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Oh No! I just looked in the last box and we are out of Spam! Internetters cannot be out of Spam! Mr. Cat you have to stop the caravan!
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Hey! I saw something fall out from underneath the bus...is it important?
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Hey, Joe...that motel you had us stay in last night....I could have sworn the old sign in front said "Bates" or something like that...and I thought I saw an old lady standing in the window watching us when we left!!! Looked like she was talking to herself!!! Maybe that's the owners mother!!! :LOL: :laughing:
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Everyone! If you are in the mood, turn on your car radio and prepare yourselves for the musical stylings' of the Soggy Bottom Boys… seemed like an appropriate tune for this kind of trip.

For those of you not equipped with bandwidth, fair warning, this song is a over 4MB's.... could take an eternity to download with 56k.

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Can I hook up with you guys? Just let me know about where you are...I'm sure I will be able to hear the caravan coming. Not to sure about Britney, though. I guess as long as she doesn't try to sing and dance. :LOL: Hey, did I see the Ramones are on the trip, too? How exciting! Still, too bad about Joey and Dee Dee. But I can't wait to listen to those Soggy Bottom Boys. They've been all the rage since their pardon...
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Hey, Heidi ! Can you hear me? We're only a mountain or two away. Just yodel and we'll find you!!Can you hear me ? yodel odle aye ee hoo!
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Jeanie, Jeanie - wait for me, I'm running so fast but can't quite catch up!!!

That QE2 might be posh but it's darned slow AND they wouldn't let me bring the old red London double-decker bus on board - told me it wasn't a cross channel ferry for pete's sake!

Wow. We could've all been like Cliff Richard and his mates if they'd let me bring the bus, singin' Batchelor Boy and all the old favourites . . .
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Oh, gee, Yola, a double-decker bus would have been perfect. Maybe we could jump an Amtrak double-decker train. We won't have the music, but we'll catch up sooner. We're waiting for Heidi anyway. She lives across those little hills called the Rockies. Hey, Kim, turn that music up so Yola and Heidi can hear it!! You know, Yola, I don't know why they didn't just extend the Chunnel a few thousand more miles. Talk about short-sightedness! We'd have all the double-deckers we want and you wouldn't have to run to catch up!
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I can hear y'all rounding the hill as we speak! Boy, it must be some party you guys have going - I've been faintly hearing you for quite a while now. Hurry Yola - the party is raging without us!!
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Hey Jeanie, I rented a plane to fly across the Atlantic and pick up the others. Here it is...isn't it awesome?????? Now don't say it's too old, I had to follow the tight budget Joe has us on for this trip.

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Well, thank goodness Yola's here already! (That's the best he could do? ) Don't forget Rhea and Kitty and Casper, and all the others I mentioned and all of our Aussie friends----uh, do you think Rhea and flimflam would mind being strapped down on the wings?
Hey, guys! I smell fries. Is that a McDonald's up ahead? Where did those coupons go? Debbie didn't take them all, did she? What car is she in, anyway? Hey, Debbie, we know you have to make milk, but fair's fair! Pass the spam---I guess. I'll just bet you Sylvester is eating high on the hog! Oh, to be a spoiled puddy tat!
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Maybe they won't mind being strapped to the wings if they know they can bring their pets along. Dr. Fitzgerald is here too, and he'll be taking care of all the pets on this trip. That is, if Hissy will get off his lap.
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Hey Heidi, You and I can make sure Britney can't sing. Oh, I mean won't sing, we already know she can't We can hold a seance to channel Dee Dee and Joey for a concert.

When is the party heading east, so I can come along?
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Brenda! You missed them? They were held up west of Pittsburgh because the Steelers were practicing or something. I just yelled my head off until they heard me. LORIE, make another stop with that plane!!
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Thanks Jeannie, I must have been too involved in the Steelers game, or maybe it was Penn State crushing Nebraska the other day. They finally look like the Nittany Lions I know and love, so I wasn't able to concentrate on getting anyone's attention.
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You know, since Mr. Cat gets Britney as his eye-candy, gopher, I think we ladies should have our OWN personal attendant! I'll bring along Viggo Mortenson (aka Aragorn from Lord of the Rings), and see if he can take care of our needs.

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OK, Jeanie - I'm turning up the volume now for Yola and Heidi.....

Hey Yola! Hey Heidi! Can ya'll hear this...See me waving at you!? I'm number 3 in the convoy....OVER HERE! I'm in the "Volkswageebago" with my speakers aimed at ya!


Whew! Viggo can RIDE with me.....everybody OUT OF the "Volkswageebago" *fanning self*
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If you're looking for the Cat Books, don't you think a psychic would be useful? If I bring one along, can I come too? Can't donate our R.V. to the drive, hubby's still recuperating from this past Friday's back surgery, but he's got the cats to take care of him, right?
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...and they can run the seance for Joey and DeeDee too. THAT'S where ya'll should pump up the volume!
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Oooooooo LAURIE! A SANCE.....cool! So close to October, too...

I found a very confident psychic who volunteered to supervise... Of course it is entirely up to the Road Crew .... I just don't want him riding with me and VIGGO...he's kinda' sweaty.

OK folks, if you want him to join the caravan., he's all yours!
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Laurie, Kim's throwing everyone out except Viggo, so you better grab Heidi and Brenda. We'll find our own eye candy! How about Brad Pitt? Mel Gibson (Rhea and I like him.)? Matt Damon? I'm not speaking to Tom Cruise any more. Sorry. Oh, and for me? Harrison Ford or Robert Redford would do.(she said casually.)
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Wait Jeanie!

I changed my mind.....After thinking with both sides of my brain, I now know that I would much rather be in the glorious company of friends than VIGGO.....he is a guy after all...might get too, well, you know, "Left Brainy" with all of the driving......he might turn into a grouch potato, lookin' for a remote control or something.

We could all ride together and put him on the dash....That way we could keep our eye on him.....ya know, just for looks. For as long as he doesn't wear a shirt.......

You are welcome to ride in the Volkswageebego, please forgive my initial selfish reaction to Viggo.....it was brief mind boggling moment. What was I thinking!? I'm a married woman!! I am truly sorry girls! I think there's enough room for Brad , Mel and Matt, as well....if not—We'll make room! To heck with Tom!
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Hey, since I brought Viggo, I get to ride with him and Kim!! Thanks for making room for all of us, Kim. J/K There's plenty of room in the - whatdidyoucallit?? - Volkswageebago. I bet he cooks, too.

We can see you rumbling up the road now! Don't forget to stop and pick us up.

Hey Jeanie, you know Harrison's ranch is just a few hours north of here. I bet we could make a little detour to stop and pick him up.
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OK! I'm throwin' VIGGO on the dash and downshifting now...Give me a second to make it up the hill and I'll be right there to pick you all up!
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Do you think they can contact Elvis?????????

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What?! Elvis is DEAD?!
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oooooooooooo......never thought about contacting the KING....
good thing I packed my lame´ t-shirt!
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Does this mean we're going to Graceland?
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Maybe we can go there after we find the cat books.
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LoL. You guys crack me up.

Did you know I'm insane? ----> http://www.knplogic.co.uk/are_u_mad.html
It's not funny but I still couldn't stop from laughing.

Graceland, eh? This could get interesting.

*pops a massive amount of popcorn to go with those spamwiches*
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