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Originally Posted by Denice View Post
The apartment complex I live in only allows two pets so I only have two. Even if they allowed more I would be limited by funds. I pay an extra $40.00 a month rent for two, $25.00 for the first and $15.00 for the second so there would be a limit money wise to how many I could have.
Our apartment complex requires a $250 pet deposit, and you can have upto 3 cats for that.
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I volunteer at a local cat rescue and work in the adoption center and as an adoption counselor. It is tough not to fall in love with all the kitties, and there have been a couple that would have come home with me but were already adopted. I also know the joy of seeing these wonderful cats adopted to loving homes and I encourage the new "parents" to keep in touch and bring us pics and news of their cats. This does help with being able to interact and love lots of cats (and hang out and meet other "cat people").

Right now, I have one cat who was extremely feral and is just feeling comfortable around the place so I am reluctant to add a new kitty to the mix. But maybe later since I work all day and with the volunteer work she is alone alot sometimes. The one thing I don't think I could do is foster - I think our foster volunteers are incredible and I have the most respect for them. I know I would get way too attached and need to keep the kitties. Fosters are just amazing and everyone should give anyone who foster a great big hug of appreciation

I live in an apartment, so I think two are going to be my limit. But I know I will get another one someday. If I had more room and time, I would absolutely have a "crew". They are just so great.
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I only have two permanent cats cos I only adopt oldies, and I seem to find the ones that look healthy but end up costing me quite a bit of money!! I do foster though, and that helps with any broodiness (one of mine is going to a new home next week, and I am already planning the next one!!), and it also gives me a chance to have young, playful healthy cats, which does help a lot, esp recently with the heartache with my own permanent cats. I sometimes think that fostering allows me to keep helping the oldies. At the moment, I have only adopted one of the 24 cats I have fostered, but it will be 2 this month - but both have been 13yo's who haven't tolerated change very well, so staying somewhere they like is the best thing for them.
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