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Simon's ACL surgery

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Please keep Simon is your thoughts and prayers today. He will be in surgery most of the morning starting at 8am. They are going to repair the ACL in his left back knee.

I'm going to keep a record of his progress here in Health and Nutrition.
He will have to stay off the leg for a week before they start physical therapy. I do know that his antibiotics for the first week will contain pain medication that will also ensure he stays down.
I wasn't able to find but a few mentions of cats with torn ACL here on TCS. Actually one and they elected not to have the surgery done. Most of what I was able to find concerned dogs with torn ACL on the internet and that it's rare in cats.
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for a good surgery and recovery for Simon!
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sending all our thoughts to Simon from across the ocean

I look forward to your updates and wish only the very best for your darling Simon - stay strong little man, you have a whole world of cat lovers behind you
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heres whizzing lots of positive mega-healthy ((((( vibes ))))) to Simon. I have been wondering about him since he went AWOL !
I am sure he´ll do well he´s gots lots 'a' love around him
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Lots of {{{{ do well}}}} vibes for Simon.
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Lots of vibes for Simon!! hope his surgery goes great and his recovery is quick and complete!!
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Poor lad! Good vibes for the surgery and for the physio and recovery. I hope that he regains plenty of use of the affected leg and can soon go back to having a normal (although hopefully slightly less adventurous ) life.
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Sending lots of good vibes for Simon {{{ }}}
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Sending postive vibes and thoughts for the beautiful Simon to have a safe and successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
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Sending many good vibes and a speedy recovery to Simon
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Thank you for the vibes he really can use them! I just dropped him off. He is the only surgery scheduled for today. They said it can take 2 to 3 hours or even longer. They will call when he is out of surgery. They did say he will not go home until late tomorrow afternoon.

Recovery time in the crate is at least 4 weeks!!!! Oh boy is he going to be mad about that! It could take longer because of his age.

Now I just wait! I HATE the waiting!
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We'll all wait with you!!

Sending tons of {{{good surgery}}} vibes for Simon!
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Why is it that when they are at the vets ! hour seems like 3.
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We're all here to wait with you

Sending lots of good vibes to Simon.
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Many vibes for both you and Simon.
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Simon is out of surgery!!!! She said he will spend the day on cloud nine I can pick him up tomorrow at 3. He came through with flying colors!!!

Thanks everyone for the vibes and the prayers!!!

Posting all those show pictures from this weekend kept me very busy!
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I'm so glad to hear surgery went well!!! Yay Simon!! He will be so happy to come home, even if it is to spend the next 4 weeks in a cage...
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Glad all went well! Sending speedy recovery vibes to Simon.
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Sending get well quick vibes for {({({({({(Simon)})})})})} and to you!
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Successful operation and healing vibes coming your way for Simon.
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So pleased to hear the surgery went well WTG Simon
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It's good to hear that Simon's surgery went well. Here are more {{{easy recovery}}} vibes for Simon and hugs to both of you.
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That is fantastic news Eva, well done Simon, get well soon sweetheart
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awww poor Simon. I will be thinking of him and praying everything turns out great with his newly repaired knee!
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OH boy! Simon is home. Well we were home for about an hour anyway. He absolutely went wild flipping and jerking all over the place. He was attacking his leg and biting the bandage. I just sat there and cried! I couldn't get him to calm down and relax . I felt so useless!!

I ended up calling the vet back because they didn't say anything about him acting this way. I was totally unprepared. They had me bring him back in to make sure the bandage wasn't too tight.

They couldn't find anything wrong and said it was the stress of being home and not liking his cage or the bandage. He is so upset. He did eat and take his evening meds. I was able to take a few pictures once he decided to calm down. He has yet to sleep since we arrived home at 4. Which is weird because they said his meds will keep him sleeping most of week 1.

He goes back on Friday to have his cast changed and stitches will come out some time next week. Or they are suppose to anyway.

Please keep those calming {{{vibes}}} going for Simon. It is so scary to watch him and all I can do is crawl in the cage and hold him. I just want him better.

His eyes are so clear and he is very alert for someone who is suppose to spend the week sleeping and healing.

We have completely covered the back and sides to create a more closed and protected place and this seems to be working so far.
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Oh Simon- look at your pink cast!

Sending many, many calming vibes to Simon, and to you as well Eva!
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and lots of for you both.
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awwwww darling Simon, sending lots of calming vibes your way
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you and Simon, btw, Simon is gorgous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awww Simon, sweetie your just as handsome as always even with that bandage

How is the little guy this morning?
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