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Poor Brody... This was his last chance at having someone help convince me to allow him to sleep in our bed at night. It appears it is going to the gutter though. Poor little guy
He looks so sad in his bed.

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Lilly not only sleeps in the bed she sleeps under the covers. And the same with my dad's dog and Macy sleeps on the bed but on top of the covers. Although I had attempted running her out of the bed it didn't really work for long although if she is muddy I make her stay down.
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Fosters sleeps in the bed with Colin and I. He also has a huge bean bag beside the bed that he likes to sleep on as well He's spoiled rotten!
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Well, if "the deed' is being done, everyone gets kicked out and the bedroom door shut.
We kick all animals out of our room then too
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Nunuk is not allowed on the bed or any other furniture, he sleeps on his own bed.
Furniture is for the masters, that's why the kitties are allowed
Did you get that name from The Lost Boys?
I loved that movie!
Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Ok, question to those allowing the pets in bed (especially the dogs) - where are they when you and your spouse/SO want to "do the deed"?????
Jake sleeps in the bed with us.. On the couch and would sleep in my lap if I let him. He's a 70lbs cat! Or so he thinks. When it comes to "the deed" he gets kicked out Otherwise, he's right there with us... Inbetween and under the covers... He's my "Velcro Vizsla Puppy"
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I have three dogs. The dauchaund HAS to sleep with us. She get in the bed when i do, flips on her back and I tuck her in like a child.

Emma the lab would LOVE to sleep with me. Occassionally I let her but as a rule, she sleep in her bed because she pushes on me and I can't get any sleep. I wake up because she kisses me. hehe So she usually sleeps on the floor on a pallet by my side of the bed.

Molly only sleeps in her crate. She prefers it. She has carpet and a blanket in it.... I don't think she would get on the bed if I tried to make her.

The big dogs are not allowed on the furniture. They lay at our feet.

The cats rule our house and sleep where they want to....
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My dogs don't sleep on my bed. They sleep in my closet on a bunch of pillows and blankets I put in there. My my little dog Benji is allowed on the furniture, except the nice, new furniture my mom just bought. Daisy, the big dog, would be allowed on the couch in the basement, but she never tries to get on the furniture.
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there is no way that "the boys" could sleep with us. Charlie is now weighing in at 62 lbs & Dawg weighs 80 lbs. Neither DH or I are tiny, and we only have a queen sized bed. They have their own beds on either side of the bed.
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My dogs do both... They have their dog bed but they also sleep on the couch or in peoples' bed. My Golden is 65 lbs and 24" tall and she shares the bed with me. Every night I tell my Golden Retriever Ginger "Bedtime!" and she will get up and walk into my bedroom and stand next to the bed waiting. Once I get into bed and comfortable I invite her up (she won't get on the bed unless invited) and then she climbs up next to me. I have a twin bed so there's not a lot of extra space so Ginger had to learn what position to get into otherwise I'd either have no space for my feet or she would be falling off the bed--she had to learn to lay next to me with her back to me and her feet sticking off the side of the bed.
I like to go to sleep with my arm under Ginger's head or sometimes I'll cuddle up and lay my head on hers... She's not a big shedder so that's not an issue, and she is VERY laid back and does not move around much at all in the bed. She also makes a really great "space heater" under the blanket on cold nights!
Actually I bug her with MY moving around instead of the other way around. She ends up leaving and laying on the floor or going to the living room to her dog bed sometime after I've fallen asleep most nights. I think it's because I toss and turn and kick her too much.
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On a normal night in our house, you have me and DH, Madden, Pooch (65lb german shepard mix) and Daisy (7lb teeny weenie) all piled into our king size bed. I wouldn't have it any other way. (Plus, I never get cold!!)
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Hey I have a "Pooch" too, but mine is a terrier (25 lbs)...
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Well, I have been letting Brody sleep in the bed at night since his terrible vet visit. I guess I felt bad for him.
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Our first dog, a 38 lb Corgi, slept in the bed with us. He scared me to death one morning though. I opened my eyes, expecting to see my fair complexed, light blue eyed husbands face on his pillow- what I see is a black hairy face , with brown eyes, about six inches from my nose on my DH's pillow, staring at me (he's laying on his side), waiting for me to wake up I didn't need any coffee!

Our new dog, however, is a 57 lb Boxer- she can get in the bed while we are reading, while the lights are still on, but has to get in her own bed (memory foam with a blanket- don't feel sorry for her ) when it's actually time to sleep. She also sleeps on the couch (is covered ) and gets in our recliners to sleep, but she knows that when I want my chair, she'd better scoot (it has this funny way of tipping up in the back when commands are ignored- she doesn't like that! LOL!)
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My dog sleeps with me every night. Snuggles right up under the covers. I don't have a problem with it, niether does my boyfriend.
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Originally Posted by squirtle View Post
Well, I have been letting Brody sleep in the bed at night since his terrible vet visit. I guess I felt bad for him.
Now he'll expect to sleep there all the time.
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Halo is allowed on the bed while I am awake. He doesn't sleep with me because he doesn't want to. He will just jump off and go to his own cushy bed on the floor.

However he is the only one allowed to sleep in my room at night. NO CATS ALLOWED!
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The dogs are allowed to sleep wherever they want to.

Mia spends mostof her day on the couch under a blanket (she's a mexican hairless, even though she's wearing clothes, it's still cold until spring) though when the warmer weather comes i imagine she'll be in here with me. At night she sleeps RIGHT beside me under the covers. you don't need any heat on when she's under there, with her breathing and everything, it's a furnace. Lol.

Apollo being 90lbs only has his restrictions if we are all on the couch.. sometimes we do make room for him, it depends on how many people are there and if we are eating dinner or not.
He does sleep on the bed with me usually at the foot.. but I've been sleeping with my door closed because of my 2 foster kitties.
I imagine he will be one happy dog when the cats go to their new homes on Friday night.
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My current dog, Stockey the pit bull, is allowed to sleep on the bed between DH and me. Stockey is polite and is a great snuggler on cold nights. The only problem is that he curls up into a ball and pulls all of the covers into his field of gravity. We had to buy a king sized comforter for our queen sized bed to make sure there's enough coverage! Occasionally, he'll end up sleeping on my hair (which is rather long) and I have to wash it in the morning. Oh, then there are his doggey dreams where he yips and yaps and pats his feet on my back.

My terrier-poodle mix Isis (RIP) was banned from the bed because she would sleep at my feet and growl at me if I toss and turned. I feared for the safety of my toes, so that was that.

I guess my point is that it's fine to let your dog sleep in the bed if it doesn't interfere with your sleep or affect your dog's attitude. Sleeping on the bed is a privilege, not a right.
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