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Originally Posted by Abigail View Post
Great skin, what do you do to glow so much?
Are you serious?? I am having serious breakouts lately and I'm not impressed by it at all I usually am blessed with a very nice complexion. I have a strict skin care regimen that I do twice a day..Everyone should do that

Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
Do you color it now Nat? Maybe some layering framing your face would look nice, and if you want a little difference in color, highlights are great, just the expense of keeping it up to, But it's a nice treat for yourself
Nah, last time I got highlights was last March..I haven't dyed it probably since high school. I am not a fan of full out dye as I have been complimented on my hair colour and don't want to really muck with it.
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I think your hair color is beautiful so if you want a change I'd go with something shorter. I think you'd look really good with a shoulder-length or even chin-length haircut.
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Dye it black! or Bleach it blonde!

okay im joking... !

I would just add some layers into it!
I just cut my own hair, mwahaha, i hope noone notices how bad its turned out but i just trimmed it! the cats had a whole load of fun in the bathroom though! (notes to buy hair dye soon)

I actually dye mine with gold shimmer from fructies and alot of people like my haircolour the way it is now instead of my natural one! so maybe you should try doing it too?
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