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Dry Shampoo?

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What do you guys think? Pro's? Con's?

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While it was not totally dry, it was the kind you could wash the cat and not have to rinse out. I used it on my first cat, Mitten who was terrified of water. It got him clean; however I prefer to wash the cat in normal water in a sink/tub and use regular shampoo/conditioner.

Why are you considering using the "dry" shampoo vs a normal bath? I feel that the one advertised would build up if it was not brushed out.
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I was actually looking for a nice brush and came across this. I was mostly just curious. Duke would still get normal baths before a show, and I wouldn't bother with bathing any other time unless he got really dirty (and even then, I'd prob do a regular bath).

BTW, you can answer the 'looking for a nice brush' question in this thread too.
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Are you talking about a brush for Duke? I'd use a fine-toothed comb on him - not a brush.

You might want to look at the vendors tomorrow and see what would work well for him. Besides its usually cheaper at the shows for most supplies (and you save on shipping).
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Right now I'm using this:


I mostly just use the slicker part, which seems to work well for him. But the brush side is too stiff. It also has a small comb on one side and a small flea comb on the other. I have a zoom groom as well. I thought maybe a very soft brush would slick his fur down a little more. He gets fluffy sometimes and especially after this recent bath (I prob should have done it a few days ago).
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I agree comb is better than slicker ... Mom has used a flea comb( you ned a bit bigger) on Kandie for 18 plus yrs
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OK, I'll try using just the comb... But why do you guys think its better? With Duke, it always seems to leave lines in his fur. He's a shorthair, but his fur is about 1"-1 1/2" long (even longer on his tail). It just lies flat mostly. His mom had even longer hair. Her tail was big and floofy.
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Use a chamois cloth (dry) or your hands to slick down the coat - are you talking about some static? If so, get some of the anti-static spray at the show and put a little on your hands and then go over him.

I've seen a lot of people using it in the winter months in the showhalls

If its leaving lines, then use a soft baby brush on him but I'd use my hands mainly. That's what Charlie's breeder told me "don't use the comb - it will leave lines" - just use your hands.
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Thanks Ya'll! I'm leaving work early (right now) and I'm making a trip to the petstore when I get home. Any suggestions on what to pick up would be much appreciated! (I'll check in at home before I go out!)
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Are you talking about grooming stuff to take? I'd just have the baby brush, a chamois cloth (get it in the car supplies at WalMart), a little cornstarch baby powder - NOT talc.

All you need to do is groom him after you set everything up and then he should be good for the day - maybe a touch up if he's sleeping before the ring call. It will take Godiva longer for her grooming as he's a longhair

Then try to relax tonite - get a good nite's sleep - when you planning on leaving in the morning?
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