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Urination on bed...

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This post is going to be LONG --- I will warn you. I am wanting to give you some background about our little girl to see if you can guide me in the right direction.

My husband and I picked up our little girl Zhazha exactly one week ago today. We got her (rescued in my opinion) from a breeder who was getting rid of all of her cats because she was getting down in health and she simply couldn't keep up with it all since her husband passed away several months ago.

A little background about her -- she was born 6/28 has had ZERO shots, never been dewormed, and was eating crap food. She does appear to be litter trained (I'll get into detail about that later). She is VERY shy and skiddish. I know it's not uncommon for them to be skiddish when they come to a new home (any cat), so we are working with her daily and feel she has made some amazing improvement.

Saturday through Tuesday we kept her locked in the bathroom with food, water, and her crate she traveled home in. She wouldn't come out of the crate much and seemed to use is at a 'safe' place. My husband and I would spend time in the bathroom with her alone daily trying to get her to come around. She has never hissed or bit us, but she does take off really quick when you get near her. Well, over the past week my husband is to the point with her that he can get near her and slowly put his hand down and she will sniff it and then let him stroke her. She is playing with the fishing pole like toy, eating GREAT, and going in her litter box. We have taken the crate away and replaced it with a bed/hide type thing and she does go in there sometimes, but for the most part is staying out and getting familiar with her surroundings. Since Tuesday she has had free roam of the master bathroom and bedroom and seems much happier.

We took her to the vet and she weighed only 4lbs, but I am pretty sure she is 5lb+ now --- she is eating everything we give her. We are basically giving her all she can eat (within reason). She got her first set of kitten shots as well as her first booster. She was also dewormed after the fecal test showed she had worms (nothing harmful). Her litter mate that I brought back for a good friend was found to have ringworm so we have got some shampoo from the vet and need to bath her this weekend. She will go back in three weeks for her next set of shots.

Now that I have given you some information about her I have a few questions.

When she came home I had just picked up a cheap $3.00 litter box and a bag of World's Best Cat Litter because I wasn't sure how big she would be and such. She was getting the litter EVERYWHERE so last night my husband and I picked up a new litter box (looks like a rubbermaid box with a snap on lid and has a hole in the top of the lid for her to climb down into the actual litter box) and got everything set up. I filled it with the cat litter and left the lid off until she has gone in a few times as directed. Well, Thursday she discovered our bed and how it is a much better place for her to be. I don't have a problem with her being on our bed (more so how am I going to keep her off of it anyways) but she has started urinating on the comforter. She is still urinating and going #2 in the litter box, but is urinating on the bed as well --- what can be the cause of this? Keep in mind the first time she did this I hadn't changed her litter box yet, so I don't think that is the reason. After coming home tonight from doing some shopping I discovered she had once again urinated on the comforter. This morning she woke me up by urinating on my side of the bed on ME! We are washing the comforter and she does it again everytime. Is washing it simply not getting the smell removed and she is marking it again because the smell is going away. Is this happening because she is jealous of me? (She has bonded with my husband pretty well -- but is still VERY skiddish of me).


I want to get this stopped before it goes any further.
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I would take her back to the vet and have her checked for UTI. Is her litter box far away? I would make sure it is close also. And you will have to clean the comforter with an enzyme cleaner to totally eliminate the urine smell or she will continue to go there.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I would take her back to the vet and have her checked for UTI. Is her litter box far away? I would make sure it is close also. And you will have to clean the comforter with an enzyme cleaner to totally eliminate the urine smell or she will continue to go there.
I am so upset right now. I just walked into our bedroom and she had urinated once again AND pooped on the mattress. My husband is at the store as we speak getting different litter and we are going to give her the old litter box back and some different litter and see if that does the trick.
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Cats are very clean animals and do not generally poo or pee outside the litterbox without an underlying health problem. I would rule that out first. Im sure it is frustrating to have cat pee and poo in your bed, but I can assure you she is not doing this purposely to anger you. She needs to be vet checked.
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Please read this post


Your breed cat based on your postings, probably is in ill health due to neglect from the previous owner. A vet visit would be wise. Please do not get angry with this cat?kitten? she is not doing this intentionally, she likely does not feel very good. Using an enzyme cleaner is the only way to stop the repeated elimination of waste, because she is drawn to the scent now. www.urine-off.com or www.zero-odor.com are good products to use. For now, strip your bedding, flip your mattress over and use fresh sheets and blankets until you can get the proper cleaner. Putting down a shower curtain liner underneath your top blanket will help as well
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She was at the vet on Tuesday and checked out fine. She ran test on her to ensure everything based on the living situation she came from.

Could the cause of this be the new litter box? Could it be she is jealous of me? She is partial to my husband. I have confined her to the bathroom for now with the old pan style litter box and the new litter (Tidy Cat) with her food/water/house.

We have Simple Solution so I have washed the comforter and am currently rewashing it with Simple Solution. I have cleaned the spots on the mattress with Simple Solution and will flip it over once they are dry. I am probably going to pick up a waterproof mattress cover on Tuesday as well.

I'm not so much frustrated with Zhazha as I am in general. I just don't understand how she goes from using the litter box just fine to using our bed as her toilet.

Thanks for the imput.
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just wanna add my the only time mine have peed on the bed - they had UTIs. it could've developed since the vet visit. it's worth asking the vet to treat her with an antibiotic just to be sure, IMO.
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I will give the vet a call on Tuesday and go from there.

Do cats do this when they get mad, or when they become jealous?
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No, especially the poo part. Cats are very protective of their pee and poo and why they instinctively cover it up. The first thing you ever do when a cat is openly using it places other than the litter box is get them to a vet.
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Originally Posted by ZhaZha View Post
o cats do this when they get mad, or when they become jealous?
No, except for spraying to mark territory, cats typically do not use their pee and poo as "calling cards" - that is more of a dog thing. In fact, cats try to hide their sewage, as it alerts large predators to their presence.
It does sound like ZsaZsa is having a pretty hard time emotionally right now. There are so Bengal owners here who could give you advice.
Bless you and your husband for sticking it out with this kitty. Is there any chance that you could get one of her littermates? Maybe the sudden isolation from other cats is causing her emotional problems. At least, I hope that her problems are emotional; she is really, really gorgeous and I am sure that you will have a wonderful cat if you can solve the mysteries that are causing such havoc in your lives - eeek! toilet problems, whether in a child, pet or disabled adult can stress out the entire household
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