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Any Litter Locker Owners Out There?

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I've got a couple questions for ya I'm considering getting one, because were I live we have to sort our garbage into 2 seperate bags (green bags for things that mildew/rot/go nasty/smell and blue bags for things that won't) and its getting quite expensive for us having to buy so many green bags to toss the litter into. So I'm wondering firstly if the litter locker bags are clear, because we won't be able to toss it in the garbage if its not. If the bags are clear, how well do you find they work? Do you have a multiple cat household, and if so how long does a pack of bags (or roll of plastc, not sure what it is) last? I've got 5 cats in the house, so I won't get one if I'll have to re-fill it all the time. The cheapest I can get re-fills around here is about $8.00 plus taxes.

But yes, I guess I'm just looking for other people's experiences (good or bad) with the Litter Locker and if you'd recommend me getting one (or more..?) for a 5 cat house Thanks for looking!
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The bags are blue. I have 2 (indoor) cats and one roll lasts maybe a month?
Only thing is, I've decided to stop using it now after 2 years because it smells up my whole apartment For the longest time I couldnt figure out what the heck was the smell, and so I emptied the litter locker, scrubbed it down really good and didnt use it for like a week, and the smell went away. I started to use it again and the smell came back. So I'm not sure if it was because it is so old that it just absorbed the smell after all this time.

But, while I was using it I did really like it
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So its nice but it smells? lol woohoo gotta love that
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We got rid of ours... don't remember why.

Mine never stank (I didn't have it for long tho) but whenever I opened it up to empty it, phew that was gross!

I believe the bags are clear, mine worked nicely for two cats... and I can't remember how long it lasted. I wanna say a few weeks, but if you have 5 cats... yikes!

On that note, it was nice to not have to take out the trash all the time, just scoop, dump it in and turn the handle. Sometimes I wanna get one again... lol!
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hear hear.

i have a litter locker - the bags are light blue. mine doesn't smell yet - it is nice to scoop and turn but when you clean litter boxes a bunch of times a day it's not very cost effective.
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I bought one and stopped using it within only a few weeks - it smelled and it was NO fun emptying it.
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The Litter Locker works pretty well for me.
It last about a month of course every two weeks you have to empty it.
I dunno how helpful this may be to you as I have only 1 cat so I can't imagine how good it'll be w/4 or 5 cats.
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We stopped using ours, we also got some odour and it is easier for us to throw it down the garbage shute each day and with 4 cats it got full fairly quckly.
The bags are blue but transparent.
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I have one and am not overly impressed. You do need to empty it regularly otherwise it will smell - the idea isn't that you can leave soiled litter in there for weeks and it won't smell (it is after all only a thick plastic bag). I find it a useful place to dump soiled litter so that I don't have to take it straight out to the outside bin, but the refills are quite expensive and don't last long. I sometimes use it then decide to go a while without using it to save money on refills. It does the job but it's not particularly wonderul, imo. Before I bought it I was expecting it to have a filter or something for the smell but it doesn't. Although I don't find the smell a problem as it only smells when it's been there for a while and works ok for a few days to a week's worth of litter and it's full by then anyway.
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The bag is light blue but I hear the genie refill (white) will work on the Petmate Litter Lock as well. I have two cats and it lasted about a month. It does get a bit difficult after 2 weeks so I have to cut and dump whatever it's in there. The plastic seems to absorb the odor so I had to sanitize with lysol. We got tired of having to constantly clean the litter lock so decided to go for organic flushable litter (Feline Pine).

I got my litter lock at plus the refill too.
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I have 5 of them I would say that's a pretty good recommendation, I have 8 cats 5 litter boxes plus the 5 litter lockers. I have yet to have anyone believe I have 8 inside cats, They work great IMO I get my refills at Petguys also, there about the cheapest I know like petsmart wants about double for them.
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i definitely think that they are a good idea; you do have to clean and empty them a lot - the refills can be expensive.
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We've been using one for quite a while and are quite happy with it. The refills we currently have are a transparent light blue. We have one cat, and need to change the bag every 4-6 weeks or so.
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