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I really enjoy turkey hot -- the original meal with all the trimmings, or any of the usual leftover treatments. Cold in a sandwich kinda leaves me -- cold. I can eat it, especially with cranberry and stuffing and a little mayo, but don't get excited about it.

Ham, now...ham I can eat pretty much any way you want to give it to me, every day of the week. The best sandwich is with ham sliced thin, piled thick, on any good multi-grain or rye bread, with a little mayo, a little Dijon mustard, a leaf of lettuce, and thin slices of Swiss or Jarlsberg cheese. I just finished dinner and I'm hungry all over again.
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I love both ham and turkey but I eat more turkey than I do ham. I'm pretty happy with a nice turkey or ham and swiss sandwich on any type of bread with some lettuce, mayo and tomato. Guess I'm just really simple when it comes to food.

I also like to have a pickle or two and some chips with my sandwich. My favorite would be nacho cheese chips with some jalapeno and chedder dip.

A favorite snack of mine is to eat pepperoni and blue cheese on crackers. I loooove a good blue cheese.
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I usually buy a little honey ham and oven roasted turkey at the deli counter at the grocery. I make sandwiches with both and sharp chedder on a soft honey wheat bread.
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