly flop over, legs in the air, for a belly rub. I love how she'll "stand" beside me when I'm preparing her food and try to make me move faster by gently tapping me with her paw. I love head butts. I love how from the first day my bf brought her home (she was a stray) she has acted like she has never lived anywhere else, how she accepted us has her owners unconditionally. I love how she will sit pretty and blink at me in greeting.

I could go on and on about my girls but I'll just stop here...
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Scooter has begun to crawl up in my lap to be held. He has never been much for being held before, and I just love it.
Pepper gives the sweetest hugs. She is a big, goofy girl, naughty most of the time, but she can melt me with a big hug.
Pearl has decided the best place to sleep is right next to my chest. She has also started sitting in my lap when I am watching tv in bed. She lets me pick her up and cuddle her without running away.
Scooter and Pearl suddenly decided to become little lovebugs.
Fluffy barely tolerates me, but she LOVES her Daddy. She is so cute when she gets jealous and pushes my hands away if I am rubbing his back. Then she will knead him in the same spot.
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Ophelia is deaf, & she sleeps rather soundly. I love to startle her awake because she puffs up, bolts, only to realize it's me & make a wipe out/U-turn to race back & bite me. I think biting is her knee-jerk reaction & I take it as a sign of affection...
Twitch is deaf. When I wake her up she only opens one eye & gives me her special silent meow, sighs, & goes right back to sleep. Sometimes I swear I can hear her purr...
Lily will miss me & follow me all around the upstairs meowing until I pay attention to her. When I do pay attention to her, she rolls over to get her tummy rubbed, chin rubbed, & then get her ears scritched.
Dorian kisses me after I've been away from him for like 30 seconds. He really likes to "french kiss", but I draw the line there!
Damita will flop over just to get her tummy rubbed. She struts in front of me & flops down. If I step over her, she repeats the process until she gets her tummy rubbed! She does her "dead fish" where she flops all about getting her tummy rubbed & purring...
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