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American Airlines "Flightmare"

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Caught this on the news this morning! I smell lawsuits!
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Amazing and inexcusable.
Good for the pilot but I'll bet he gets disciplined anyway.
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Wow! 15 hours sitting in a plane on the ground? OMG! That is just so wrong!
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That is so messed up.
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Think about don't know how long the storm is and if you're the flight attendents and pilot of that flight, you need to keep people as close to the plane as possible.

If you let people go, not knowing how long the flight is delayed, they're going to start wandering off, maybe even leave the airport. Then you have a BIGGER issue on hand. Because then you have more complaints because people were stupid.

I've been delayed 2 hours, it does suck, but at least I knew I had the flight back home!
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I would have kicked up merry hell if that had happened to me
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I understand wanting to keep passengers close if that is the case but 15 hours? THat is excessive. And the only food was pretzels. Umm I think not. I would have been arrested if I were on that flight.
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I'd be scared, now a days, you never know what's going on that really caused the delay....
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15 hours with only pretzels...I have a health issue and would have passed out!
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wow...if my dad had been on that flight American wouldn't be hearing the end of it! 15 hours is rediculous!
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That is ridiculous!
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My Dad and I were talking about it. He said after about 8 hours, he would have just yelled that he had a bomb. Would rather have on to jail with a working tolit, water and room to move!

The part that bothers me the most, is that AA admits to letting other planes by, after the storm to keep them on time, and let the others continue to suffer.
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