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Does anyone have room painted a dark color

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I stopped at my favorite paint store looking for sample to paint by foyer/living room. I picked up the card that that the shade that I painted the kitchen and a smaple bottle. One of the paint ladies advised my of another color which is a bit darker but would also work well with the paint in the kitchen.
We have creamy/white woodwork and the room has a southern facing bow window and a eastern window. Both colors would work with the upholstered furniture. I orginally sponge painted this room over 10 years ago (not my best effort) and while I like the color the sponging job -well there are obvious spots that I never liked.
The colors are Benjamin Moore "Soft pumpkin" (the next shade from the creamy orange kitchen) and the other is Copper Mountain which the paint store lady said was a popular color.
I'm afraid that the walls will be so dark?? Any experience with darker colors on the walls-its currently a lighter terra cotta sponge paint!!
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I have some rooms painted in a darker greenishy color. Another one in a brownishy looking color. I actually prefer darker colors myself.
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Well I have used dark colours, but you know that dark colours do make a room look smaller.
My staircase is currently painted a colour called "biscuit" its about the shade of cooked pastry (is the best way I can descibe it) and I am really happy with it. I have found darker colours to be warmer....... I dont know why ??

Can you do us a link so we can see the colour...........its sounds lovely
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My living room is actually a chocolate brown, my bed room a rich burgandy and my kitchen a deep olive green. I prefer the darker colors. With well placed lighting you can have a nice, warm inviting room no matter how dark the walls are. I love my dark walls!
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I have one that's camel colored....but then I have dark mahagoney wood, and a brown/black leopard run in there, and dark chocolate colored pillows.....

ok, I just googled both colors...I really like the copper mountain! And I think as long as your room is big enough you'll be fine....also, you have light colored trim so this will offset any darkness, and that big window should keep it bright! ( I do like the soft pumpkin also.... )
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Back again, Iร‚ยดve found this link where you select the colour from a chart (it wont be the name you have) but have a go and see if you can get the colour you were thinking of

Have fun - and let us know
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Dark paint can be beautiful if you have light contrasts (furniture, doors, wood around the windows, baseboards, etc.). Dark also works well if you paint a wainscotting (or fake wainscotting) for the bottom part of the wall, and paint a light color for the top. And, you can paint very dark if there isn't much wall showing after all the appliances and cabinets are there.

I just heard that dark paint can make a small room look bigger (contrary to what we've been told before). I think, again, there can't be too much wall showing to do that.

I love dark furniture, dark walls, dark fabrics... I have to really restrain myself.

Have fun! It's only paint.

Cheers, from
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My bedroom is a barkish blue. It looks fine with the natural lighting and the white ceilings and trim.
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my den & bedroom are painted a very dark blue - i think it actually makes the rooms feel larger. my front rooms [living room, dining room, kitchen, bath, hall] are a light blue.
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I don't, but I'm all for it. Our bedroom and our basement both have dark brown paneling though. Dark walls could really make a room more cozy and inviting.
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I agree that with a darker color, you have to make up for it in light trim and good lighting. But it's worth a try. You can just buy a sample of the darker color if you're not sure or just paint one or two walls the darker shade. But don't let a paint saleswoman sell you a color you don't like: you're the one who's got to live with it!

In our new house's basement the walls are painted panelling in navy blue. It is hideous! I can't wait to get in there and rip the panelling off and repaint. My husband wanted a really dark orange-red but we comprimised with a more medium shade (Glidden Desert Orange) and we'll pair it with nice bead-board and white trim.
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Yes I love Dark walls, in our den 2 walls are painted dark burgundy and 2 are a tan color and our Dining room has that same burgundy color on the ceiling, and in the foyer we have to alcoves (I think that's what they are called) and they are painted burgundy too. Most of our ceilings are a color too.
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Here's a link to US Benjamin Moore. Pick a room and search for the colours to see what they look like.

Personally, I love dark, bold colours. I say go for it and have fun! It sounds like you've got lots of light coming in so a dark colour won't be overwhelming.
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I once painted my bedroom dark blue. It was awful and oppressive, like being in a dank cave or a dungeon. I did it that colour because my ex chose it, when we split up and he moved out I repainted it cream within a week It was just too horrible to live with, cold and dark. I am still good friends with my ex however
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Well the Soft Pumpkin color sample I painted was much more orangey than I thought!! The other one seemed dark but I painted only a 4 x 6 spot by the woodwork. Neil didn't like it though-I will try to paint it larger. I also thought of painting the entire level the same color as the kitchen too. So many choices!!
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My living room and bedroom are a medium brown color. this room is a light gray with silver glaze sponge painting, but very small. One bathroom is a lovely blue and the other I reffer to as 'froggy green.'

My phillosophy with paint is, if you don't like it, paint over!
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My bedroom at my duplex is midnight blue (it's not as dark as it sounds) it reminds me of the ocean. I LOVE it!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!
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