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My Emerald Girl

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June 9, 2002 – January 6, 2007

When we purchased our house in 2002, I knew I needed a feline companion. On that first day when we brought you home, we opened up your carrier and you immediately ran up Rob’s leg. Unfortunately, you fell straight back to the floor with a *thud*. You were the first feline I had ever met that would retract your claws when they made contact with skin. Not once did we ever receive a scratch. I’m sure your gentle soul could never cause harm to anything. That was the first thing I noticed that was different about you, and the following years would show me so many more.

You made our house a home. You were the first thing I checked on in the morning and the last thing I checked on at night. Whenever I felt misgivings from the outside world, you silenced them and made sure I would focus on what really was important in life. You protected me from the disappointments in the outside world.

Without you, this house is now just a shell. Even the future house renovations seem mute, since we were renovating with your interests in mind. We were going to build special hidden alcoves in the bookcases and other feline only features. And now that I have come back home from laying you to rest, it is so deathly quiet. It really is surreal. The silence is so hard to take and the house seems so foreign to me that I no longer consider this my home.

You had such an impact on everyone who knew you. Everyone always remarked on your brilliant emerald eyes but this made me a little sad. You were so much more than an emerald beauty, you were so much more than a pretty face. You were gentle, graceful, wise, captivating, precious, loving, soulful…..you were so unique…..you were one of a kind.

Many people knew you for your eyes, but I knew you for your heart, compassion and soul. Your eyes held the mysteries of life and every time you looked at me I was instantly drawn into your world. You seemed wise beyond your years, even a secret keeper of the ages. You were very special but I did always feel that your time would not be long on this earth. I never saw you growing old with me, there was always a sense that your time on earth was limited. I think that’s why I took so many pictures - trying to hold on to every moment…… to remember you forever.

When we laid you to rest at the cottage, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. The earth was so cold and unforgiving. It seemed like the last place I should place such a warm spirit that I dearly loved. But now you have a beautiful view facing east, the morning sun will warm you, the quiet shores will calm you and the cedar trees will offer protection. When we woke up the next morning, a layer of white snow covered the landscape and your grave. It almost seemed to be a blanket to protect you from the harshness of the world above.

They say angels tread among us, and if that's true, you were certainly one of them. Your physical stature was so small yet you held the world at attention through your beauty, grace and spirit. It is so hard to meet each new day without you. I’ll admit, I feel like I am breaking down. I know nothing lasts forever, but 4 years was way too short and it now feels like it was over in the blink of an eye. My heart is crushed and even though it may sound like a cliché - I just want to hold you one last time.

My Emerald Girl, please forgive me. I tried so hard to protect you from any pain or sadness in this life. But these last few weeks sent us all scrambling and I didn’t know what to do. You were so frail and it hurt me so deeply when I saw fear/stress in your eyes every time I needed to medicate or feed you. It wasn’t by choice, but out of necessity. I thought I was doing what was right but now I’m wondering if I knew anything at all. On our last morning together, your eyes were so forgiving but so empty. I knew it was time but I still didn’t want to believe it was your time to go. I so wish our last weeks were not so confusing and emotional. You deserved so much more and I am so very angry and hurt that fate dealt you that last hand.

My Emerald Girl, my constant companion, my secret keeper - may love, peace and tranquility follow you – always.

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Nakita of the emerald eyes
Grace unparalleled, pewter coat
And those eyes in which we saw our souls reflected
And the wisdom of ages
And mysteries of the universe
Delicate girl, putting ballerinas to shame
Darling of all who knew you,
Star of your people's hearts forever
Elegance in cat form
Beauty beyond compare
You will stay, twined around the gateposts,
In your mamma's heart always
And your spirit will grace the cottage you loved
And sweet silver hairs are woven into the fabric of life
Wherever your dainty paw prints fell
Pain is now past, and you are, now,
Lending your grace to the Rainbow Bridge
You changed lives down here, enjoy your time up there
And send your mamma and papa little whispers of love
Into their dreams tonight
- Karen Watts

I have received so many messages of condolence and support, including the wonderful poem above. I’m so overwhelmed by them and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s very hard to get through them since the tears won’t stop flowing. But, I am so glad I was able to share a piece of Nakita with you over the years - through posts and pictures. Right now, if I didn’t have this support, it would be even more unbearable. Thank you to all for reaching out to me and for loving my special little girl. Here are a couple of quotes that summarize the messages and have given me great comfort.

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away and Nakita truly took my breath away every time with her beauty.”

“Nakita has touched so many hearts here. She was a fairy kitty and I always felt she was not completely from this world.”

“This world seems very empty without The Emerald girl in it. My heart is breaking as if she were my cat……. She will be a shining star in the heavens and she will be waiting patiently for you to come to her.”

“Know in your heart that she is still your shadow, playing at your heels, loving you for loving her so well”

“There are some cats whose beauty and presence are truly too great for this world.”

“You can see that even though we might not have met you or your Nakita, each one of us is feeling your loss because your love for her was so apparent in each of your posts. I can't take away the pain, but I will pray that your hearts will heal quickly.”

“Dear Emerald Nakita, too much beauty to even gaze upon, now more beautiful than ever. Donning the moonlight and the starlight. You are everything that is perfect and right with the world, you brought us all closer together.”

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A beautiful tribute to the Angel that touched so many

Nakita was sent from Heaven to be your beloved companion she will forever live on in your heart and soul
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Thank you for your brave courage Kass, for put this marvellous homenage to Nakita!
I´m so sure she are happy on heaven, waiting for you someday!
RIP dear Nakita!
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What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful girl

The world has indeed lost a truly special spirit.

Sending you and Rob lots of love and prayers
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Thank you so much for posting your tribute to Nakita. She touched me in such a profound way. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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All I can say is I'm so sorry this happened. That was a beautiful tribute for an even more beautiful girl.

Nakita will always be the angel at your shoulder, watching over you.
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I should have known better than to read this at work. What a great tribute to a beautiful girl. Your love for Nakita is as powerful as ever, Kass. Bless you and Rob, my heart is breaking for you.
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Oh Kass What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful perfect girl. I am reading this at work as well, and am heartbroken for you. I pray that you and Rob can heal from this, I can't imagine your pain.

RIP little sweety

Many hugs to you Kass
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When I look at her Picture it brakes My Heart, She was such a Graceful, Beautiful Soul.
Although we here at TCS didn't know Nakita like you and Rob did we feel the pain also,
I am hoping that your pain will ease and never doubt how much Nakita Loved you just as you did her. There lives are very special and we all knew how much you Loved her and tried to make things good for her. I am so Sorry for your loss.
Nakita you Beautiful Sweet Emerald Girl RIP and be free of suffering and Watch your Mom and Dad for they are so very Broken Hearted as are so many people here for you and your Mom and Dad
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Awww, Kass this must be so hard for you.

Nakita enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge, where there's no more sickness or medicine to take, only endless cat treats.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Your blue angel and my brown one are playing happily over the bridge. I'm crying as I type this.

We will miss them always.
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Oh my........God bless...............
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I'm sooo sorry for you loss... There is comfort that she was soo loved, and so cared for by you and Rob.... You made her more then just your companion, she was your friend, you loved one.. So many babies don't get this type of love from people,, and you are soo special to have given her that....

She was lucky to have you,, and you were ohhh soo lucky to have her... Your in our thoughts,, and my prayers...
Rest in Peace Little Emerald Nakita.... With all our love,, and our hearts will never be the same with your passing...

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Kass, your Emerald Girl's beauty, sweetness and grace made her special to all of us. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tribute. My heart is with you and Rob.
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Another beautiful kitty angel has been given her wings

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What a beautiful tribute to your Emerald Girl The Rainbow Bridge has a special angel now.

My thoughts are with you and Rob
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You should write about her, really write about her. A book for children perhaps? A book for cat owners, or a coffee table book of her pictures along with stories.

All of us share our lives with cats. Sometimes, a cat comes along that is different from others. Special in ways that cannot be described. Ambassador cats, cats that save us from ourselves, cats able to show us what truly lies inside of us.

I knew from the beginning that Nakita was special. Not just her eyes. She was so small they engulfed her face. Perhaps she was able to see the world differently, to see it better.

You will never have answers. As I told you last night- do not beat yourself up about this. You did all you could, you did more than most.

I see tributes to her (to you) on other forums, and if the Internet ever had a mascot, ever had a reason for people to pray- then Nakita was that special soul.

I think you were lucky she chose you. We should ever be so blessed.

May your river of tears carry you swiftly down the path of grief. to you and Rob.

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Kass, Your tribute to your beautiful sweet Nakita is just unbelievably touching, I can barely see to type this. Your beautiful words went straight up to Heaven to your Angel Emerald Girl.
I know that Nakita would never want you to feel guilty for any meds or Vet visits, she knows you were doing everything you could to help her. All she remembers are the wonderful times with you and Rob. Bless you all
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What an exquisite poem, and a wonderful tribute. You have a way with words, and again, I am so very sorry for your loss, of what must have been another guardian angel in fur.
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What an extraordinary tribute. Thank you for sharing it, and Nakita, with us.

Rest in peace and play Nakita.
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What a lovely, lovely tribute, Kass -- fitting for such a lovely girl. Holding you close
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I'm so terribly sorry you lossed your sweet angel Nakita. It comes through very clearly in your tribute how much she meant to you, that's just beautiful. Nakita is now okay and is not suffering or in any pain, which we never want our babies to have to go through. It's so much harder for us than for them. Nakita is now at a much better place, enjoying life at the wonderful "rainbow bridge" with all our other furangels that also had to leave far too soon. Rest in peace sweet Nakita.
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Oh I am sorry dear I am sending you many hugs and prayers
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that was very nice, I could never express myself that well. RIP Nakita, play and run at the bridge.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful girl

The world has indeed lost a truly special spirit.

Sending you and Rob lots of love and prayers

Originally Posted by hissy View Post
You should write about her, really write about her. A book for children perhaps? A book for cat owners, or a coffee table book of her pictures along with stories.
i think that would be a fabulous idea - your wonderful pictures & words, her beautiful face & form... i know i'd be interested a what a tribute to her life that would be!
Originally Posted by hissy View Post
You will never have answers. As I told you last night- do not beat yourself up about this. You did all you could, you did more than most.
i think that's the hardest part, when we try to nurse them thru an illness & are unsuccessful. we feel we made their last days unhappy - but i like to think that they know we were doing it for their good, for their best interests... at least, if they didn't know at the time, they know now. i went thru those same feelings with Mouse & with Medley, my 1st cat - we beat ourselves up more than our babies would.
loved your tribute, the poem, all of it - to you & Rob
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What a beautiful and perfectly fitting tribute to Nakita, tears are streaming down my face as I read this, only feeling a portion of your pain that you must be feeling right now.

RIP Nakita... you will be missed

to you and Rob.
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I am so sorry.

Rest in peace Nakita, play happily and have sweet kitty dreams
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I am so sorry for your loss Kass......Nakita's stunning green eyes will be etched in my mind forever.....

RIP Nakita , watch over your Meowmy! She will need you now more than ever!
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I'm always at a loss for words at times like this, but I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart is aching right now, I can only imagine what you are feeling. Nakita was such a beautiful soul, do remember that she will always be with you and look forward to the day that you will hold her in your arms again.

May God Bless you

Rest in Peace sweet beautiful girl!

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