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Breeding Problems

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My 15 month old female is at my mentors house for the second time to be breed to the same male. In the first breeding she didn't get pregnant. We wondered if the second time would do the trick but it dosen't seem like it will. During breeding when it comes time for the female to cry out and then start the ovulating process, she just seems to go numb. She doesn't cry out or roll around. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Not really, but it could be she's just not cut out to be a breeding cat. IMO if she doesn't get pregnant this time, I'd spay her and try another female. What breed? Is she your only breeding cat? Do you show?
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She is my first and currently only Siberian female. She comes from a great line of Ch. European cats. I just got into showing recently. She Ch. at her first show and I've only showed her one time since. I'm taking my 8 month old male to a show at the end of the month and am planning on going as for as I can with his titles. My cats are registered with TICA and CFA.
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That's sad if she's that good, but breeders sometimes have similar problems - a great cat, but won't breed. You can't make them be a mom/dad. Sometimes you just have to accept them not to be. Perhaps if she winds up being spayed, show her and grand her that way.
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My first Ragdoll I got was a spayed ex-breeder. She had a lot of problems with her first pregnancy. They decided to try again with her and same problems started to come up again, so they spayed/aborted, she never had a secound litter. They couldn't risk complications to the mother. So, some times that will happen, the best show cat, may just not do well as a breeder, I hope she doesn't have any issues, and this breeding takes. I have heard of some one having problems with their female at the studs place, so after 2 or 3 failed attemps, she brought the stud to her female, and that did the trick and they mated. Mabey some thing like that will help you? Not sure if that is some thing that could be arranged.
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I have had one of my Ragdolls not take the first time, and typically I don't breed a queen the first time until close to 15 months. The second time she took and had 4 healthy babies. I just don't think she was mature enough at that time, but proved to be an excellent mother.
However, I have had a Ragdoll that I tried many times to breed, and she either had false pregnancies, or she was absorbing the kittens early on, and she had to be spayed and is our pet.
In my opinion, I would only try breeding the queen 2 times, and if she isn't taking, I would spay.
Some breeders, I would say most breeders have a clause in the contract regarding fertility, but I do know it will be dissapointing to you to retire her if it comes to that. Especially, since she has done well in shows.
I have found that Ragdoll females don't mind taking their time in becoming pregnant the first time, and know some who's queens were closer to 2 before they were really interested in breeding. It could be possible your breed is a bit slower in growing into sexual maturity.
We have a beautiful large male, that didn't become interested in girls until 2, and sired his first litter a little after age 2, but now that he has figured it out, he is a pro!
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I know of many cats that don't cry out or roll around after being mated, they still get pregnant. Different cats act different so I wouldn't worry about that part.

However, I do understand your worries about her not getting pregnant. Have you tried another male? It took me three males before my current queen got pregnant. She visited the first males two times (actuarally he came to us) but nothing happend. Since this was an untried male I sent her off to an experienced male later on but it didn't work with him either. At last I bought an experienced young male and he did the trick! He got her pregnant emediately.

Sometimes I just think you have to find the right male. Nature doesn't always think the males we pick out to our girls are the right ones.
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Thank you everyone for all of the information. If she doesn't get pregnant this time then I'm planning on waiting until my own male is ready. Maybe he will be that special one! If not then I will plan on spaying her.
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