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Farewell sweet boy

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You came into the shelter because your "parents" (and I use the term loosely) couldn't put up with your spraying. You were a purebred 1 year old handsome boy, but they couldn't have been bothered neutering you, and couldn't be bothered finding ways to curb the spraying.

You were neutered at the shelter but couldn't adapt to your new "life", and kept spraying, and turned agressive within just a few short days.

Everyone who met you loved you - not just your look, but your gentle personality and soft fur.

It's heartbreaking to think you changed in such a short time - I know those who had to make the decision to put you to sleep were very heartbroken over the decision.

RIP and play and spray wherever you want in kitty heaven

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OMG! Rest in Peace baby boy you are away from the cruelty now
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Poor little guy. I'm so sorry they let you down so badly. Rest in peace.
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Oh no, Bless his sweet little heart
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OMG! That poor kitty! Play & spray happily over the rainbow bridge. At least you knew a little love in your short life.
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Such a sad, sad story. Now his little spirit is in a much better place; I am sorry, sorry, sorry that humanity let him down so badly. Bless you and the shelter workers for giving him a chance.... I have had adult toms neutered and they can be very aggressive while the hormones are readjusting; it is just so dangerous, esp. in the shelter environment. A difficult decision for the shelter to make Heaven had gained a truly beautiful cat..
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The poor baby What a handsome boy he is as well

You'll have a new loving family at the bridge and you'll be well loved there

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oh that brought tears to my eyes

RIP sweet darling boy - you were too good for this would

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Poor baby

Play happily over the bridge
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Oh no, what a terrible story for such a handsome boy. It makes me so angry that someone could let this happen to the little angel. Its not his fault that he followed his instincts. It is his owners fault for not having him neutered and taking care of him like they should.

Rest in peace sweet boy, you are free now to do anything that makes you happy.
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Poor sweet baby boy! How terrribly sad! Rest peacefully and play and spray happily over the bridge!
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Poor sad

Play happily over the bridge baby boy
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Oh my what a sad story, bless his soul He is a beauty

Have fun little one, go spray on all those clouds
you are in a better place and theres some special kitties to play with you
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What a sad, sad story. RIP little one, sadly taken before your time due to people's irresponsibility.
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Rest in peace and play little life. At the Bridge, no one is caged or unwanted.
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Poor sweet boy! RIP Darling
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Ah RIP You Beautiful Baby, Your Story is sad but often heard, I hope you are Happy where you are
This is so sad
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