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Dog Revenge

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I don't know why...but this little video cracks me up EVERYTIME I see it...it's short - only 937k....

I guess it's not likely that a cat would ever do this, however, I bet a cat was the mastermind behind this little act of revenge....

Click Here

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I love it! Very funny! But what a naughty dog! LOL
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Taught that big dog a lesson. No biting!!
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That was great! Got anymore of them to share?

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As a matter of fact, I do....ever see the karate kitty?

Click Here For Some Karate Action
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Oh goodnes!! I've seen them both before, but I'd forgotton how funny they are!!!! That karate kitty is the best though!!! Carcks me up every time!!!

Kim, have you ever seen the one where there is a kitty on the bed, something makes it jump and it leaps head first in to a wall and slides down it!!!!????? Sounds mean but it is sooo funny!! Wish I still had it to post here!!
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Rhea - I do remember that one..OMG...I think the kitty was on the bed and something scared it so bad that he slammed up against the wall!! I felt so bad for the cat I ditched the video...

Wimpy Ward
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Karate kitty! I LOVE this video. I had it on my computer at my old job in Hell, so that when I was having a bad day I could watch it and cheer up a little. Thanks for making my day.
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Yeah...Karate Kitty does have the magical power to cheer people up—even grouchy people… I witnessed this video's powerful effect yesterday—made my brother crack up and he was having a poopy day...LOL!
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