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spayed today

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Well today was the day that Stormie got spayed and well all went well..besides her peeing on herself a few times but thats ok !! Soon as we got home though I planned on leaving her in her carrier but she wouldnt stop trying to get it open so now i have bella downstairs with me and I put Stormie on the floor...what all should I do ecspecially when I sleep...how am i supposed to watch both of them???? Stormie is also VERY VERY active and alert is that bad???
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Congrats on getting her fixed! I'm glad it went well. The vet always told us to leave her in a small room (like a bathroom) for the first few days if they are naughty and try to be too active. Give her lots of treats for being such a good girl...
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We got Sadie spayed over the long weekend and my partner luckily had a few extra days off, so we were able to keep an eagle eye her. Yesterday the 2 kids were alone for the first time, so we kept them in seperate rooms all day
I'm glad I wasn't home to hear them cry to be together. Sadie has been really active and even when I was home last night, I kept the two seperate, because I didn't want to risk her popping a stitch. She's wearing a cone, so she can't protect herself from her rough brother as well as usual. Better to be safe than sorry. It's sad, but best to try to keep them apart. My roommate called this morning to tell me that Billy escaped twice! She said she put a better blockage up. I've been crossing my fingers all day at work! Good luck and happy healing to Stormie!!!
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sorry i didnt update this sooner it never crossed my mind things been a little hectic around here...but the day after she was like there was nothing wrong even the first day she was jumping up on everything I of course was freaking out we didnt play for a few days...well maybe one she always gotta chase Bella and we had pain meds and we forgot the one day and she was completely fine...and she was jumping on wanted to play...and a week later we are chasing our sister around the room as we speak this is the 2nd or 3rd full on play that we usually start up shes a little toruble maker...but stormie has become more affectionate towards me and wants to sleep closer and sometimes on me like she use to do when we brought her home and she gets jelous of bella when bellas under the covers sleeping on top of me although she is hissing at the other cats small introductions but she hisses and hisses and runs away mind u when we got her she was with about 5 other cats and for the last few months its been her and Bella and she and midnight really didnt see each other cause he was always out...but I kept asking my mom like mom are her stitches ok is that how they are supposed to look...because of all her energy i was freaking out..although for the first few days she did hiss at my mom a bit we are soo full of energy tho and it was only a matter of time till the full on chassing began again but she is doing soo good besides the random running and chassing things ecspecially the air , also she fell a few times (I think the meds messed with her head) when she thought she could fly..i was on the computer adn her she comes falling out of the window cause she was attacking it !!!! CRAZY cat wat can i say boy I dont miss this random chasing each other at 6 am hopefully we get to go to bed soon!! We fell again she is soo playful and yet falling never phased her..it sure did to me though But it went ok the stitches are healing beautifully....
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I'm so glad that it is all working out....and thank you for getting Stormie spayed.

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