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Cat peed on the couch

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I'm not sure which of my cats peed on my couch. It could be my 13 y/o cat or the cat we brought home over the weekend. We took it slow with the introduction and they are fine with each other. They will actually sit next to each other w/out hissing.

So this is why I'm a little surprised to find out today that a cat peed on my fabric couch. It's on a couch cushion. I looked to see if there were cleaning instructions of any kind but there isn't. I don't know if I can wash it or it needs to be dry cleaned. What do I do?

This leads me to my 2nd question. It's in the foam cushion. Can I get it out?

Do you think it's out of territory?
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Chances are one of the cats urinated on the sofa because of stress due to the new arrival. Change makes cats stressed, but in due time they usually get accustomed to whatever the change is. Give your old cat lots of love and attention so he knows that he's still part of the family.
In regards to the couch, make sure you clean it right away. I have found the best product (I've tried many) is nok-out. It is safe to use in the washing machine for your cushion cover. Use it in a spray bottle to soak the foam pillow. It's important to remove the scent completely, as the cat(s) will return to the urine scent and do it again. Regular soap will not work! I've heard vinegar and water works as well, but it is a bit smelly. Some cat owners say the enzymatic cleansers work, but I haven't had great results.
Next, you have to keep the cats off the couch for awhile when you aren't in the room to prevent future incidents. I bought a sofa scram matt on the internet, that works wonderfully well. It lets off a high pitched beep when the cats sit on it, which is unpleasant but not harmful to them. If you aren't frustrated enough to buy one, I've heard that the bumpy underside of a rubber welcome matt works as a surface deterent. Some say tin foil works. This did not work at all for my cats. They actually liked it and started chewing at it (dangerous).
My local pet store has a product that I have not yet tried, but looked promising. I can't remember it's name but the premise is that it's a can of compressed air attached to a motion detector. When the cats pass the area you don't want them to be, the device lets off a strong burst of air directed at the cat.
One more alternative, that may also de-stress your cats, is a plug-in feline hormone diffuser. This you can get at the vet and some pet stores. It's pricey, but some swear by it to calm their kitties and eliminate bad urination behaviour.
At the very least, try a shower curtain. I tried this. It saved my couch, but they continued to pee on the curtain. Plus the plastic curtain was ugly!
It is worth checking with your vet to eliminate the possibility of a urinary infection, common to older male cats.
Good luck. Hopefully, your cat pee problem was a one-time-only event.
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Very good advice here. I have found that the tin foil can be a deterrent (but you have to keep a sharp eye out in case as Fred has said, they like it and want to chew/play with it).

A product that has worked wonders for me, is Nature's Miracle. I swear by it, and always always keep some in the house.

Yes it could be out of territory. It could also be the younger kitty just did not make it to the litter box quickly enough, make sure it knows where it is.

As far as the cushion goes, if you can completely soak it and wash it, that woud be great. If not, you may have to say goodbye to your cushion.

Hope this helps
Extreme Kitty Lover
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