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Teaching old cat new tricks

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Hi Catspride,

Well, I just typed about a five paragraph reply to you and wouldn't you know I hit the "preview" button to see it first and had to go back to enter in the "subject" and when I tried to return, Poof--it completely vanished!! I have no idea how to get it back. Anyway, I won't retype the whole thing, but just wanted to thank you first for the wonderful suggestions and opinions.

I would like to ask you though how on earth do you introduce new members to your home with the older cats that may be territoral. I want to bring in one or two new fixed kittens (I prefer "boys"), and I'm afraid that Kee-Kee (altered male) will not be accepting. He's not around that much, but when he is he thinks of this as HIS home---and rightly so since he's the only one here at the present time.

Thanks again for your input, Catspride, and I look forward to your reply.

Barbara ---"Mupcat"
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This is so bizzare! Barbara, you just wrote about about your writing going "poof" - and apparently a couple of replies to this new thread you had to start also went "poof!"

Heidi had replied with a link to the cat resource site Anne and Hissy created:


with other stuff, and I had replied with a link to a cool indoor cat furniture site, which allows you to design your own:


and somehow both of our posts are gone!


Is there a ghost on the Cat Site?
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Nope! I got both those replies----I think!!!! In fact I replied to you both ----short but sweet reply. Think I said something like thank you and I'm off to let my fingers do the walking. Or something like that. I do know that sometimes when I click my back button and then try to come back it will say "Page Expired". Now I have to remember to hit the "Refresh" icon. Ok, I'm going to post this now and then see if I can get back to the page where you both wrote me.
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I checked and I think it came in under "Teaching Old Cat New Tricks" and if so, that's my fault. For some stupid reason I think I "New Posted" instead of "Replied" Oh Duh!!! I don't know, for some reason I can really screw up posting on this site. Nobody's fault but mine.
No fair saying anything about "Senior moments" either. LOL!!!

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