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Didn't want wet food

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OK, I just have to know if anyone else has ever had this. Usually I feed wet food at night because Jordan allows me to sleep better at night if he has a tummy full of wet food. Well last night Maggie took 2 bites & didn't want any more. So I gave her some dry food & she ate it all. I'm trying to figure out if she just didn't like that food or if she has decided she doesn't want wet food? Anyone ever have a cat that would eat wet food & then just stoped?
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Cosmo is not a big fan of the wet foods I've tried... but, he's also a picker. He NEVER goes and eats a lot in one sitting. I put some wet food down for him on x-mas day as a treat and he kept going back to it all day. A few bites then he'd leave it... few hours later a few more bites... and this went on all day.

My mom's cat is VERY peticular about the wet food she'll eat. Certain flavors and brands she just won't touch. I think my mom has been through EVERY can on the shelves to find the ones she actually likes, and it's only fancy feast and it's only like 2 flavors. The cat also won't eat the food if it's even slightly cold (my mom zaps it in the microwave for like 10 seconds if it's been in the refridgerator).

Some cats are just real picky.
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Sure it happens sometimes - either that individual can just didn't smell good, or the cat was just in the mood for dry food, etc. etc. Try again with a different can (or more familiar flavor?).
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It could be as simple as she doesn't like the flavour of that one. Bijou and Mika both like Merrick's food, Bijou likes Cowboy Cookout, Mika won't touch it yet she likes the other flavours I give them. She gave the Cowboy stuff a sniff the other night and went to the dry food instead. Neither of them like any type of fish or seafood flavours.
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She's not usually a picky eater & I'd swear I've fed that that one before. I guess she was just in a mood. I'm glad it's not just her, I was a little afraid she was getting sick until she ate the dry food.
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