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Scary dry hacks continue (hairballs?)

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My 3 year old cat Liz has been heaving for the past few days. It seems like she's trying to cough up a hairball. It's so pitiful. Picking her up seems to trigger it. 90% of the time when she's doing this, she'll just dry heave, but in the past week she's thrown up a few times from it too (food, no hairball).

She doesn't seem sick (not lethargic, she's eating, etc.) She just starts gagging randomly.

I assume that if it's a hairball upsetting her stomach, her gag reflexes are just bringing up food. She hasn't really ever had problems with hairballs, so I'm in the dark here. Does that sound like what this is.

Last year the family cat kept heaving. We took him to the vet the next day and he discovered there was a giant tumor pressing against the cat's stomach and he had to be put down. So, basically, when I hear Liz heaving, that's the first thing that I remember and I spazz out a little (probably irrationally so, but it's just a jarring memory).

Any ideas on what that sounds like to any of you? Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like a hairball to me. That dry, raspy hork is pretty classic. Do you give her hairball goop?
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give her some kitty laxative like laxatone for example. Just let her lick off a spoon. What kind of food do you feed her? does it have red dye in it?
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