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kidney cat food

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My 3 cats have been diagnosed with kidney disease, they are elderly but eat like horses. Does anyone know of any sites where I can buy their kidney diet food from that will be cheaper than the vet? Does anyone have some suggestions of things that I could make at home? The vet is not very helpful.
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You might want to try another vet, after having issues with my vet over refusing to feed a prescription diet food I know my cat did not need, I looked into different foods and prices of foods and found he was making a nice cut on the food. I now go to a vet who does not sell food at all but will order in prescription foods from several suppliers.

This link will help with types of food to feed and there are some homemade recipes should you wish to go that way
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Yes .. I dont have them at my finger tips but I will post if Pat doesnt beat me to it ...

What are there number s and have you talked with your vet about not having them on RX food //// ??? I would suggest finding a vet you can talk to ... That with help from a few on here has gotten my kandie thru ... she was dignoised 3-4 yrs ago and is still at the same leval as when diagnoised ... I happen to work closely with my vet about diet and supplements.. Feel free to PM or private message me

Welcome to TCS
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