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Wolf petition

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The Secretary of the Interior is attempting to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species list. Sign the petition to help protect the wolves.

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We normally keep stories and threads like this in the SOS forum. I'll go ahead and move it there for you.
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Thanks for the heads-up on the petition. This Secretary of the Interior seems determined to destroy the interior rather than to protect it!
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Brenda, Thank you for the information. I signed as #3,835. We have to preserve the balance of nature.
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I signed as well this morning. I'm ashamed that Gale Norton comes from Colorado. I don't understand how you can come from a state like this and still think that wildlife and wilderness isn't worth protecting.

Although I don't know what kind of numbers the grey wolf has grown to, they still aren't anywhere near the numbers that would even come close to a balance in the ecosystem. But then, no one seems to want predators in the wild, just the cute little prey animals.
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I guess I signed up for the Cat Forum just in time. I am an avid lover of wolves and was more than happy to sign the petition. I'm #10,314 on the list. Thanks for posting this so we could help the wolves out!!!

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I just signed. It says it'll take a half an hour before my signature's up, so I don't know what number I am yet.

We already support a local grey wolf reintroduction program (NW NJ), the Lakota Wolf Preserve. We've "adopted" several there.
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