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Hopping Mad!!!!

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I came across this page on Petfinder.. About made me cry..

Why and how could people be soo cruel.. This little kitten was found in a dumpster was abused and beaten,, and then paint was poored all over him!! It was in his ears and eyes!

It's not right!!! I've got three cats or I would take the little guy in... OH I wish wish wish we could find people like this and hurt them.. It's wrong to do this to an animal.. What is wrong with people????????????

It's hard to have compassion for people when they do this to little creatures...

Sorry thanks for listening to me rant!!
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Unfortunately there are people in this world that don't view animals like you or anyone else here. They view them as moving objects rather than loving companions.

It's not right, but you just eventually come to terms that not everyone cares about animals like the people here.

Then you hope that someone finds those people, pours paint on them and throws them in a dumpster...
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Where is the cat located? Is there a link to the cats page so that if someone who sees this thread is in that area and open to another kitty they would consider it?

Poor little thing.
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That is HORRIBLE!!! I have no use for ANYONE that treats animals, or humans like that.
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I saw that, it was awful the poor little kit
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It is so inexplicable how someone could treat an innocent animal like that I really hope the precious thing gets a GOOD loving furever home.
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i would use my ninja skills....and my navy seal training...and my machine gun skills...and my streetfighter skills and give them a butt kicken like they have never gotten before.
(warning: the above skills are none that i posses but wouldnt it be AWESOME if i did? )
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I don't see any link to the story, but you have told me enough.....People can have such evil in their hearts, to commit such atrocities, not only against kittens and puppies, but against their own kind - little children and babies...I am so glad that the kitten was found, and is getting assistance, but my heart bleeds for those who suffer and are not rescued in time Remember that Heaven keeps an especially wonderful place for those precious little spirits, and our Creator keeps another "special" place for those who do such terrible things
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I know what you mean these people I just wanna ring by their necks...We have had a few cases of things dealing with paint over this way even recently I wanna say this month sometime that there was something on the news about it....these people
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O . The poor little baby. People that do stuff like that should have the same thing done to them but they should also be shot .
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The poor kitten I hope he or she is okay. Noone has said how he is doing. And the people who done it will get what is coming to them. What goes around comes around.
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oooohh my gosh sooo sad!!!!! and people wonder why some cats are "vicious" (notice that was in quotes)! its because of STUPID people like that!!!!!!!
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