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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post
3. I'm fannish, Heroes is the newest fandom and the show has eaten my brain (oh how appropriate, heh..)
Love this program, too!
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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
...5. My favourite Rights on the Bill of Rights are the third and the ninth.
O.K. I love this; you've got to love someone who says this.
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Great thread!! I just love learning more about everyone. It took me the longest time to come up with my five, but here goes:

1. I’m a former ballerina…I was accepted as an apprentice in a nationally known ballet company, but a badly broken foot ended my dance career before I started.

2. After that, I worked as a professional actor for a few years until I ran out of money and had to get a “real†job.

3. I’m a charm school graduate. My mother, who was raised on a farm, used to hate that she had to go to business dinners with my Dad and never felt comfortable with how to act. We never had much money growing up, but she managed to scrape together enough to send her daughters to charm school because she didn’t want us to ever be in the same situation. I thought it was the lamest thing at the time…but I actually use the stuff I learned in my current job.

4. I secretly would love to get a tattoo on my hip or somewhere subtle. But I hate needles and DH hates tattoos, so it’ll never happen.

5. I’m a junk food junkie. I love chocolate and sweets, empty carbs, and greasy food. But since starting Weight Watchers a year and a half ago, I try to keep my junk food consumption to a minimum.
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1) I have "prehensile" toes: I can pick things up with them and use them to manipulate objects, like use a fork or a pencil. (I don't have fine motor coordination, so I eat messily and write like a three-year-old.) When I drop something on the floor, I use my feet to pick it up again.

2) I am a walking, talking version of the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). I can remember even the most obscure (modern) actor or director and can connect them to the films or television shows they were in. I remember names and faces, and can catch obscure references to movies and shows, even if I haven't actually seen the show. When I watch movies with my friends, they're always going "Who is that guy? What have I seen them in?" and without fail, I can tell them. I have no clue how I can by this ability, because ...

... 3) My family didn't own a television until I was ten, and we didn't get cable TV until I was in high school. I didn't have television the entire time I was in university and only really started watching TV shows "religiously" since I started living with J (so, for the past four years). I was (and remain) an avid reader, however.

4) I was a gymnast until puberty landscaped my body in such a way as to make gymnastics unfeasible. I also did dressage, which is like gymnastics on the back of a horse. I was pretty good at gymnastics but didn't like competing, even though I did well -- I wanted everybody to like me and, of course, the other gymnasts hated me when I did better than they did. I wasn't as good at dressage, but I enjoyed it more.

5) I started working at the age of fourteen; my first job was serving coffee, donuts and ice cream in a donut shop. After that, I worked at an ice cream stand on the beach, as a waitress at a seafood restaurant and at a Chinese buffet, as a filing clerk for a cosmetic surgeon, as a cashier at a dollar store, as a bartender/short order cook at a golf club, at a Dairy Queen, as a dispatcher for a heating/air conditioning company, as a receptionist for a lab that studied foodborne zoonoses, as a filing clerk for Farm Credit Canada, as a procurement officer for a company that manufactured uniforms, and, most recently, as the parking administrator for a large office building. I'm only 28 years old. I have never been fired -- I just have lousy luck. I'm also a professional writer, but that's not a full-time job and has yet to start paying the bills.
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5 more amusing things about me

1. I'm very sensitive- it doesn't take a lot to upset me/hurt my feelings (i just don't show it easily.)

2. I used to have my nose pierced with a tiny jewel stud. I REALLY miss it!

3. Tiger Lilies are my favorite flowers

4. I helped deliver my great niece, Kaitlynn when she was born- it's one of my favorite memories!!!

5. Bisclavret by Marie de France is my favorite short story
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1) I have a knack for picking out the most expensive thing in a store/catalog/magazine.
2) I eat enough chocolate in one sitting to satisfy my caloric intake for days.
3) I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now
4) I have about 50 chapsticks/lip glosses all around my house.
5) I just lost my pearl earrings! But I'm sure if I cleaned my room I would find them.
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Well I'm still pretty new around here but this will help everyone get to know me better...

1) I am studying to take the LSAT's in September and hopefully go on to law school after I graduate next year.

2) My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years now and we live together.

3) I really hate vegetables and therefore you can only imagine how unhealthy I eat.

4) I absolutely hate where I live right now but you do what you can when money is tight.

5) I am a night person and can not wake up in the morning for anything -- making me late for work everyday. Luckily I have a wonderful boss who understands the ups and downs of college life!!

That's all I can really think of right now... I sound like a miserable person huh?!? I'm not though, I swear!!
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I like this thread and I haven't posted in it and I thought it would be nice to bump it and reply.

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
1. I have a nasty habit of chewing on the skin around my fingernails...have been doing it since college, and never been able to kick the habit.
Me too! Only I've been doing it since I was 7.

1. I'm a vegetarian.
2. I have lots of anxiety issues.
3. I'm a bookworm.
4. I love Harry Potter.
5. I worry too much- about people I do know, people I don't know, getting sick, people dying, animals suffering, losing my animals, you name it.
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I decided to add on too; I only joined but it's a great way of getting to know everyone.

1. I'm a huge Buffy fan even though my friends think I'm way too old for it.
2. I worry way too much about what other people think.
3. I'm a massive fan of gaelic football even though it stresses me out when my team (Donegal) are doing badly!
4. I've only been in love once in my life and I'm still with him.
5. I'm happiest at home with my boyfriend, kitten, a good bottle of wine and some good music.
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This thread has made me laugh out loud! We are all so the same!!

1. I pay over 400 hundred peoples wages every week.

2. I prefer my own company (and those of my cats) to most people even though I would say I am a people person.

3. I am a total Sci-Fi nut, love all things Sci-Fi

4. I love Dance music

5. If I am stressed, anxious or very down I can totally seperate myself from reality and forget everything around me by going into another life/world/whatever.
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1. I am a trivia fanatic.
2. I actually like disco music although I don't like to dance.
3. I like to mix all my food together on my plate when I am eating.
4. Perfume makes me sneeze
5. I have the makings of a perfect hermit, if I didn't have to work I would most likely never leave my home.
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1. My altime favorite show is Married with Children.
2. I can not stand horror/ thrasher movies, life is hard enough why not laugh.
3. My second favorite animal after cats are sharks, I know not very cuddlely but they are just so cool.
4. I drink more coffee than any other beverage.
5. My all time favorite movie is You Can't Take It With You from 1938
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