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Sleepy Cat....

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I have 4 cats. One of them looks like a siamese, just showed up here one day 2 weeks ago....I named her Jynx, anyway, this morning I woke up at 7:30 am CST and she was asleep on the back of my chair. Right now she is STILL asleep on the back of the same chair and has only moved to switch positions. I picked her up to see if she was alright and she was all wet on her underside, like she was sweating. Also her left eye will only open halfwayunless i pry it open....any clue as to what this might be?????? She is the sweetest kitty in the world and though i've only had her a couple of weeks, i dont want to lose her already....PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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You need to get the cat to a VET NOW
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all the vets in this area are closed.... its 11.15 pm.......wht else can i do?
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EMERGENCY VET..... There is always one open for situations like this.. Keep checking around
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Also, if her eye is stuck closed, DO NOT pry it open. She needs a vet immediately.
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I used to live in Anderson, Missouri! There is only one vet in town that I know of. Most of them have an emergency number listed in the book and will meet you at the office if you call them.

Good luck and please let us know what happens with her!
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well the vet said that they can see her tomorrow...even after i told them that her nose is running now too.....she smells like spoiled milk and is still "sweaty"....and now i face the problem of how im gonna pay for it because they wont send you a bill anymore you have to pay at time of service an its like 300 dollars for all the tests and office visit and meds if she needs gonna cry.....i dont know what to do for my poor Jynx.....:bawling2 :
post #8 of 17 see if your vet is on it ..
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Can you take her temperature? If you hava digital thermometer, you can use a little vaseline and take it rectally (like the vets do). I'm wondering if the sweating could be due to a fever--normal cat temps aren't above 102.5 degrees F.
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Maybe you can call the vet in Southwest City, or one in Grove and maybe they can get her in sooner? Please keep us posted.
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i applied and was turned down......ive exauhsted my limited resources and am on the verge of giving up.thank u all for your thoughts and support....
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do you have a shelter in the local area ??? if so call you may have to go another city but often they know of low cost vets ...
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the only shelters are kill shelters and they sent me to the Anderson Animal Hospital....
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I hope you can get help for her Just for information purposes, cats can't sweat as they don't have sweat glands at all, it was more likely liquid vomit and bile (most likely as she has a sour milk smell), urine, or fluid from her lungs if she has similar to pneumonia. Sorry if that's a bit graphic, just for information purposes.

I really hope you can get help for her, please let us know what happens. I hope she is quarantined away from your other cats in case it is infectious
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Any news on the lil one?
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Well last nite she became a bit more active....and this morning she is under my feet again and her eye is fully open.....she also doesn't have the spoiled milk smell or the wetness of her underside......she seems to be better, but im keeping my eye on her til im sure!!! .
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Just for information purposes, cats can't sweat as they don't have sweat glands at all
When they get very warm, like when they have a fever, their coat can appear damp. Spot had that appearance when his hyperthyroidism was out of whack, and I've seen it in other hyperthyroid cats as well. I think their body heat has something to do with it, and the moisture probably comes from the air rather than from sweat, but it makes them look as though they have sweated.
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