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Come Home vibes for Simon - HE'S HOME!!

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Eva's (snosrap5's) sweet boy Simon is missing. As you can imagine Eva is quite upset and frantic right now and unable to post.

Can we send some of those magical TCS "Come home vibes" to Simon?

Come home Simon, your home family is frantic. It's time for your adventure to be over.

I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts Eva

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Simon, its time to come home!
Keeping Eva in my thoughts!
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Eva, all the Come Home }}}VIBES{{{ I can muster are on their way to Simon

I have sent the Angels to protect him and bring him home to you as soon as possible

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Oh no, Eva my thoughts and prayers for the speedy return of Simon are whizzing to you.
Come on Simon, little boy, your mommy is missing you hurry up and run home quickly
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Eva, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Simon. Please come home safely and soon, Simon.
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Oh no! come home Simon! The outside is no place to be!
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Oh Simon you sweet handsome boy, you must come home, mommy is worried about you. Eva I am praying for your boys safe, swift return
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Come home Simon!
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I'll keep Simon in my thoughts and prayers.
Come home little man, your family misses you.
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Thank you everyone! Your thoughts and prayers mean so much to me!

I've contacted the local vets and paws. So if he is turned in they will contact me. I also contacted my local radio stations as well. We are making filers to put around the neighborhood today.

He is an inside outside cat. I hated his going outside but he was very insistent about being allowed.

He just has to come home!!!
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Come on home now Simon, you've had enough playtime and Mommy is worried.

for you Eva.
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Sending lots of COME HOME SIMON vibes and
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I am also sending lots of prayers and "come home" vibes.
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Oh Eva I am so sorry

Simon please come home
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Please come home Simon! Your mommy is worried about you.
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Eva - I'm so sorry! Simon - COME HOME RIGHT NOW!
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oh Eva darling, I so understand how your feeling right now! You MUST remain positive and do not loose hope. Simon will come home

Now you probably know all of this but I will say it anyway.
Have you put flyers into neighbours letterboxes (colour photo of Simon and offering a reward helps!), have you sprinkled litter outside in all directions, go outside in the middle of the night and talk to him, call him softly and listen intently. Its was me listening intently that helped me find Cedar!

I am sending HUGE HUGE HUGE ((((COME HOME SIMON))))) vibes... come on sweetheart, your family is very worried about you
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Come on Simon! Many vibes sending you on your way home!!!
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I know that sense of helplessness and panic...

Simon, please come home right now, your mommy is very worried about you!
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Come home soon, Simon!! I'm sure meowmy will give you extra treats! Besides, it much nicer being in the house.
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Oh Simon...
Mommy is frantic with worry sweetie pie.
My thoughts will be with you until you are safely back in Mommy's loving arms.
Now go home.
((((Eva Simon))))
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Many, many "Come Home, Simon" vibes on their way.

Mum knows you're a smart boy, but she worries when she can't see you -- humans are like that, Simon -- C'mon home, fella, come see Mum.

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Oh Eva sending out MEGA vibes for Simon to come home. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers
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I agree you should put his used litter outside around the door, if he has wandered or been chased beyond his normal territory it will help him smell his way home.

Come home soon Simon!
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Still sending vibes
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we are all thinking of you here, infact cant get Simon out of my mind .... I even got Jasmine to draw a picture for Simon so that you could give it to him when he comes home
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post

. I even got Jasmine to draw a picture for Simon so that you could give it to him when he comes home

Renewed prayers and vibes for Simon
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Simon....c'mon, love, time to come home, and stop worrying Mom.
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I definetly know what u are going through with going missing although some tcs magical vibes worked and my willie is home, but it is going to take alot of time for him to become him again ! But I am sending so many good vibes, and thoughts for u and simon . Simon please come home, ur family is soooo worried! I am keeping my fingers crossed that he comes home soon
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