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Not only do I have an audience of Tavia, Lilly the rat terrier, and Macy the boxer but when I am trying to take a bath since my showerhead broke and dad hasn't fixed it, Macy thinks she should try to give me kisses on the cheek since I am at her level. And she will try to jump in the tub with me and let me tell you that is not a fun thing. And Lilly will try to lick my arm while I am trying to get my bath. Its an event every time.
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You are a "captive audience" and that makes it the perfect time for skritches.
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With 9 cats, I've given up on the idea of bathroom privacy...Actually, only about 5 are "regulars". Jasmine (the Maine Coon) waits by the bathtub every morning, meowing to me to hurry me up (to bathe), as she likes to watch me, and sometimes puts a paw in the water. She also grumbles at me to hurry up and spread the towel on over the toilet seat lid, so she can sit on it (I dry my legs and feet this way). She actually gets angry if I don't move fast enough! I sometimes think her water fascination is due to her breed.

Loki and Willi come in to watch me bathe, as well, and try to drink the water out of the tub while I'm bathing. (I should mention that I shower in the morning for cleanliness, and take a bath at night to relax before bed.) Marge used to come in, but lately, hasn't. When I took my first bath in the new house, she was walking around the tub surround...then I felt claws in my back--she had slipped behind me, and was holding on for dear life! She also has the dubious distinction of being the only cat I've ever seen hanging from a bra in the bathroom. In our apartment, I used to hand wash my lingerie, and hang it over the shower head to dry. One day, I moved my bra to the doorknob, to remind me to take it out. Marge was in there; I was in the tub. I happened to glance over, to see her in the bra, hanging from the doorknob, as if in a sling! She never made a sound, just wobbled her head toward me in a silent, "Help!"

We now have 3 bathrooms; hubby and I each have our own. The cats never go into his, and bother him! Only once: in the middle of the night, he got up to use his bathroom (which is attached to the master bedroom). I was awoken by, "No, kitty, don't drink that, that's DIRTY!!! NO!!! Leave me alone!!!" (Use your imagination here.) God, I was laying in bed, convulsed with laughter! The visuals THAT one provoked...

Let's not even talk about what happens when I use the porcelain throne. All I will say is that it's nice in an unheated bathroom...

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yep my kitties sure do follow me in the bathroom and sometimes the dogs do! Bella will alwyas follow me in and she will walk in and rub all over me and jump in my lap, Stormie will go in the bathroom with me and sniff the floor out a little bit and then climb my leg! Midnight goes in and usually sits on top of the toilet looking over u and Willie he will jump in your lap or sit by your feet for you to pet him !!!
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One day, I moved my bra to the doorknob, to remind me to take it out. Marge was in there; I was in the tub. I happened to glance over, to see her in the bra, hanging from the doorknob, as if in a sling! She never made a sound, just wobbled her head toward me in a silent, "Help!"
Oh, MargeCat!
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Yup - all 5 - everytime. No privacy at all, ever. Whether I"m just brushing my teeth, bathing, or using the toilet.
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my big cat does it and so does my kitten. Ginger (my big cat) used to sit int eh basin while i had a shower until one day I poked my head out to grab shampoo and he realised i was covered in WATER!!! He freaked out and i had to let him out because he was so scared. I'm not sure if it was just the water or the fact I looked different! But he doesnt follow me in anymore.
Buttons usually climbs onto my lap when i go to the toilet, especially f its nighttime.
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Yep, both of mine follow me into the bathroom. 95% of the time there are in the same room as me and close to me. It's cute.
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Yup, they love hanging out while I'm in there. They usually jump in the bath tub and watch from there for some strange reason. And Stumpy likes to sit on the bathroom counter anytime we're in the bathroom.

Weird cats.
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Oh yeah, I'm not allowed to go to the bathroom by myself! Thats the special lovin' place for Siam and myself. Spud always has to come in too, but he usually leaves with a look of disgust when he he sees Siam in my lap and Siam's head resting on the TP roll!!!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Oh, MargeCat!
I forgot to add: Margaret was only a kitten when this happened. If she fit into my bra at her present size, I'd never complain about my body ever again! (Actually, she had the whole thing, especially the straps, wrapped around herself, and she was hanging on her back. I wish I had a pic!)

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oh man , does she ever. sometimes while i am "going" she uses her box net to me.
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no, that's one place Sash does not follow me
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As soon as Ginger was allowed full run of the house, it was very clear that the bathroom is HER special place with me. She loves to come in and give headbutts and get pets.

Mojo has decided that she should come in too, but I think she's more interested in trying to play with Ginger than seeing me.

Trent would and still will only come in occassionally, and the bathroom has never been a place of interest for Ophelia.
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Oh, yeah. Lynx is convinced that is the snuggle chair in there and the only reason I would go sit on it is if I want snuggles from him.
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i take a bath with two cats perched on the side of the tub...they both have fallen in on top of me at least once...
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Yes he does and if I can get the door closed before he follows this is what I see:

all clickable:

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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
Yes he does and if I can get the door closed before he follows this is what I see:

all clickable:

Open that door and let that baby in!
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When Abilene was a kitten-her and her foster sisters were raised in the bathroom (we had room for their cage in there at the time-) so needless to say- she OWNS the bathroom now She even has her own shelf with a fleecy blanket on it, her own litter pan under the sink curtain and her own food and water in there (someone please tell me she's not spoiled rotten) She follows me EVERYTIME i go in the bathroom....and if for some reason she is outside of the bathroom while i'm in it- she will lunge her entire body into the door and meow hysterically until I let her in- it's really quite funny
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I am not alllowed to go to the bathroom by myself either. Claude my shower kitty demands showers whenever the hubby or I use the bathrooms. Tegato demands pets and likes to sit on top of the toilet when I am showering. He sits on the side of the tub and splashes me with water if I take to long of a bath. My new kitten Starbuck follows me into the bathroom because she likes to follow the boys and prefers that she be able to see me.
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Sibohan and Duke arn't as facinated by the toilet but they love watching me shower. It is like "Oh my god it's all over you!.... wait I'll save you... Hold on it's wet, okay mom I'll call for help..... Meow... Meow...."
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Yup, all of the cats will follow me into the bathroom and want to be pet and have good scratches behind their ears. Lately, I have two yellow eyes looking at me when I take a shower. Charlotte will jump onto the top of the toilet tank and watch me with a look on her face asking why I just don't bathe myself like she does. Silly kitten.

Do any of your cats have a fascination with the toilet? Everest runs in whenever he hears the toilet flush so he can watch the water swirl around.
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
Do any of your cats have a fascination with the toilet? Everest runs in whenever he hears the toilet flush so he can watch the water swirl around.
YES!! its a little odd...peanuts will stand on the sink and watch the toilet flush...i swear she's going to jump in it one of these days!!! even after falling in the full bathtub once and giving herself a kittie heart attack...
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Wonton always follows me in the bathroom, and if I don't close the door all the way, he'll use his little paw to pull it open. Our bathroom is kind of small, so more than once I've not realized he was behind me, went to back up, and stepped on a paw or tail :/ You'd thind that would discourage him, but no. Maybe he knows that if he DOES get his tail stepped on, afterwards I pick him up and love on him and say "sorry booboo, mommy didn't mean to", and he gets a treat :p

what I have to watch for tho, is him going in the shower. we have one of those showers that's totally enclosed, and the door is frosted glass. well, if I need to open the door for something, if it's open just for a sec, Wonton will go inside. I have no idea what is so fascinating about the shower, but if the door is open, he'll go in. He just goes in, goes to the far corner, turns around, sits down, and looks at me. I then ask him (jokingly) if he wants the water on, and just let him sit there a minute while I do whatever I'm doing in the bathroom. One time he gave me a scare tho. I went to the bathroom, washed up, came out.. Ten minutes later I realize I don't see Wonton anywhere. I call, I rattle the treat bag, I look EVERYWHERE - no kitty. I check under the bed, behind the tv, in the closet, by the steps - all his hiding places - nothing. I"m starting to get that rising panicky feeling, like omg, he must have gotten out, when I went back in the bathroom again, and I glanced at the shower, and I saw a fuzzy brown shape inside I opened it and there he was, just sitting there like "who....ME?" By this time he'd been in there more than a half hour, and he never once meowed or pawed at the door to get out...strange cat. So now if I go in the bathroom I always make sure he's not in the shower before I leave.
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Oh definately! Ceci is obsessed with joining me in the bathroom. When I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom she is there and sitting on top of her litterbox before I even get out of bed. As soon as I sit down she is on my lap
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Spike and Oz are convinced that I will disappear out the bathroom window if I am not properly supervised. They don't follow J into the bathroom, just me. I can take a shower without supervision, but not a bath: they'll sit outside the bathroom door and yowl until I let them in, and if yowling isn't sufficient, one of them (usually Spike) will fling himself against the door itself until eventually it pops open (or I get tired of the disruption and let them in). Since I only ever take baths to relax, I usually cave in pretty early and let the cats into the bathroom just so the noise of them doesn't damage my calm. They can be very persistent.

I'm used to it, though. Most of our friends have cats, and most of our friends' cats also sense that I cannot go to the bathroom by myself. (I'm not sure where they all get this idea; I've been going to the bathroom by myself for quite a while now! ) One cat likes to follow me into the bathroom and curl up on my lap while I'm on the toilet (fortunately she's quite tiny -- Oz tries to do this, but 15 lbs of cat combined with bare legs and sharp claws leads to unpleasantness for me).

Spike also likes to sit on the bathroom counter while we brush our teeth, and he demands to be pet at the same time -- after all, we only need to use one hand to brush our teeth, and the other hand is free for more important cat-adoring duties. He'll also poke his head around the shower curtain while I'm taking a shower (although I'm allowed to shower alone, I usually leave the bathroom door open when I shower before work, so the cats are less likely to bother J while he sleeps). He also likes to attack me through the shower curtain, which is quite shocking when you're not expecting it!
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I never get "alone" time in the bathroom Its always my daughter(for sure!) and usually one or two dogs and a few cats!!
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Strangely enough, Radar doesn't follow me into the bathroom. He used to make a dash for the door when I was on the way in there, but I think he's realised that there isn't any other way out, and I will be back out the way I went in before too long!

He is shut out when I am having a bath, because the sound of the running water attracts him and he has slipped off the edge of the bath and into it once or twice - no need for me to risk needing skin grafts!
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