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Prayers for my Nephew in Afghan

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We have seen the news that a British soldier has been killed by a land mine in Afghan
My nephew is in the Royal Marines No.45 and as yet, they wont say who but they have reported that the only troops in that area where the Royal Marines No.42 & 45 my stomach is just jumping all day and I cant stand it when the phone rings

Please help me with prayers for him and his colleagues safety
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Sending prayers from Mississippi for you and your nephew, please keep us posted on him.
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Oh no!! sending lots of prayers that he and his troop remain safe
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Sending thoughts and prayers your way.
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Oh no! Prayers and headed your way!
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That is so scary, sending lots of prayers for your nephew and for all of the boys & girls over there.....
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Prayers for all of them, especially your nephew being right there.
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Tons of prayers for you and your Nephew. Please keep us updated.
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lots of good thoughts coming your way
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I am so upset, I cant pluck up courage to call my sister to find out any news, this poor boy was lost yesterday and they usual inform the relatives quickly
But my BIL grand-dad was taken into hospital just before Christmas, so their lives are pretty much full with pain & stress at the moment. I have checked in about grandpa but that was before this news broke. I am just hoping that "no news is good news" rings true for us today.
The sad, sad thing about this, is that someones boy is gone and that makes me cry too
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My prayers are going out for your nephew and all troops over there. May God bless them all.
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Your nephew and all the troops are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
Your nephew and all the troops are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Your nephew, and all the troops there, are in my thoughts. I'm sending many "stay healthy and whole" vibes their way.
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what a jelly I am then...........just been on MSN Messenger with my sister, asking about her day and how grandpa was etc, but didnt dare mention about the news from Afghan, she seems to have so much on her plate.

So what I am hoping now is that she would have known by now and told me, so I hope we are out of this worry but as mentioned before someone will have some bad news today
God Bless all our boys & girls out there
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I saw that on the news this evening, so sad Sending your nephew and everyone else out there (((((mega safe vibes))))))
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Praying for safety and peace for you and your family durring this time.
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Sending many prayers. How awful for all the families involved, including yours
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Well its positive news for our family today, James my nephew is OK. The news about it being a Royal Marine was wrong. The boy that was lost was from 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, and of course someone has lost a much loved son
My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I also pray that this terrible conflict comes to a speedy end.
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