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What?!? No Sunday DT?

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All you people are so busy packing for the Mr. Cat road trip that nobody started a DT.

Well, Joe, hang onto that water car, I may need it. This afternoon we got such a storm that in less than an hour, my entire yard was flooded, including 3 inches of water in my atrium......very close to being high enough to come in at the sliding glass door. Yikes! I've never had rain like that in the year and a half that I've lived here. We get some pretty bad storms, but I have NEVER seen that atrium collect ANY water before.

And in case you are wondering....yes, I opened the slider a bit and stuck a ruler into the water......

Well, good day other than needing an ark. Bucs won, I'm a Florida Republican, and the Sopranos are on in 45 teeny tiny little minutes. All this and a day off tomorrow. Woo hoo!

How are you all?
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My goodness...what's going on?? No Daily thread...lol.
Sorry, was busy catching up on the site, watching movies with hubby and dying sons hair blue
Wishing Monday wasn't so close
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I've been busy around the house today, cleaning and doing laundry. Went out and played tag with the horses, the weather is turning cooler finally and they looked so wonderful running all over the field. Doing some stuff for Meowhoo and TheCatsite.com and waiting for the college to respond on line to some of my questions regarding my classes.

McBethie has decided that my lap is the preferred sleeping spot in the house and of course when I am on the computer she is sleeping on my arm. Makes it hard to type.
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I did NOTHING today!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
Well, except take care of the little ones - that kept me busy!
Being that tomorrow is Monday, I think I better stay home and do everything I SHOULD have done today!
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