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How does your cat let you know when

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They are hungry. Tavia will meow at me and then run into the bathroom and then come back and meow like come on mom I am so hungry.
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Gizzy will meow loudly and then get one of her showier toys and carry it to the food dish. If we are playing with an interactive toy, she 'walks' me to the dish with the toy in her mouth.

If I'm in bed, she makes a lot of noise and jumps on me until I get up to feed her. I notice she eats more in winter.
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Unfortunately Radar has only ever learnt to ask for thing by pouncing on me whilst I have to guess what he wants
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Tolly just shouts, but Tolly shouts about everything. The best ones are when he can't find Chloe and he runs all over the house shouting.
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Mine will all howl like someone is killing them if they are not fed at no later than 7:20, am or pm. If it is am, they will jump all over me in bed until I get up. They hate it when I don't get home from work until after 9 pm. Scooter has the most pitiful greeting meow if he is hungry when I get home. It is hilarious. If my SO is home, he will feed them, then they will lie to me when I get home, and act like they are starving and that he has not fed them.
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Scarlett will jump on my chest, paw at my face and give me a pittiful meowl when it's her time to eat and I'm running more than 1 minute late (dinner at 7PM sharp). The rest of the cats simply gather around and tap their little feet.
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Puff will meow at me then go to the bag of food or the refrigerator. He's very persistent.
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For breakfast, Leopold will park himself in the kitchen for a howling session. Momma sits on the edge of the bed, waiting patiently The others position themselves around the perimeter of the bedroom. There are 2 doorways in the bedroom. It's as if they all spread out to make sure they don't miss my exit.

For dinner, they just gather in the kitchen. If I'm real late with that, Leopold starts howling again.
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Well, mine are free fed, but if there is any less than 3 cups in the bowl, Trouble starts worrying.
He'll jump up every time I stand and go running into the kitchen trilling at me and showing me the bowl.
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The only time they tell us is 3-5am. Lucky starts by knocking on the bedroom door. IF you open the door he hides b/c he used to get in trouble when he started at 11pm. Finally he comes in the room and then he & Molly fight on who gets to sit on DH. Molly plays the "I'm not touching you" game with her paw & Lucky nudges Mike. If that doesn't work Molly will lick DH's face and hair until he is annoyed. If that doesn't work Molly sits on DH's night stand and yells at him.

When I get up, Ben weaves in/out of my feet forcing me to the kitchen, flops and purrs.
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They will sit on the island in the kitchen and stare down at their empty bowls While meowing VERY loud!
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It never ceases to amaze me how our cats train us and not the other way around.
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Screaming at me. Just lots and lots and lots of screaming and following me around. In the morning sometimes she'll lick me and purr like "Look how nice I'm being... wanna feed me?" If being nice doesn't work she'll start screaming at me.

I taught Harriet that she must "sit" (same as the dogs) or I won't feed her. Makes me feel better--like I'm not being bossed around.
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I dont think mine have ever been hungry I free feed and feed wet 3 times a day. Before I go to bed they have 2 feeding stations full of a variety of dry and their wet food. I have never heard them meow from hunger.
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abi meows only for three reasons: food, she wants to go out on the deck, she wants me to stop moving so she can sit on my lap. So when she meows I say " show me Abi" and she either walks to the door, the feeding center or a sofa. I love it.
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We hold a bowl and ask our cat if she's hungry (outside of the times that she normally eats). Dulcinea stands on her hind paws and touches a bowl held by Fr. Miguel or me and touches it several times and goes: brrrrrrrer. Otherwise, she eats one meal in the morning (wet/canned food---the tiny cans) and then during the day snacks on dry food...and then in the evening, she has another meal of canned food (really small portions/1/2 small can) about 5 PM...and then before bed, she has another. All of her wet food/canned food are half portions and eat is only a HALF can at that. She is a little over eight pounds and a bit over 14 months old. She is sleek and muscular...and not overweight. She has (in other words) several very small meals each day and always dry food available when hungry in between. She also gets 'treats' often...but healthy stuff like: fresh spinach or a bit of cheese or something healthy that she enjoys. Hey...it works for her...and for us...and she seems VERY healthy and IS very active.

fr. gregg
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Molly gets extra extra extra lovey, coming up to me and refusing to leave me alone, whether it be when I'm on the computer or still in bed. Buffy just kind of shows up and gets naughty, bugging Jake, getting into things she shouldn't be, knocking things over, etc. Willow simply shows up, lol
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When she's hungry Villy meows and stands by her bowl or looks at her cupboard! She has a different meow for when she's hungry too. Or if I'm still in bed she'll walk all over me till I wake up sometimes she just sits and stares at me too, if she knows I'm waking up!
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Duke meows at me walkign backward towards his bowl. Sibohan disn't really do anything she eats when shes fed... she's never overly hungry.
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Dusty will climb up on my chest (in the morning) and purr loudly while rubbing her forehead against my lips. If I don't respond right away, she will nibble on my fingers - not hard, but enough where I feel her teeth. That one always works!
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Everyone gathers in the kitchen near the pantry where their food is kept. Kolohe meows loudly and persistently, Fluffy makes his little, squeaky meow and the others just circle around impatiently waiting for me to get the food. They have set meal times and usually begin gathering 15-20 minutes before meal time.
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Chynna gets extra extra cuddly. She will also sit and look at me. And she will run ahead of me and stop and look at me to see if I'm following and lead me right to her food dish.

Abby on the other hand will lay on her dinner mat. She will also get super, super cuddly and become a real snuggle bug. It's almost a shame to feed her, LOL But I don't feed her immediately when she starts acting like that. I don't want her to associate cuddling with getting fed. I give her the snuggles and when she's had enough and jumps down I wait a few minutes and then go and give her something to eat.
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When they're out of food, Cooper will sit beside me and stare at me. Occasionally he'll make this barking sound, "ruff", to get my attention. Whenever I get up, he meows really loud and runs between my feet to trip me up. If I don't head toward the pantry, he'll do it again.
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Mine think they are always hungry. Even if there is food in their bowls!! They meow and run around like crazy under my feet. If no can is opened I get very disturrbed meows! Silly girls!
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This morning, Zissou let me know she was hungry by picking up her bowl and slamming it on the linoleum repeatedly at 5.30 am. When that didn't work, she tried to bring it in and dump it on my head

Otherwise, she gets fed when she gets fed. She always has dry out, and water, but the wet food isn't really on a schedule. She doesn't seem to mind. Usually when I hear her eating a lot of dry, I feed her her wet.
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My cats become "extra nice" When they want food.
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Kabou is very lovey dovey and follows me around when she is hungry. Sometimes she will also let out a little meow. Brandon follows me too, but mainly sits on the floor lookinging sadly and expectantly from the bowl to me. He will often let out a meow that sounds exactly like "NOW"!
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
It never ceases to amaze me how our cats train us and not the other way around.
Reeses just meows and rubs up against the cabinet where we keep her treats. She leaves enough food in her dish so she's usually not hungry and think she just wants a treat though
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Chessy meows at me very loudly, over and over, and will try to get me to follow him to his food bowl.

Emily hasn't really begged for food since we got Chessy. But she used to meow at me too, just not as loud!
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Kuce (and my RB kitty Sphinx) just sits there and stares at you until she gets her food.

Luvbug will (mostly) lay there and paw a foot with his paw until you serve him. He'll mew (or shall I saw whine) once in a while if he's really hungry.

Lil' Jag will talk till you serve her (in her carrier).
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