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Don't you just want to cuddle with this?

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What an adorable baby. Kind of looks like a mix of a teddy bear and a puppy
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awwwww absolutely i want a cuddle!
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Yup. And after all that practice with the kitties, I probably wouldn't even notice the maulling til it got a lot bigger.
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How precious it is, I do wanna cuddle with that.
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oooooooo i LOVE polar bears, my heart melted when i saw the pic, lol I WANT ONE lol, if only right
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I love polar bears i wish i could cuddle one in real life!
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A cute baby, definitely!

I dunno, though. Adult polar bears are pretty scary!!!
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oh my goodness, how absolutely adorable is that!!!!????
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yea, those are really cute.
right up until the time they grow up and eat for you lunch, hehe
but yea its really cute now
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Awwwww how sweet looking.I'd like to cuddle with it.
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He's so cute!!
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How cute!! Like a little toy!!
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Ok, where was the cuteness warning for that?! That just made my morning with its uber-cuteness.
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Oh yes I want to hold him Awwww The one with the Big polar bear's tongue sticking out is precious!
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Awww! Yes!
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Cuteness Alert

my, oh my what a cutie-pie.........if that doesnt give us all some reasons to try and help with carbon emissions I dont know what will !
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