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Mr.Cat - I think you need to get back in here and stick up for yourself and your little helper.... <grin>
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Jeannie, There is always room for Harrison. If not, I'm sure Brittney won't mind hitchhiking. Those "poor waifs" sure do look desperate for some affection.
Maybe they can help bail out Deb.
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Look!!! Deb has gotten into her inflatable liferaft and she's holding on to the rope someone has thrown to her! She's going to be ok!!
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That's good news! I'll go call off the rescue mission by the Baywatch boys..
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Oh my......I take a power nap on my scooter for a few minutes and look what happens!!

*looks around and realizes that, alas, the scooter has not moved in days....*

Must have been one heck of a power nap.

Ummmmm, guys,.....what do I do now?????

Jeanie, about Tom...we'll talk. He called me just the other night and explained the whole story to me. I'm still in a daze. I can't believe he did that to you!!!! Anyways, I think he's down in the dumps and he'd really like a chance to explain things to you.

Well, seeing as I missed the boat :LOL: How about I just wait here until Tim McGraw drives by. Maybe I can hitch a ride with him and catch up to you guys!

About that treasure chest. My how we quickly forget. Do you all not remember what Mr.Cat used to deposit in those barrels??? It was on our last trip when he explained all about his interesting past job. It included: sealed barrels and slimy, slithering 'things'. BEWARE.
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I've been at the Laboratory all day, waiting for Science Director Deb 25 to finish her analysis of what was found in that mysterious container. Rest assured, no rattlesnakes were found! Deb is still busily writing her report, apparently. Hopefully we'll know the results tomorrow. Science cannot be rushed, you know.

I'm surprised Lorie D. had no ripping yarns to share after her dangerous exploration of that secret site. Well, I suppose experienced Chief Pilots such as herself consider risky endeavors all part of a day's work. Perhaps Hissy, who has actually been to that abandoned facility before, will enlighten us as to what perils were faced by our intrepid airborne investigators!


You know, we've really got to do something about this sudden influx of celebrities. Our convoy is in danger of growing so large as to be unwieldy! The Chef de Cuisine is already complaining of pressure to expand the menu: There are only so many ways to serve up Spam, it would seem.

By the way, since I know you're all on tenterhooks waiting to hear, Britney is thoroughly enjoying Operation Catbooks. She's quite used to people making fun of her, but I feel it my duty to ask everyone to be nice to her as she is one of our guests.

Britney has requested, for your listening pleasure, a tune by The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. Enjoy!

Here’s Sheena, with The King:

And, if you’ve a mind to, give a listen to Brit performing I Love Rock N Roll.

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Ummmmmm, I was wondering if I could join you in this magical adventure???? and can my friend come too??? I could pick up Whisker's momon the way....Vin has his own private jet and said we could use it to catch up with you all. I can also bring along a few extra supplies!

This is a picture of my friend (yummy)
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Yes, you are most welcome to join us! Anyone who is a member of this board can come along; and you're welcome to bring your friend as well. I do hope you enjoy the occasional Spam sandwich.



We've also been given the use of yet another aircraft:
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Vin and I are delighted to join you all.
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I made some goodies for the trip
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Budylee - want to ride with me? I have a coffee pot...There's enough room for Vin, too. Vin can sit with VIGGO on the dash, should he become crabby......
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Sounds Bloody perfect to me and Vin......you can look at him but ya can't touch okay!!!! :tounge2:

Hmmmmmmmmm Coffee, Cake and Vin!!!!!
*Starts humming........heaven, I'm in Heaven.........
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Nay Nay - I promise to keep my hands and my feet to myself....
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Oh, sure Kim, that's not what you said about Viggo! That's OK, though, I'm willing to share with my fellow Cat Site members. LOL

Mr. Cat, if Britney has enough taste to suggest Sheena Is a Punk Rocker, she can't be too bad. Although I wish she would change clothes...she's been wearing that same outfit for AGES. It's starting to tatter around the edges.

Come on Deb25! Hurry up with that report. We are dying to know what is in the treasure chest!!!
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Bundylee, I thought Lorie picked up the Australian contingent. You know Rhea was willing to ride the wings on that old bi-plane. How about swinging over to pick up our stranded European members?
Heidi! You know Kim kicked everyone out of her car except Viggo, and you're trusting her?? He was your "guest." I am not giving up my few guests unless Mr. Cat is willing to drop off Britney. Hey, what's that coming up? Is it the Grand Canyon? There's something very colorful on our right, and I'm too busy driving to check it out. Where in the world is Mr. Cat??
Now, Ghyslaine, about Tom Cruise......
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ROTFL! Heidi! I kicked everyone out breifly... You see Viggo couldn't except that I am a married woman, so I was forced to throw VIGGO on the dash.....BUT then I drove straight over to pick up my fellow catsite buddies!!
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Leslie, am I mistaken or is that Vin guy the one in the movie, "Fast and the Furious"???? If so...I love that movie! Have it on tape, and I think he is very yummy too!!!
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, Kim, we know. I wonder how long he'll stay there. To be honest, that's what happened between me and Tom during the last trip.
Heidi, you're right about Britany's outfit. It's so badly worn you can see through it. Poor thing. Does anyone have a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt she could borrow? She's probably cold!

Debby! You used all the McDonald's coupons, didn't you? And we all thought you were so sweet--a new mommy and all. Tsk, tsk. (mumble, grumble)
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Jeanie, Brittney asked me to go shopping and get her a new dress, it's much better than the outfits she has been wearing.

Now I am leaving for Europe, Joe, I will be using your plane since it's more comfortable and safer to cross the Atlantic in. More good news...Rhea will even get to sit INSIDE the plane instead of being strapped to the wing.
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Joe's plane is much faster too. We had a very nice trip, and I took a picture of the ocean on the way back.

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Hmmmm if this is Tuesday this must be Belgium!!! :tounge2:
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Yes it's him Debby soooo yummy don't you think. He kept nagging me to bring him along......what could I do????

The movie has only just come out in the cinamas here. You are so lucky to own the tape already.
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Joe, maybe someone else could tell us about the contents of the container???
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Vins been staring at that box for hours trying to figure out what's in there
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I wish I was in there, if that's what he's staring at!!! :tounge2:
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It would appear some of our members have left the convoy. Such is life! I shall have a look inside that box myself and report to you all as soon as possible on what, if anything, is contained therein.


First, though, I must consult the Resident Oracle:
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I think it must contain clues to the whereabouts of those cat books! Or maybe it contains a years supply of SPAM!!
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It would really be neat if the container even held the cat books themselves! They've been missing for sooooo long!
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Maybe they contain new clothes for Britney. :laughing: Or maybe a treasure map with unknown treasure at the end, maybe even the Cat Books themselves like Lorie suggested.

The possibilities are ENDLESS!
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Where's Ghyslaine? It might be a rattlesnake! Oh, she'd be so excited. Hey, G---eeee----eeeee!
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