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These books were recommended by Katl8e. This is my first one, To Collar A Killer. The author, Lee Charles Kelly, really is a dog trainer and so is his protagonist, Jack Fields. Fields is a former detective and apparently keeps getting involved in murder and mayhem.

Fields is written with a lot of humor, the kind of man a woman would find fun to be with, romantic or not. I would, anyway, except that the back-and-forth with his pal, Kelso, on grammar and other things could get annoying in real life. He gives tips on dog handling throughout and loves, loves, loves his dogs!

I've also learned from the book that original Dr. Pepper is still made in Dublin, Texas. I stopped reading to look it up. It was invented by a drugstore pharmacist in Dublin in 1885. When the rest of the world switched to corn syrup in the 70's, Dublin contined to use cane sugar and they still use the green glass bottles. You can order it online.
In the book, a character states that diet Dr. Pepper (not Dublin's) tastes more like the original. Now I'll have to try the original to compare.

Some of Field's humor. He's with his girlfriend and she reluctantly agrees to hear some of his lightbulb jokes. Here's one:
"How many Jack Russell terriers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"
Answer: "Just me! I can do it! I know I can do it. Just one more jump and I'll get up there! Really, just one more jump!"

Thanks, Katl8e! I have another one on order.