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Its Christmas eve!!

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Its 12 Pm noon, and i just got up! its the longest time ive slept in for a few months!
I have teufel on my Lap, my computer now works and its alot faster (*note to self to reinstall every couple of months)

Everyone here (germany) is going to celebrate tonight, as the germans open their presents and have a large dinner on xmas eve!

I have, popcorn, chips, crossaints, marinated turkey breast, mash potatoes, veggies, cake, and tortellini to cook today, so i can pig out for the next few days too!

And because its Christmas, T&K are going to have unlimited amount of treaties too!!... well after breakfast!

So what did you do\\ are doing for xmas eve?

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Merry Christmas to you too! I am going to give my kitties their stocking goodies before my sweeetie and I leave for my parents. I wish I would have gotten the cat grass out of their stocking and put water in it. Then it would have grown by now. O well...
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Morning all! It's Christmas Eve, the stockings are hung, the toy mice are being batted around....

Cool morning, more Chrstmaslike than the 70 we had yesterday. We are off to the MIL's for a seafood lunch.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve, and those that are travelling have a safe journey.
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Hello everyone!!

It's just a bit after 9am here on Christmas eve day. Jeff and I have the day off so were probably just going to hang out and relax. Maybe take a walk down by the river. Reilly and Sydney are chasing eachother around right now, but I'm not going to give them their new toys from Santa until tomorrow morning.

Have a great day!
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Turkey's in the oven and everyone's coming for dinner tonight! Merry Christmas all!
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We're going to go to my Mom's and make a x-mas eve dinner. We were originally going to have her over, but the roads are still so bad from the snow storm that we decided to take the meal over there and make it.

Normally we open gifts Christmas morning but since we have to leave by 8am to get to hubby's parents early enough to put meat in the oven by 10 for a 1 pm dinner, we are thinking of opening gifts tonight.

Merry Christmas to all and may many wonderful things happen to everyone in 2007.
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We're going over to my family's tonight.
My brother is cooking, we have present to give and unwrap, and lots of wine and chocolate to share

(thank goodness I got that gym membership a month ago It's going to be handy this week!)
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Haha, ive had two glasses of wine and about to go onto my 3rd! I really need my drinking buddy with me right now!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
Haha, ive had two glasses of wine and about to go onto my 3rd! I really need my drinking buddy with me right now!
If I were closer I'd join you Fran!
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I just want to wish each and everyone on this WONDERFUL site a very.....very..
.....VERY "Merry Christmas".......and an even happier New Year. I'm more of a *lurker* than a poster......but this site has some of the BEST people on the internet.........I wish you all the best in health and I hope that you all get everything that you have on your *wish-list*.

Winter Hawk
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merry xmas!!!!!!
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We have been out to see some friends and are home for a nice peaceful afternoon alone watching football and trying to make up our minds whether to stay home and snuggle or head to Niagara Falls for a few hours tonight
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It's 10 p.m. here, and we've already opened our presents. Jamie has been pigging out, and playing in, under, and around the Christmas tree. Frohe Weihnachten!
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Just wanted to wish all you wonderful people a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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It's 12.10.a.m her so that means?

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Merry Christmas Fran

I am at my sisters, and we are having our dinner tomorrow evening. Tonight we are having spaghetti, but I love anything home cooked!!
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Did the grocery shopping this morning, then had lunch (chili) at sis's house (played a game of chess with greatnephew Jacob and lost ), and now Mom and I are settled in for the night. She's wearing her new flannel nightgown (mine is on backorder and will probably be available in spring ).

Tomorrow we will have a taco salad lunch at sis's.
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Done here too, seafood lunch was par excellance! Crawfish and shrimp etouffe, jambalaya, potato corn chowder, steamed crab legs, fried fresh catfish fillets, friend shrimps, baked potatoes, cole slaw. Pumpkin roll, unbaked fruitcake, gingerbread cookies, fresh coconut cake.

OOPS, forgot the cheeseball and the sausage balls.

Settling in for some movies later, probably Over the Hedge and Ice Age: The Meltdown for later. Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, except watching the Cowboys the Eagles.
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Go Patriots!

I've been to my brother's and now my nephew is here playing cards. A fairly quiet Christmas Eve, but it will be a busy day tomorrow.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Merry Christmas to those of you on the other side of the pond! Only 3 hours and a bit until we hit midnight.

We're just relaxing here at home. The Trailer Park Boys christmas special comes on soon
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Merry Christmas everyone!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I have teufel on my Lap, MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!
Fwan, it IS A WONDERFUL Christmas present for me to read that Teufel is on your lap.....there have been some very tragic losses in our TCS family of cats, and I say prayers of thanksgiving that Teufel was found; truly a wonderful miracle MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
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Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a good time!!! / I baked from 9pm last night till 3am this morning, then I worked 10-6 today (it really stunk- but you know what I had the best Christmas suprise ever! I was on my break having a pretty crummy week- long story, and one of the baggers, he's a sweet little teenager (i work at a grocery store for now i switch between checking and floral) he left me the sweetest christmas card before he left for work. He was the only person that really went out of their way to do something sweet for me today- it was so thoughtful and kind! It was soo unexpected- but it totally made me melt- all it took was that one sweet little Christmas card to really make me feel special- it was such a sweet suprise! I think that is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. It was great -that totally made my night and made up for my bad week) After work, I was able to rush home and get all of the stuff I had cooked- then I took it over to my sister's house and we all hung out for a bit (50+ family members ) After several of them left, Colin was able to swing by for a few minutes (he was on duty tonight) and spend a little time with us as well Now i'm back at Colins relaxing. I'm going to wrap the last few presents in a bit and stuff some stockings. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday
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