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Cat won't eat!

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I have a 5 1/2 year old cat, she was diagnosed with a kidney disease when we first adopted her 4yrs ago, this year we have had many issues with her teeth, so far her kidneys have not been an issue and we have the vet check this regularly. What our current issue is, Snowflake went in for dental surgery 3 times this year as she kept getting lesions and cavities. It was about a month ago when she had the 3rd surgery and they removed her remaining 9 teeth. Since then we have had a hard time getting her to eat and the vet doesn't know what else to suggest. We have been force feeding her with a nutritional supplement. I have tried different soft foods and none of them work, Snowflake paws at her mouth after drinking and bathing and will not even try to eat, she even paws at her mouth after just looking at food or water. Any suggestions are welcome, we don't want to lose our daughter, we think her problem could even be psychological?, I don't know, we just need help.

Thanks, Worried about Snowflake
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I just did an internet search and some reading up on this for you. I found this website that pretty much displays what is going on with Snowflake right now. After reading, I would almost put my money on the fact that although the vet extracted her teeth, he did not clean the root base properly and the cell growth that attacks the root of the baby teeth are still in your kitty's gums and attacking her other teeth causing her great pain. Here is the link:

Mouth care

I feel so bad for your kitty and for you. I wish I could help both of you.
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Thank you for the information. Could this still affect her even though she has no teeth? The vet told me that they had to file down the bone, after all extractions were done. I'm waiting to hear back from the vet sometime today. I just want my happy little Snowflake back, she's not herself lately. Thanks again, if there are any other suggestions, please let me know.
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I would talk to the vet about a steroid injection or tablets to try and get her appetite stimulated. I would also start giving her some Dr bachs rescue remedy to see if it may be a stress thing.
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