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Our daily thread for Thursday April 19th

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bring on the weekend! it can't get here soon enough. anyone else praying for the end of the week?

going to buy a new car this weekend. i really just want to get it out of the way. some people love to stuff like that, i just want to get it over & done with it & settle into my new ride.

and of course can't wait so see survivor tonight!
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COME ON FRIDAY!!! I hate wishing my life away, but I am so tired of working already!

Good luck on your new car. Any idea what you want? I bought a KIA Sephia. I love it. And now that the weather is nicer, I want to spend all my time in it. But I can't if I'm working.

Hope everybody has a great day.

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can i just tell you the thought of the whole buying a car process does nothing for me? i can't even decide what i want. my dad works for chevrolet, so i have to buy chevy, so that narrows it down but i'm still stuck
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Hi everyone!

Well, Thursday is over in ten minutes over here, so I'll be the first going into the weekend I live in the future I guess

Today was a sad day in Israel as it was the holocaust memorial day. Since yesterday they've been showing holocaust movies and documentaries on TV - how depressing! We had a two minutes siren at 10 AM when everyone stands in silence in memory of the victims. That always sends a shiver down my spine. It sounds like this horrible scream all around you...

On a more positive note, people are coming this weekend to see Dovik the dog. I have a feeling he'll be going to his new home tomorow, or the day after that. He's a sweet thing and I'll miss him, but I'm happy he'll have a good home of his own.

Well, gotta go to bed now before I fall asleep on top of the keyboard.

Good night!
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Wow... Anne sounds like a very emotional day there. I think I would get some shivers too experiencing that.

I'm happy that Dovik gets a new home and lucky for you it's already Friday for you!!

I can't wait for the weekend. I am 24 and I think I am really ready for retirement!

I have been in meetings all day and now I am sitting here trying to begin on my regular work. I tell ya... it never seems to end.

Happy Survivor watching
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Hello to all

Tonight I am mentally drained! It has been one of those weeks. I never seem to get cought up and everything goes wrong. I have to work Sat to boot!! Of course the good news is my kitten is going to her new home on Sat. It is going to be hard for me, but I know I cant keep all of them. So please forgive the non existant posts of mine. I am going to try and get caught up and refreshed this weekend.
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I, like everyone else, am drained. It is that time of year at school where the kids have enough of the year left that we're not exactly counting down yet, but enough has gone by that they don't care too much anymore. 5th grade students also have an attack of hormones in the spring. All I do all day is discipline!

Anne, your story about the holocaust touched me. I helped my son with a school project on Elie Weisel last year, and the research we did was moving.

Air: good luck on the new car. I bought a Ford Escape recently, but since you have to buy a Chevy, my input won't be too helpful.

TGIF to all!
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