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Thanks, guys! New page! Click right here and a hungry animal will get a meal from YOU. FREE!
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I might have mentioned this before, but www.care2.com has a similar click to save habitat. While you're clicking, check out some of their site.
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Thanks for the link, Brenda!
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Why is this kitty so lively and happy? Because YOU came here to feed hungry animals! Just click HERE and you'll save an animal from going hungry! Thanks! Oh, and please bump this while you're here!
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Thanks for the reminder, G! CLICK!
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Just clicked again!
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clicked it!
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I keep clicking, but that number never seems to go up!
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Clicked again!
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Just click here and wait for the purple rectangle. It says, "Feed an animal in need. Click for free." Then click that square. Thanks, everyone!
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How You and Others are Helping:

On Mar.27, you and others who clicked at The Animal Rescue Site helped provide 50,123 bowls of food to animals in shelters and sanctuaries. Last year, from the site's launch in July 2002 to the end of the year, visitors to The Animal Rescue Site funded 11,720,254 bowls of food! Together, we can increase our impact in 2003.

I clicked. Won't you help keep this on page 1 ? Thanks. Just bump it.
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I'm a-clickin' away!! I also click on the other links they show, to the Hunger Site etc... Thanks for putting this here! I try to go there every day!

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Thanks for your help! For the new helpers, just click here and then bump the thread, please! I click the hunger site, etc. too. How convenient, and it costs us nothing!
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Ooops! Sorry Jeanie....I've been bad. but, I clicked today!
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I have had this one and the breast cancer site bookmarked for some time now so I can click on them often! I just forget to come here and bump up the thread though!
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Everyone who clicks here can feed a hungry animal at no charge ! Won't you help and then BUMP this? Thanks!
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Today, Lhezzza, Jamie, and I each fed a hungry animal. Won't you help, please? Click and keep this kitten happy!
Here's the spot! Thanks for helping!
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Take a hint from the Shark....


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step to it and click. (i did )
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Bump. Click here:

Feed an Animal in Need
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Feeding animals is fun!
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