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Any knitting or crocheters here?

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I crochet I started back in April before my middle son's last surgery. Now I crochet every chances I get. I have umpteen rubbermaid containers full of yarn. Several binders full of patterns, pattern books and magazines full of patterns. I make mainly afghans. What about ya'll?
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I don't, but my mom crochets a lot. She makes baptism dresses and afghans for family members. She also made me a million dresses when I was a baby. They are really beautiful.

She tried to teach me once, but I never got the hang of it too well.
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I crochet, knit, embroidery, sew. I actually won first prize for a cotton sweater I crocheted in our local fall fair.

Our Christmas ornaments are almost all crocheted - snowflakes, bells, angels and balls which I have stiffened with sugar starch. I make a baby afghan for any of our friends having babies. I love the patterns plus the yarn colours from Annie's Attic in Texas.
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My Aunt is the crochet-er in the family. We keep one of her blankets on our bed year round. She's always making something, but usually blankets. I had a friend start to teach me and then I found some good tips online, but I think I really need some hands on instruction. Unfortunately my Aunt lives in another state so I can't get help from her unless we're in town visiting. The way I am with it now, I end up straining my eyes and getting a headache.
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I can knit basic scarves. I've never made anything from a pattern though. I don't care much for knitting because I tend to have my stitches too tight and I get blisters on my fingers plus I don't know how to maintain a constant tension so the rows look funny, plus I tend to drop stitches or pick some up along the way, LOL

I like to crochet. I haven't done any in a while though. Have made sweaters from granny squares and a stuffed octapus and some slippers.

My craft of choice is actually cross stitch. I love that! I don't have really good lighting at home for it though so it makes it hard to do.
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I've crocheted tons of afghans, but had bone graft surgery in my wrist several years ago, so now I can only do it for short periods of time before my wrist hurts too much.
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Used to do both quite a lot, but haven't done much lately. My passion is needlepoint, although there again haven't done much - my eyes get strained from concentrating on the tiny little stitches and I would sit there and stitch for hours on end, so started having trouble with my wrists. Anyway, I'll get back to it someday (maybe when I retire in a couple of years) because there is so much satisfaction that comes from designing and executing works of art with thread!
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Hi, I knit, never did crochet. I knit anything and everything, mittens, hats, scarfs, sweaters, afaghans, etc. for babies, children and adults. There is not a day that goes by that I don't do some knitting, besides holding my cats there is nothing that is more relaxing. Every garmet I knit is complete with cat hair, things always have to be washed before being given away, or worn. I have been knitting since I was a teen, over 60 years ago! I know, I am "older than dirt", but I am young at heart, and mind, age is just a number.
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I crochet. Currently I'm crocheting an afghan for my BIL's wedding present. I've been on it for about a year because it takes me a long time to finish a project. Someday I want to try thread crocheting. My grandmother was constantly crocheting and made beautiful table cloths (ironically, it was my other grandmother who got me started). Crocheting is probably the closest I come to meditation.

Knitting I tried and failed at. I can't keep the tension.

I also tat but only have enough patience to create small Christmas ornaments. Anything larger gets stuck in the projects in progress.
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I wish I did I have no patience whatsoever! My mom on the other hand knits so fast you can't see the needles!
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I always wanted to but I never really got a chance to learn. Still would like to learn. If I could ever get a different direction in work hours so that I am able to relax a bit more when I am not at work.
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I crochet and love to make up my own patterns, stuffed animals mainly.

Here is a link to my free crochet patterns if you are interested, they are all fairly easy.
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I crochet, though not for a long time.

Tried knitting, but prefered crocheting.
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my mom taught me when i was little to crochets she taught my brothers and me...but next to her i did it the most...i always mostly made afgans tho but i havent done it for so long...i miss it i was ging to make one for my one best friend for her son, i just never gad a chance man i miss crochetting lol...see wat u all did
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Wow look at all the crocheters here. I learned most of my crocheting for the internet and one cheap small book.

Stormy I book marked your site.
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Originally Posted by ProudKittieMom View Post
my mom taught me when i was little to crochets she taught my brothers and me...but next to her i did it the most...i always mostly made afgans tho but i havent done it for so long...i miss it i was ging to make one for my one best friend for her son, i just never gad a chance man i miss crochetting lol...see wat u all did
Time for a trip to the yarn store
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I like knitting, but have just done scarves, baby blankets, hats, and slippers. STarted making a sweater once, but never got past the front and back pieces. My mom likes the slippers I made her so much, she'll only wear them for special occasions. She doesn't want to wear them out. Guess I should make her a couple more pairs.

Any of you crocheters every tried bead crochet? I have a few friends who do it and they tried to teach me (I usually can learn pretty quick), but that was one thing I couldn't do. The bracelets and necklaces they make are beautiful. Guess I'll just have to end up buying a couple from them although they keep offering to show me again.
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First off before I forget, Snuzy, your Tabby Tikes are adorable!!

I too crochet a bit. A neighbor girl of ours taught me some 20 years ago! It was a challenge because she was a right-hander and I'm left-handed. She would do one thing...and I'd have to turn it all around and try and figure it out opposite of what she did. She was a puurrrfectionist though and every little mistake that I'd make, she'd undo the whole thing and have me start over! I have made mostly throws or 'blankets'...a couple for nieces and nephews. I made a HUGE one for my mom and dad's bed. Turned out to be waaaaay too big! Funny story...the way I remember my parents' bed as a must have been a super duper king sized bed! When I started the blanket, I hadn't been home for a while and didn't realize their bed was full sized. Welp, I made this huge thing as I said and it was way too big plus, the fringe around the edges tickles my dad so they don't keep it on their bed. Took me such a long time to finish it so its really disappointing that they keep it in a bag instead of using it. Ah well.

I've never tried knitting but my sis does. I love sewing and have since I learned how in 7th grade homemaking class.

Good luck with it!

Hilda >^..^<
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I LOVE to crochet!!! I like to knit and do needle point.
But, my favorite hobby is to sew and quilt.
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I can crochet but I cant do they turn to make a new line. So I did it alot more when I lived at home with my parents. Because I just had my mom do the turns. Now I just try and try and evetually get it right. But if takes so long I usually give up.
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I can crochet. I learned when I was pretty's kinda a southern thing to learn when your young I have no clue how to knit though. / I don't crochet too often now as i never have the time- but i will probably make some things when i start to have kids
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I'm a knitter! I do the basics, ponchos, scarves, hats, baby booties, mittens, slippers, baby blankets, shalls......I have never done anything like a sweater.....I am kinda self taught.....well, my DH's cousin showed me one afternoon, and I just kinda messed up my way through it, till I figured it out after that.... I can't croche, but want to learn....I bought a kit that teaches you, but I haven't started it yet....I have been busy. So I figure I'll learn sometime this winter....
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I crochet and knit...used to cross stitch, but haven't in a number of years.

My parents taught me to knit when I was about 5 years old, and I've made a number of things with it. My favourite thing to knit are mitts though. They're quick, you can make them nice and intrequite and useful. My mom likes socks

I taught myself to crochet when I was a little younger (18 I guess). I'm ok at it and like doing things like afghans in crochet (most recently one for my grandmother which she keeps in the livingroom).

I also taught myself to cross sitich and then taught my mom and sister. My sister's pretty addicted to cross sititching right now, and is in the process of making herslef a series of pillows.

Hilda: you should see if you can have the blanket back and use it to curl up with the in evenings. I know it was a gift, but I know that if my parents couldnt use something I made for them and I could they'd gladly give it back (especially if I promised to make one that they COULD use). Just a thought.
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I taught myself to crochet when I was 12 or 13 and then to knit about 5 or 6 years later. Right now, I knit more than crochet and have been doing mostly baby outfits since so many of my family and friends are having babies lately! My husband even got me some tags with my name on them to sew inside the things I make. I have made many afghans over the years for my family and I thnk everyone has one by now, with the exception of my grandchildren. I will wait until they are a little older and have "big kid beds" before I make them!

I used to do some needle point and cross stitch, but my arthritis is too bad now to do the fine stitching, so I stick to the crocheting and knitting. I noticed that someone else here gets patterns and yarn from Annie's Attic - I just got a catalog from there last week and ordered entirely too many patterns, but I couldn't resist!!

I wish I had more time to knit and crochet, but I drive an hour and a half one way to work every day and have to get most of my chores done on the weekends, so that uses up a lot of my spare time. But I refuse to give up because I love it!!
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I love to crochet and do it all the time. I am working on an afghan for my daughter right now but I throw small projects in the middle so I don't get bored.

I also work with plastic canvas. I like it but I can get distracted to easy and have several projects I have yet to finish
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