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7 little wonders...

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Today I got a call from the SPCa asking if I would think about taking home a package of 7 orphaned fur babes that need care! What was to think about? I said YES and promptly drove over to pick them up. They are between 3 and 4 weeks old and very beautiful. One looks like a seal point siamese and there are 4 gray, white bundles and 2 orangies! Home we came with the formula, bottle and medicines! I looked like a traveling circus
The first feeding time was awful, but I will work at that. Goldie did all the work when she had her litters here, so this is a big refresher for me! Momma Goldie also was very nervous and excited when they were screaming for their supper! I wish she still had milk for them!
Please pray for them - they are so tiny and have no idea about what has happened to them. Thanks!
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My gosh Deb...I admire you for being such a generous and loving person to even do something like this for these babies. I will keep you and the "fur babes" in my thoughts and prayers. XOXO from Jedi!
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Wow Deb!! Thats amazing!!!! Any pics of the babes??? Good for you, you are a kitty
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What a wonderful person you are Deb to take in all those little babies. Good luck with them, and I wish you at least 3 hours of sleep in a row soon!
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That is so great Debra that you took those 7 kitties into your home to care for them! Hopefully they will all survive. You are a great kitty mom! and an . I love watchin Animal Precinct on animal planet. The SPCA does wonders for many animals.
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Is Goldie helping with any of the mothering chores? When I brought home babies, Fred always handled the bathing and training chores. He only got one at a time, though. He would let them suckle on him just for comfort.
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I am constantly amazed by the incredible giving nature of people on this site. Debra, sending prayers out to you all! What a lot to handle! While you're really in for it now, is there anyone on this site who isn't sleep deprived? I'd say "LOL!", but I mean it!
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You are an angel for taking these little babies in!!! They will get such good care with you as their new mommie!! Do you have any pictures yet?
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How wonderful for you to give these little ones a good fighting chance at a great life. Another of our members earns yet another set of angel wings. Keep us updated on the babes and good luck. Growing energy to the little ones!
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Thanks for your well wishes! We did survive the first night ...yawm!
They are eating better today. I had to get out other nipples I had used before. AND....today, they used the litter box! How amazing is that?
I have taken a couple of pics, but can never resize them for posting. I can e/mail them to someone who can do this though..hint hint hint!
I need names too!!!!!!
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You could e-mail them to me and I would post them for you, (at least I think I could, I just recently learned how to do my own ) but I won't be online all day tomorrow until tomorrow night, because I have to go to town tomorrow, and then out for supper with my brother...unless I happen to get a little time in between, otherwise it won't be till late, so you might have bettr luck sending them to Hissy to post for you, she would do it for you sooner than I could. can't wait to see them!
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Hi Deb

I have a freehand 10 program that allows me to do that also so if you need additional help please feel free.

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Deb - you are an amazing woman!

If there are 7, how about the 7 dwarfs as names. Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Bashful!
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adymarie, great minds think alike! I had that same thought.
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Deb...I am online right now if you are there...and I could resize and post those pics for you now!!!!
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Oh....we gotta see the kids......

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That is a brilliant idea. Pity the poor little guy that gets called grumpy or dopey - both those names would sum my Balie up a treat though LOL (thinking about it, sleepy and sneezy would not be far wrong either)!.

Yeah - where are the pictures then? Baby kittens - I can't wait!
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Debra, If you can get Goldie's smell on these babies (the rubbing of the towel on Goldie and then on each kitten), she might act as a pacifier for these babies. They need the act of kneading and being loved and bathed as much as they need nourishment. I'm sure someone will disagree with me, but many years ago I was able to "talk" my female into adopting a kitten. Her babies were gone. She just hissed at first, but once the kitten got her scent--the second day, all I had to do was sit and watch. The first day she wasn't happy about the whole thing. After two days that was her kitten! My collies adopted kittens with no coaxing. If you have a sweet female dog, she might help. You provide the nourishment and socialization, and perhaps you'll get by with a "little help from your friends!"
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Thanks guys! The babes are doing well now, but 7 have kept me VERY busy! I have hardly had time to get on here and brag about them!
I love the dwarf names too, but we have decided on candy bar names, cause they are sooooooo sweet! (mostly girls too)
We have Snickers, Pez, Whitman, Skittles, Kit Kat,Twix, Necco, Truffles, etc that we are playng with. What do you think? Any more good candy names for us to play with??

I WILL get pics up here today! My son is home and can resize the for me!
Thanks again for all your well wishes...the babes say MEW MEW to you!
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Seems like you have all the good candy names....<grin>
I'm still waiting for someone would name a pair of kitties Bait & Tackle :tounge2:

Can't wait for your pics!
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Kimward....Bait and Tackle are GREAT! I PROMISE that when I get the next batch, that will be among the names!
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Oh goodie....can I be long distance God Parent? LOL!!

Oh look..... I'm over 200 posts....only 100 more and I'm NOWHERE near the number of posts you have accumulated .....:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 I've got a long ways to go…

So, Here's to reaching 200 posts...
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Deb!! Truffle is a FANTASTIC NAME!!!! :LOL:..... nothing to do with the fact that one of my kitties happens to be called that... it'd be a great name anyway..... :laughing:
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I like the candy bar names. Sounds purrfect for a bunch of little sweeties.

To go along with Bait and Tackle, add Switch in there too. You know, the old Bait and Switch. LOL
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Truffle is an adorable name!!!!
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I LOVE the candy names. That is absolutely adorable!

Here are a few more:

Baby Ruth
Goober (ahahaha!)
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I named one of my black cats Nibs after the licorice candy. Twizzler would be cute, too. Ahhhh, that reminds me of my licorice loving friend, Bad Habit. Come on Jessica. We miss you !!
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You all have put me in a quandry now - more great names to choose from! WHY oh WHY!??!
I sent Debby a couple of pics - one of them is in their Ghetto playpen - they can wreck havoc in about 10 minutes in there! :tounge2: :tounge2:
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I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of the kittens. And BTW those names are adorable!!!!
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Debra -
Oh, how I wish to see the baby pics......you're going to have to name em' what they look and act like, since you're around them everyday, of course. <grin>

When Spot was rescued at 3 weeks, I knew then, with a snoot like that here is no other name for that boy....Spot it is. My 3 other boys were tougher to name...I can relate to your quandry...Hmmmm

LOL...you got a great list to choose from, though!

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