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Hair dyes

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I'm just wondering how many of you dye your own hair and what you use to do it. And any other details you'd like to include.
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I tried to once or twice, turned out horrid! It never turned out how I wanted it. So now I go to my lady I've gone to for about 10 years to color it for me, for cheap!
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I dye my own hair. Currently it is Almond Bliss by Herbal Essences (I think that is the right brand). Normally it is just highlighted, Lee pulls my hair through the cap and I put the dye on it. But this winter I decided to go back brown. I like it. I wouldn't stray more than a couple of shades away from your natural color with talking to your stylist.
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I colour my own hair. I used to do it just for a colour change but now it's to hide the dreaded greys. I use Casting and I think the colour is darkest brown. Over the years I have been all colours, red, purple, black, blonde. Now I'm just grateful for the natural look.

K xx
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I have coloured my hair a million times. I took a cosmetology course a couple years ago and used to do it a different colour every week or two. My hair has been every colour..blonde, black, so many shades of brown, lots of different shades of red, burgundy, purple, pink (which turned into pink highlights), brown with blonde highlights, brown with red highlights....etc. One time it was even blue (not for long though). Right now it is just brown though because I don't have anyone to colour it for me anymore. I let my boyfriend do it once and it was a big mess.
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I use Herbal Essence as well.. it's one of the lightest blonde shades, I don't remember the name of it.

My mum does it for me, has for the past 4 or 5 years.

My hair has been pink, red, burgandy, orange, 'puke orange' (according to my sister), strawberry blonde, and now it's been blonde for the past 2 years. I was thinking about going darker, but I think I like the blonde too much

I have also put in 2 of the Temporary dyes.. I don't remember the brand.. I think it was called Pulse or something. Anyway.. taht went overtop of my blonde.. it was purple both times.. but now I think I might try red.
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I've done alot of home dying, highlighting and bleaching. I saw a commercial for a "natural" looking hair dye that I was thinking of trying. I want comething that won't show my root too bad (I have medium/dark brown hair). In the past I've always gone dark mahogany red or a slightly lighter than my natural brown. I guess what I'd really like to do is dye it all as close to my natural color as I can w/ some nice natural looking highlights. But I hate highlighting caps almost as much as I hate the combs that you use w/out the cap. When I've tried those the color ended up clumpy.

I tried black once and it didn't fit me so in the course of a week my hair went from brown to black to orange/blonde back to brown. I'll never go black again!
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Permanent dyes lighten the hair the first half of the processing time, then deposit the color the second half.

So, if your hair is colored, and you only want to touch up the roots, put the color on the roots only, and half-way through the processing time, use the rest of the color in the bowl and pull it through the length of your hair to refresh that color.

If you ever see a good professional colorist working, you will see this is how it is done in good salons.

If you keep putting the entire color on your entire head every time, the ends of your hair will be eventually so damaged that they can't hold the color any more and the hair breaks, looks ragged and faded.

If you want a change, I suggest a temporary or even semi-permanent color. The latter do a little bit of damage but not as much as permanent color.

Cheers, from
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Wow, that helps immensily. It might also explain why my tips are always much lighter than my roots even immidately after coloring.
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i dye my hair currently it is a faded red color fromgarnia frutice (sorry for spelling) i forgot what its called, darnit its been a while since i dyed it tho i think i dyed it before christmas but that wasnt that long, i am thinking of going brown but idk, I am a natural blonde so of course i like to dye my hair, although I used to dye my hair many many colors i probably have had every hair color there is i want to dye my hair now, hmm this calls for a trip to the store, i just dont know what color i want i am too choosy and picky i will stand in the hair dye isle for every looking and comparing each brand and colors
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I'm in the process of dying my hair back to its natural color.

For years I did all shades of red. Dark red, Strawberry blonde, etc. Red did suit me, but I'm tired of maintaining it.

Right now I'm using L'Oreal Natural Match.

Also, despite the box saying to dampen your hair, I never do. I just dye it straight out of the box. The color will absorb more into the hair so that it lasts longer.
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Amanda, I could spend hours looking at hair dyes in the store. Thats why I'm looking for others opinions and experiences. Maybe it can help me narrow my choices!

Jenny, how do you like the natural match? And is it really that easy to match to your color?
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Wow you people read my mind! I was going to post a question today about dying hair. I use Feria. So far it is the only one that actually colors my hair instead of turning it black all the time.

I have some questions for those who dye their own hair & have long hair.
How many boxes do you use? What steps do you take in applying it?

I have a hard time doing my own hair. I used to use 4 boxes but I think I can get away with 3 this time. I never know where to start. I usually pull the top of my hair in two buns and start with mid scalp to the back of the neck. I went to a hair dresser before and she even didn't know where to start. I just have so much hair. It's thick and curly too.
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I've been coloring my own, for over 30 years. Its always some shade of blonde or red (I'm naturally a dark ash blond). The best brand for me is L'Oreal Excellence or Preference. I buy whichever one is on sale or I have a coupon for.

Nice 'n Easy, Clairol, Revlon and Garnier all faded or went brassy on me. Lately, I've been letting the gray at my temples stay, as it doesn't look TOO bad.

As for the long, thick hair issue: when mine was down to the middle of my back, I used 2 boxes. I parted my hair into 2 pigtails and used one box for each side.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
...Maybe it can help me narrow my choices!..
Buy the most expensive, it's worth it.

Originally Posted by crazyforinfo View Post
... I never know where to start. I usually pull the top of my hair in two buns and start with mid scalp to the back of the neck. I went to a hair dresser before and she even didn't know where to start. I just have so much hair. It's thick and curly too.
You need a plastic rattail comb.

Start at the top, at the part if you have one. Apply the color only on the roots. Using the point of the comb, make another part about an inch from the preious, color the roots. Keep on, doing the crown first. Just flip the long, thin sections of hair over the colored ones, and keep going. For the sides and back, do horizontal parts. You can use a plastic clip to keep the colored hair out of the way (no metal). Don't add the hair dye to the rest of the hair until the last ten minutes or so.

I posted some other stuff in this thread, too, that might be helpful.

Cheers, from
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I have to ask... why no metal? I assume it'll react with the dye but I've always used metal clips and never seen anything funny... of course, I have dark hair too.
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I go to an Aveda salon (for at least 10 yrs)and my stylist is the salon's colorist.
I let him chose what works best for my current color and skin tone. I have high lites and lo lites too. But its time for a touch up-I might forgo the lo lites as I am so "pasty white" in the winter it doesn't do much for me.
My twin colors her hair more "blonde" and he gave her suggestions as to what colors to use (she does it herself) that would look better on her. But if I want to go more blond I already know what it would look like!!
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
I have to ask... why no metal?....
I've always just done as I'm told.
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i have graying brown hair, & i don't like the dulling effect the gray/silver has on the brown. i like the gray/silver alone tho, so when it's finished, i'll go back to natural. but for now, i use a pale blonde demi-permanent. changes the gray/silver to blonde, leaves the brown, brown.
i like this one: Natural Instincts Sahara it's the first one on the left.
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I've used some lighter blonde shades of Clairol's Natural's really gentle, and the conditioner smells great! I'm a natural medium blonde, but I like to lighten up now and again.
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I am a real blonde but got platinum highlights for years at an aveda salon. Now i have moved and all our money goes to the house so I have colored my hair myself three times.
1.Once to highlight roots. was great. l'oreal
2. temporary reddish blonde Garnier. loved it!!
3. permanent red but its very gothic and i need to tone it down. Garnier 66

will I continue to do it? you bet. It's only hair not a liver or a kidney LOL

Tip: don't wear clothing. lock the cat away. open a window. breathe deeply and smile
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I have natural brown hair with all the red, gold and blonde highlights. I've gone black, blue black, and every shade from light brown to blood red. I don't color my hair anymore now that I'm going gray. My hair is now coming in black (just my luck) and gray with red highlights all by itself. Looks kinds pretty, too. I've used L'Oreal, Natural Instincts and Nice and Easy. Love the Natural Instincts non-permanant colors. (Also, I have long hair. Down to my tush. I've only ever used 2 boxes when I colored.)
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I gave up on dying my hair, I never liked the way it turned out
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I have been grey since my mid 20's and have tried every color on the market - but I love love Garnier Nutrisse - It's just soo soft after I dye it!
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I do my own - usually every other week. I use Clairol from the beauty supply outlet. I forget exactly which "series" but it is called SunSparked brown. It gives me a nice auburn color. I usually just do my roots and then mix the remainder of the color with shampoo and shampoo it into my hair - my hairdresser told me how to do it years ago and it sure has saved me alot of $$$ and an easy way to cover my gray!
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I get my hair colored by my hairdresser. I'm naturally dark brown, and we're coloring it a dark, vibrant auburn. I used to do it by myself, but I now prefer getting it done at the salon. My hairdresser and I are constantly tweaking the color, trying to find the perfect shade.
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Well, my pnal was to see what I could do now for my wedding so if it goes wrong I can get it fixed but I think I've decided to just have it done at the salon before the wedding. Lots of thanks to swamp witch! I'll meet with several stylists for consultations in the next few months and hopefully I'll find someone I like that I can go to shortly before the wedding to have it done.
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