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Everyone happy with their presents?

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Did you get what you wanted?

I certainly did. 2 diamond necklaces from hubby.
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I got a necklace from John his gift didnt make it here in time. But its a farting dog. He'll love it. But I did fix him breakfast and we spent all of yesterday together. No tv, video games, computer or anything. Just me and him and the animals.
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Haven't a clue yet, we stayed up very late, or early into today, and dh is still asleep.

I still have to presents to wrap for him (i know..bad Pat...bad...)
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I got a necklace from my friend, a pit bull shirt from another friend, a wendy's gift card from my parents, 2 dvds (Dreamer and Eight Below) and a dvd player from my parents. I also got a kmart gift card from my parents.
from my brother's girlfriend, I got some earrings.. from my brother, I got a really nice hooded sweatshirt, a comforter, and some really good smelling perfume. I am very happy what I got.
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Jim is still sleeping........ but he gave me yesterday a new camera that I have been wanting .........and this morning I couldnt help but to open another present and he got me a Dyson vacuum. Im so excited I feel like going to vacuum everything!
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Lol. To wake up him you should start vaccuming the bedroom. When he wakes up just say thanks honey...lol
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Originally Posted by SalemWitchChild View Post
Lol. To wake up him you should start vaccuming the bedroom. When he wakes up just say thanks honey...lol
LOLOLOL That would be something I would do. But Im trying to be nice, its Christmas!
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I am very happy! I got a wonderful salad bowl and a gift certificate from Mom. I got a super cute shirt from Dh. And the flu from my nephew. All in all its been a great day.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
And the flu from my nephew.
With permission from your SIL.
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I'm SUPER happy with my presents! I got :deep breath, I have an extremely large family: 4 cute sweaters (one from Ian, one from mom and dad, one each from my grandmas), a cute blazer/jacket, a couple of other little tops, 3 gift certirficates to Gap (various aunts and uncles), a set of 4 bath bombs from Lush, a tub of this amazing shower soap from Lush (yes it comes in a tub, both from aunt and uncle), a Vera Bradley overnight bag (santa), a Coach wristlet (I think it might be the same one Kenzie got, actually, from Ian), a kitty mug from Our Name is Mud (one side says "Catffeinated!" and the other says "Decatf", from Ian), Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1 and 2 (santa), Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul (from my baby brother), a Petsmart gift card and some cat toys (for me and the kitties from my sister), an electric blanket (from dad, he worries about me "getting cold"), and a biiiiig ol' box of Frango mint chocolates (from Santa)! I'd say I cashed in this year!

Santa brought my little brother an air hockey table and a bean bag chair, along with some books and puzzles. That kid cashed in this year, considering that my grandma also got him an iPod nano...wow!
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Dh said next time one of us is sick we are going over and spreading it around.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Dhabi said next time one of us is sick we are going over and spreading it around.
The next time, you should at least invite your SIL, over, by herself for some coffee
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Yep my BF got me new speakers for my computer and a mouse/tablet set for when I am photoshopping and a day at a spa

The rest of my family and I decided on only donating to charity this year so just tax receipts all around, although my sisters did get a professional photoshoot of my niece and nephew together just for me (my mum is mad because the photos turned out really well and they said she couldn't have a copy) so they are on the way, lost somewhere between royal mail and canadapost
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I sure am! DH got me a spot bot to clean up those unsightly cat "messes" (hairballs and other such yummys!) My MIL and FIL got me and DH a new mircowave, Dh also got me a new necklace and the year without Santa Clause dvd, my BIL and his girlfriend got me slippers a cat shaped cutter for scrapbooking (now I have to start scrapbooking, anyone want to volunteer to help me? LOL) gift cards to Kohls from MIL, sweaters from my mom, a cat ornament that says sisters from my sister, and an Eeyore glass cube that you put in a light stand (hard to describe, but very cute) from my sister and her kids, hmmm. I think that's it. OOPS, nope another gift card from step parents.
ok,that's officially it.

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Wow sounds like everyone made out great!

I got...

From BF: Engagement ring! and A Prairie Home Companion on dvd

From Mom: New chandelier

From Uncle: Home Depot gift card

From Sister: Alan wrench drill bit set, Extreme Home Makeover dvd, gift card to Starbucks

( Can you tell I have a new house and love DIY?)

From MIL/FIL: Crock pot (she's been threatening this gift for 2 years now ), an Anne Klein watch, a purse and a homemade quilt with cats drinking coffee on it Oh I'll have to get a picture of it for you guys... you'd probably really get a kick out of it.

From SIL/BIL: Dishtowels! lol actually I was expecting a lot more of these. When everyone came over for thanksgiving and started cleaning up afterwards, everyone there at one point or another asked where my dishtowels were... and I don't use them so I didn't have any. Forget it... everyone there said "Oh well I know what I'm getting you for christmas!" I thought I was just going to get two gigantic stacks of dishtowels!

To whoever it was who got the Dyson:
When my SIL and I got ours, we were told to vacuum the house first with our old vacs, then put those away and immediately vacuum with the Dyson. We both did it and were amazed what the Dyson picked up after we had JUST vacuumed! If you have the time to spare, I'd give it a try. It's incredible to see!
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I got Mission: Impossible season 1 on DVD a Sonicare toothbrush set, and enough cash and gift cards to buy what I really want - an Oreck vacuum.

My nieces got a cat and spent the day wondering how Santa got him down the chimney. (Their father hid him in a spare room yesterday and put him in his cage under the tree just before they got up.)
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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom View Post
To whoever it was who got the Dyson:
When my SIL and I got ours, we were told to vacuum the house first with our old vacs, then put those away and immediately vacuum with the Dyson. We both did it and were amazed what the Dyson picked up after we had JUST vacuumed! If you have the time to spare, I'd give it a try. It's incredible to see!
OMG! I had vacuumed yesterday with the old vacuum and went back over today with the Dyson. I could not BELIEVE how dirty the rugs were!!!!! I dont want to say how many times I had to empty the canister or how many cats I could have made from the cat hair, but OMG this Dyson is AMAZING!!!!!! Im going to be vacuuming all week!!!!
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I am very happy with my presents!!

I got: The Magic Bullet (blender machine thing, they always show on TV) I LOVE IT!! The Egg/Toaster I LOVE IT!! $400 cash, $20 Victorias Secret Gift Card, new standing mirror for my bedroom, a new hand mixer, O.P.I body shimmer, a new griddle, its HUGE! Chicago Cutlery Knife set (its awesome!) Harley & Davidson got new balls and fluffy toys from my Aunts and my aunt who is a big animal activist ordered us all our presents fromt he Animal Rescue Site that we all click on daily to support them, so we got little tags for their collars from there, they are SO cute! some cute decoritive snowmen, 4 loafs of my aunts VERY good banana bread, new towels which I desperately needed.... and I think thats it? I made out very well this year - and I still have to open gifts from John's side of the family
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I was spoiled...royally. Last time I let my husband convince me to have a set budget...I sorta stuck to it, he didn't.

Too much to list but my favorites are a small diamond circle pendant from my inlaws, a 22 inch wide flat screen monitor, new Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender with whisk and other attachments, a green hobnail style tetsubin (japanese cast iron tea pot) with two matching cups, and two different tea collections, two new collections of anime, the second book in the Eragon series (!!) and too much more from family and one particular friend that outdoes herself in the gift wrapping and giving department (truly incredible..you should have seen how she wrapped my wedding presents - silk flowers, cyrstals, fake birds).

I am overwhelmed.
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We don't "do" much in the way of gifts, now that the nieces and nephews are older. They get small presents from us, like a pair of earrings, a magazine subscription, a big box of jelly bellies (one nephew is addicted to them, and they're hard to get here), and cash. We both got cash from my mom and in-laws, and hubby got me perfume (Jil Sander) and a DVD set ("Invasion" in English, which I'm thrilled with, though I learned today that our nephew picked it out and ordered it; hubby is mad at him for "spilling the beans", but I'm glad he at least had the sense to ask our nephew for help/advice in that category!)
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I didnt get much but i still have more presents to open come later this week and early 2007. I asked for a steam buster/spot bot type thingy, & a KONE dustbuster (for kitty litter scatters).

I got a KONE dustbuster, a cd, a video game for my PS2 and a ceramic set of trinket boxes. Ohh yeah and I got (Willing ") for my Trail of the Painted Ponies collection. Hes been retired for awhile and I have been dreaming of him even longer. Hubby surprised me with him. I never imagined he would buy him for me as he thinks Willing is ugly.

The kids made out like bandits-- we mainly do christmas presents for the kids only anyway. I just asked for the cleaning stuff because otherwise I would have to beg to get it in the off season.

Good christmas last nite and today though. We are also doing a smaller christmas with my family later this week (probably friday nite or saturday) and then we have more gifts in Arkansas at my grandmothers house. She wont ship them so we will get them when we go up next spring.
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Well I got a stocking full of goodies including a pair of socks that has cats on them and a pair that has dogs. A new pen and little stocking stuffers. A teal bath robe and I have always wanted one but never had the spare money to get one. A pair of sleep pants and a little gold Christmas tree with bells which I will putaway tomorrow for next year. And Lilly and the other dogs got toys and I still have to go get Tavia's new scratching pad. And I got hugs from my nieces. Which was the best present of all. I also got new candles and my dad made me some chilli.
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I had a wonderful Christmas. For me- the best part was just getting to spend time with my family (i have worked sooo much lately, that i haven't had much time to just enjoy their company). So that was wonderful to be with all of them! This morning Colin suprised me and gave me a gorgeous I pod!!! I've always wanted one, but just never asked! Hahah, it's like he read my mind. He also got me the car thing for it and a few accessories, as well as a really nice flash disk for my pc He was soo sweet this year!!! I was really hoping for an engagement ring......but i am definitely happy with what I got. Maybe some day on the engagement ring huh?/ My mom got me a gorgeous monogramed red robe with my first name on it- it's realllllllly soft and comfy! She also got me a really nice fleecy blanket (i'm a blanket freak- i'm always cold, so i love throws!). She also got me candy, lots of bath/body stuff, shaving cream (random), and several new tounge rings Which is funny- because I don't have my tounge pierced- nor do i want it to be She thought she was getting belly button rings (i have my belly button pierced) and asked the sales girl for help. I'm thinking there was a problem with their communication because when I opened my gift, lol....i was like...well thankyou mom! it's very pretty...but umm....i don't have my tounge pierced My whole family die laughing- mom included (no worries- i will just take the jewels off of them and put them on my belly rings / I had a very wonderful day today. I hope everyone else did as well. I'd say I was very happy with my gifts. The only thing I would have also liked to get would be an engagement ring...ahh..maybe someday right?
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Lots of goodies, the highlight of which is the 19-inch flatscreen monitor in front of me right now. It was on my agenda for sometime next year, once the credit cards had settled down, but my sweetie beat me to it. Other computer odds and sods, including SD cards which both my camera and my PDA use, and a pocket drive for them. DVD, kitchen toys, and assorted edibles. Definitely satisfied.
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Wow, everyone got great gifts
My DH got me a Laptop computer, clothes, cat book, socks, Foot bath with pedicure set, Kitty calendar, stocking stuff: Lip gloss, spatulas and a pizza cutter.
From the kitties: A beautiful necklace that says Bella 9/9/06 & I love you to infinity on it (I LOVE IT) and an I-CAT for my Ipod.

Presents from my family in NY but can't remember it all It was a few weeks ago!

From Dh's kids: Lot's of books I wanted, Redskin bracelet, scrapbook stuff, kitty slippers etc.

My sis and her family will be here tomorrow from Fl. so more presents!
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I did well! DH did get me Kitty Surprise! (What a sweetie! And she has 4 babies, 2 girls and 2 boys, one is a runt that looks more like a Pokémon character, but still cute!) He also got me some gorgeous earrings that match my engagement ring (hearts), a Mutts Calendar, a stud finder (found him immediately!) and an electric knife thingy for carving a turkey!

My Mom got me both a whole fancy wood burning kit but also a dremmle thing for engraving and stuff! I can't wait to get craftin! She and my step-dad also got me an earring/necklace set and DH a portable DVD player thingy. 2 friends got me bath sets. The Japanese Cherry Blossom one from B&B is sitting in front of me and smells divine! Grandma sent me a pretty holiday cookie jar and a book. My aunt gave me some small hoops with little diamonds down the front. (My Aunt and Grandmother consider it important for us girls to have nice jewelry, but I think this is the nicest piece she's ever bought me!) SIL sent a gift card to Kohls, which I spent on a fabulous sweater! DH's mother will be visiting in a few days and we'll exchange gifts then. My father appoligized several times already, but his gifts to us are coming late because of some health issues with my Grandpa this week. (All is well with that now though, thank the Lord!)
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Very Much Happy with the gifts. I got 2 new pairs of jeans, 5 new tops, a new jacket, 2 pairs of Kitty Cat PJs, Robe, Wallet, A pedicure kit, A WhimisiClay Cat, and 2 other small collectables, a Eric Clapton CD A Chia pet Cat grass goodie and 4 new Cat books, Here's a Pictures of the Whimisiclay Cat can you tell how it is All in all it was pretty nice No agurments between the daughters maybe there getting the message

Here's the books

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I'm very happy.I have always wanted a 4 Wheeler. I woke up to a new Polaris 4 Wheeler sitting out in the drive way!! We have ao lot of trails we can ride on Plus it will be a big help in the gardens being able to drive on The 4 Wheeler and pull all my garden equipment instead of having to use a Wheel barrow..
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Originally Posted by SalemWitchChild View Post
Did you get what you wanted?

I certainly did. 2 diamond necklaces from hubby.

Just to update mine w/ pics. Here's what I got.

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I was a little spoiled this year!: I got a Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask shirt, $30.00 gift certificate for NBS, World Trade Center on DVD, a buy one TaB Energy Drink get 1 Free coupon, an Atari 2600 Junior with 2 joysticks 10 games and a video touch pad (was quite the hit with the family today), a hoodie, jeans, Jelly Bellies, a messenger bag full of socks and underwear, a kitten calendar, a journal, Trivial Pursuit 80's Edition, Cold Case Files DVD, Vintage Movie Classics Christmas At Home DVD, JFK: A Presidency Revealed DVD, Shed Ender, Head On (XD), socks and underwear, a blanket, computer chair, PEZ puzzle, Beatles "Hard Day's Night" shirt, FOB shirt, scratch ticket, LED lamp, penguin, cord hat, and bath beads.
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