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Awww JJ...are you a porker sweetie pie.

Has Toe been peeing OK?
The fact that your miracle boy has an appetite is a really good sign.
I hope that things calm down for you now Jenn.
You came through for your furfamily like a champ.
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How is he today Jenn?
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I hope this finds Toe-Man feeling a lot better today, I am hoping he will be back to his old self pretty soon.

Still sending you prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you, Juan, and Toe Man.

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Toe is doing good this morning. He is already in to the routine of the feeding crate. When I got up, he ran to the crate waiting. As soon as I put his bowl inside, he dashes in. I have to keep the young cats back because they also try to enter the crate. They want his SD.....

I have also quit feeding in the enclosure. Fetus, Felix and Jimmy are all coming inside to eat now which is good. I never wanted to keep food in the enclosure when we first built it. I had to because some of the cats would NOT come in the house yet. Since they all come in now, the food out there is history. This spring I don't have to worry about ants from food in their area.. Yeah!!!

While Toe is eating, I feed all the others. I have two [sometimes 3] mass feedings a day.... Dont' you just love the words "mass feeding"....hehe

I watched him poop and tinkle this morning... and he doesn't appear to be straining as much so I am starting to relax a little...... I woke this morning and Toe was laying in the middle of my chest.....

He's going to be ok.... It's just going to be a slow recovery process to get him back to normal. His energy level is still low but he has bright eyes so I know he is doing good.

FYI--I have two bowls in the crate. One has hard kibbles of SD and the other is the soft food. Toe definately prefers the soft. He has hardly touched the hard food. So I am glad I bought 6 cans... It takes him three feedings [maybe 4] to eat a whole can. He eats small frequent meals thoughout the day... I put initially a half a can down and eats 1/2 of that. He doesn't eat an entire can throughout the day. He eats good but he doesn't eat as much as he used to. It's probably due to still not being up to par and also maybe less of the Science diet is satisfying him. I put him leftovers in a baggie in the fridge. But it is taking him at least two days to eat one can of food.

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Jenn...you should have been a nurse.

I always add an extra 2 teaspoons of filtered water to Dexter and Sadie's wet food.
It makes a kind of gravy and they love it.
The more water that Toe drinks the better.
I would try this with all the kitties.
Keeping them well hydrated is critical to their kidney's heath.

I am so glad that your boy is improving.
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I'm so glad to hear that Toe is doing so well.
See, miracles do happen.

The day you left to take him to the Vet I was so scared and worried for you and for Toe...I can't imagine how hard it was for you.

Now to read just how much he's recovered makes me so happy, for him, you and Juan.

He's a handsome little guy and he has wonderful parents in you and Juan.
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What a wonderful progress report on Toe!! So glad he's peeing, and he's home, and he's getting better!! That's awesome! You're doing a great job, just give him time to mend and he'll be fine.

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I am so glad that Toe is back to feeling like his old self again.

Please give him a little hug from me.

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It's great that Toe is doing so well. He must be so happy to be back home and feeling better. that there's no recurrence, and that JJ loses weight.
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JJ certainly need to lose weight...... The first time I laid eyes on him he was a porker then. A good 25 lbs..... And he is close to that now if not at that.. with feeding twice daily I am hoping he drops weight... Some of the others are big but JJ is much too big. I have read that 3-legged cats gain weight and he sure is... I have got to get it off him for health reasons.

Toe is doingn wonderful. He knows when he sees me get his little baggie of food out that he is going in the crate and he does not mind. He feels special since he is the only one eating soft food.

Separating food with set feeding times is easier that I thought. I do it when I get home in the mornings and in the evening before I go to work. Sometimes they act like they are starving but I know it's not so. It took them 9 days to eat 20 lbs of science diet. But after doing some reading on various cat food, I ordered 60 lbs of Felidae. I pick it up Wednesday in Springfield. I have help from this site as to a good food and went through an entire list making my mind up. This has 4 human grade meats and all natural products. I told my husband I might make us some stew using it if we got snowed in and he did not find that amusing...

Here is a cute pic of Toe 5 yrs ago. Husband had him swaddled in a towel like a baby and Toe loved it. He has always been our baby and extrememly spoiled. He loves being babied still...

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That is just so good to hear, and I am so glad that Toe is doing so well, and I am sure that he appreciates everything that you have done for him.

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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
Toe is doingn wonderful...

...I ordered 60 lbs of Felidae.... I told my husband I might make us some stew using it if we got snowed in and he did not find that amusing...

Here is a cute pic of Toe 5 yrs ago.
That is totally awesome to hear about Toe! I am wicked happy for all of you. And that pic of him is to die for cute!

I laughed out loud at your Felidae stew/husband comment - too funny!
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That picture of Toe is probably the cutest picture I've ever seen.
He looks so comfortable, what a sweetheart he is.
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Toe...you were a precious baby sweetie pie.

I love your siggy Jenn.
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Just wondering how he is getting on
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Aww, fingers crossed they all continue to improve.
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How are you handsome Toe Man?
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Toe is doing great. Here's a pic I took of him today..

I bought some tie down straps yesterday and he has played with them all day. He is eating, pooping and tinkling great...

He is pretty well recovered. I just have to keep him on his diet to keep this from happening again.

He is one lucky little guy that he is still among the living......... I was just relooking at that picture of him swaddled.... He was laying in the crook of my husbands arms. He was rocking him... You can't tell that from the picture. Toe was laying on his back.. He is the sweetest cat I have ever had. Very good natured and laid back for a tom.
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I swear he gets more beautiful in each picture!
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Toe is stunning. :
His white ruff is magnificent.
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thank you guys.... I think he is pretty beautiful as well but then I have a biased opinion. I still haven't bathed him yet. Just wiped him off with baby wipes. Wait tilll you see him fresh after a bath. He is fluffy then.......and he struts... I have always like his little black bottom lip..
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Aww, I am so pleased to hear he is still doing well.
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Just fyi, I've been judging how much felidae the cats are eating. It is taking them 7 days to eat 20 lbs. I'm not sure if I was posting here or on another thread but 80 lbs a month is less than they were eating of the Purina. I just opened my second bag this morning.

They eat slightly more than Science Diet but must less than Purina. And they like it much much better than Science Diet too... They appear to like it as much as the Purina... Toe loves it. I am feeding him his prescription diet in the mornings and Felidae dry in the evenings. He is shiny and perky. They all look good. The new food seems to agree with them. In about three weeks, I will order another 100 lbs.
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That sounds like my experience with the Felidae, too . So glad it is working for you!
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It's working wonderful!!

Here is Toe a few minutes ago. He was taking a nap with me. He just woke up and I was giving him that "punk rock look". Hubby took the pic.... He appears to be having a bad hair day.....

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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
OH man is he just a gorgeous cat or what!! I'm in love!
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Toe....bed hair er Fur.
I am in love too.
His expression is so cute.
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He is so cute.
What a sweet little face.
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I stumbled across this today, which is how I found TCS. I've spent most of my day following this thread, and catching up on all the posts. I was crying at one point... I was so worried for Toe. I'm *so* happy that he made it. My heart was breaking for you. All of mine send great big hugs (okay, honestly, they'd probably all hiss, spit, and slap, but *I* am sending enough hugs for all of my crew).

Here's wishing you and Juan all of the best of luck with all of your kitties, and wishing Toe the longest, healthiest (and I'm sure he'll have the happiest) life possible.

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