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Why is it..

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that in a house of 6 cats, all of which drink from the kitchen faucet, that the only one that can do it without getting wet is one eyed Ivory?
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That is too hunny Gotta love the irony in that
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hahahaha too funny!!
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LOL!!! Maybe the others need to watch her to get some pointers.
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I left my sink dripping a little today, my outside pipe freezes all the time, and I imagine i'll be coming home to wet kitties and water tracked all over the place!
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I don't know, maybe she had better vision in that one eye cause she was blind in the other one.
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Awwwwwwww, Ivory must be the smartest one
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Thats hilarious! Sleeves never gets wet but Nismo always gets her head soaked!
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Maybe she drinks from the one side of the faucet that here eye can watch the water?? Bakker is the only faucet drinker he isn't too bad a couple others are toilet drinkers (gotta love that wet seat!)
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awww what a smart kitty!
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