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Ouuuch, stupid elbow.

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This morning at the rescue centre, I was going from one part of the building to the other. On order to do that you have to go outside and back in through another door. (untill we raise enough $$$$ for renovations to put doors in)
Anyway, I was trying to brush up the short part of my hiar with my left arm, and hit it on the door frame as I was walking in. These are the doors are big heavy metal ones.

Ouch. I though nothing of it and went to roll some loose change so it could go into the bank this morning. And I set my arm down on the desk. OW.

I rolled my sleeve up to see the damage and there was a huge blood bubble on my elbow. Why is it that when you see what the injury is, it hurts more? I'm waiting for bruising or something to show up.. which hasn't yet. It hurts to bend it and left something heavy, so I am assuming there is going to be a bruise there soon.

I am now trying to keep from setting my elbow down on the desk now, which is becoming increasingly difficult, the more tired I get

NOTE TO SELF: Care less about hair and more about safety.
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I'm sorry you hurt your elbow! Hope it heals soon! Maybe now you should quit messing with your hair!
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oww! i can sympathise!

Im always doing it at work - there are lots of sharp corners and I always seem to hit them in the right spot of my elbow (or is it the wrong spot??) I think I am going to have to invest in some of those rollerblade elbow protector things.
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Good Idea! Maybe I'll need to invest in a pair of those. Maybe a helmet too.
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Leto86 sorry to hear about your elbow. I bruised my elbow really badly a few years ago. Actually went to the ER when it happened because the swelling was so bad. I was told to take Motrin and ice my elbow. To protect your elbow while it is sore you could try wrapping it losely in an ace bandage so that it is cushioned. The symptoms you are describing sound a lot like what I had when I severely bruised my elbow.
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Make sure you're RICE'ing it. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Tylenol or Advil will help with the pain and swelling. Take it easy and I hope it feels better soon!
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Owwies. No fun!
And I totally know what you mean about it hurting more once you see how bad it looks!!
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I have alot to do this morning at the cat rescue.. regardless if I'm in pain. Tell that to my rotator cuff injury on the other arm. No matter the pain, I have to go everyday, or it doesn't get done.

But When I get hom I'll make sure to RICE it

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