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Decorating Dilema - I need help!!!

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I know this is probably so way off any topic but you guys seem to come through for me every time I have a question.

The count-down has begun for my bedroom make-over. This week-end, I am painting the ceiling, removing all the mouldings, the closet doors have already been torn off (By me!!! ----No that was FUN!)Monday, I begin the tranformation.

But.....nowhere can I find pictures of bedrooms in the same colors that I want to do our room. I know it's a little bit different but you'd think I could find something.

I am looking for a website that can show me bedrooms painted/papered in tones of burgundy, hunter green and gold. I want to wallpaper halfway up the wall, put a border and paint the top half a dark, rich burgundy. I know the room may end up looking smaller but we are putting in mirrored closet doors to compensate for the loss.

I've been searching on the web for 2 nights and cannot find anything in these shades. I've tried typing in: debbie travis painted house, home decor, ikea, bold colors, bedroom renovations, painting, decorating etc.....etc.... I'm either at a road block or I am tired.

Please help me!!!! Somebody??? Anybody???

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What style would you say the look is that you're aiming to achieve eg. Victorian, Country Style, French Provincial..... If you can decide on the style then perhaps you'll have a better keyword to search with

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I'm not too sure what the style is. I have selected a whole bed ensemble in the Sears Catalogue. It's a mix of plaid and flowers. It's really nice...and different. Very countryish. (I'll check out Counrty Style - didn't think of that one!) I have looked at bedrooms decorated in plaid and they all tend to have light or taupe walls. This is frustrating because, as usual, I am last minute! I have a friend coming to help me with my bedroom next wednesday and everytime she says "So, what are we doing?" I say "Whatever you think we should!". Tomorrow we are hitting the paint store on our lunch. I just wish I had a picture to go by.

Thanks Lisa!
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Oh, you are on a tight schedule! I'm just about to take my lunch and then I'll have a look on the Australian country style website too - I'll let you know if I find anything that sounds like what you're looking for!

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Lisa! Guess where I am looking? If I wasn't soooo tired this would be funny. I am in Paris looking for a room to rent. So far, I can rent one for $1500/month. burgundy walls yet!
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Ooooops! Actually, make that $1500 per week. And that's going with the reasonably priced one!
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Here's a site for you.....Decorating bedrooms
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Don't worry, I'm currently looking at Barb's Country Style Tapestries in the hope that Barb's house happens to have the colours and style your looking for!

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Thanks Hissy!

I did find that one also. But, no burgundy walls.
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Lisa...didn't see your post.

Thanks for being so helpful also. (I've never heard of Barb's Country Style Tapestries)
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Now, I faced this dilemna when I was chosing colours for my country style walls last year....

I couldn't find what I was looking for but I had it all in my head - I knew what I wanted but found it difficult to explain to the paint store. So, what I did was got an offcut of craftwood (about 2 foot square) and used that as a sample board. I painted the bottom and top colours then attached some stained chair rail timber in the middle. This enabled me to see the colours working together and after just a few attempts I found the perfect combination! I took the sample board to the paint store and they mixed the colours up just how I wanted them. To get to this point I had purchased about 6 different colours (in small sample pots) and in the end I had mixed nearly all of them together to make my top colour (which they named after me )

Now, my question is.... are you certain you want wallpaper on the bottom? We used a paint called Dulux Suede Effects underneath our chair rail, it's a textured paint which gives depth and texture without the heaviness of wallpaper. You criss cross it on and it looks just like suede then we put a slightly lighter colour on the top. Our house is small and I was a bit concerned that the colours might be too rich but it looks amazing. Maybe you could consider something like this?

Maybe you'll just have to visit all the local stores and have a look at what wallpapers and borders they have in stock given that you don't have much time. I'm still looking on the net so I'll let you know if I find anything!


(I hadn't heard of Barbs Country Style Tapestries until they came up on the search for "counrty style decorating" either! - don't worry, her walls are boring - no country themes there)
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Lisa, That sounds so neat.

Nope, I am not set on the wall paper on the bottom. It was one idea that I/we had. I just want something different. I've had a bedroom with plain white walls for so long that now I am in the mood for a drastic change. I also don't want to 'just' paint the 4 walls and then that's it. Although it looks nice elsewhere, I want something that is eye catching also. One friend suggested painting with plastic bags. This means 2 different colors also. I have no clus what she is talking about.

Sorry for taking up so much of your night. (actually.....what time is it in Australia???? I am so not good at time changes with other countries.) Is it monday there too??? :LOL:

Just in case I don't talk to you again tonight. Thank you again for your time. (I think I am heading to bed shortly. I will continue searching tomorrow, and will look into whatever you may find for me also!)

P.S. What is stained chair rail timber? Oh I ever in for it! I don't know anything!!!!!
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When I said stained chair rail I mean the timber feature that goes around the room - about halfway up the wall. We bought it in it's raw state then put a timber stain on it and then laquered it. Sounds like you're going to use a wallpaper border instead of this which sounds nice.

Bagging is nice too - perhaps your friend that suggested it could come over and demonstrate the technique for you

It's just after 1pm here in Australia and I'm at work - very busy as you can see Sounds like you do need to get some sleep, things won't seem so bad in the morning! I'll keep my eyes open and hopefully you'll be pleasantly suprised in the morning.

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Hissy, that's almost what I'm looking for but in reverse. I'd like the walls burgundy and the frames off white.

Thanks for your help!!

You guys are great. You're helping me stay positive. About more than an hour ago, I was so frustrated and I was ready to pitch this computer across the room. Knowing I'm not alone in my search has calmed me down!

Lisa!!!! That's what I wanted to do in the beginning instead of the border. It's so much nicer. But then I thought it might be much harder. I wanted timber halfway up the wall. I guess I would be able to buy it in sheets out here. How do you like it? I think wood halfway up and then burgundy up to the ceiling would be nice. I think I may end up doing this.

The friend that suggested the bagging technique is the one coming over to help me on wednesday next week. I did exactly as you are saying. When she asked me I said "Wow....that sounds interesting. But I've never done that before". She then offered to come and 'demonstrate'. I am not sure if I am doing that. So far, I have one helper wednesday morning, another coming aroung lunchtime and all I have to do is provide lunch and then a BBQ and a few cold beers once the job is done. That, I can handle!

Thanks again and....goodnight. I am signing off now.My wakeup call is exactly 6 1/2 hours away.
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Ghyslaine, you must must MUST show us pics of your new bedroom once it's done. It sounds so lovely. Good luck with it!
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I don't have any websites for you....but just wanted to say it sounds like it will be beautiful, I love hunter green and burgandy together...our main bathroom is done in those colors! I want to see pictures, too, when you are done! Good luck with it!
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Thanks guys. I am hoping it turns out nice. I know it'll be dark but my bedroom set is wood with mirrored doors. And with the closet doors being mirrored, I think the contrast will work out fine.

While I was sleeping....I think I figured out one thing. I will do my closet this week (at night sometime) and that way I can have an idea. Today, I am off shopping for 'ideas' on my lunch. Did not find a picture but will hopefully get inspired by something.

Note to self: You have GOT to figure out how to post a picture!!!!!

Well, I am off to work.

P.S. Oh yeah....while I am fixing my room, I decided to build an office in a closet. Just like Martha Stewart! Yeah, right. Well, I will at least but a keyboard tray and move everything upstairs. It'll help me with my allergies. So, not only am I painting or doing whatever, I am also going to try to build. Looks like I will be having an interesting vacation.
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Good luck!! Keep us posted as to how things are going.
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Ok, G. I'm on the hunt for you, too. The technique your friend was talking about is really, really easy, and fun to do. I helped my friend's sister in law rag roll her bedroom and it turned out great! She also has her bathroom done in the colors you mentioned, and it looks awesome, so rich looking. OK, so here's some links for you:

Christopher Lowell - I love this guy!

Paper Bag Walls (Like Rag Rolling):

Faux-Wallpaper using Stencils (in case you can't find just the right colors, and if you ever want a change it will be a lot easier to re-do):

If you want to do the timber in the middle of the wall instead of a wallpaper border, here is some info on using crown molding:

And some tips on using mirrors to lighten, brighten and enlarge the appearance of a room:

I'm not sure you will find too many pics of that color combination. That was all the rage about 5-7 years ago (not that it's gone out of style) and now it's more of the red and yellows that are the cutting edge decorating colors.
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Thanks everyone! You guys are definately The Best! I am constantly amazed at the support a person can get here, no matter what the subject is!

Well.....headed for the paint store today (actually we hit 3 places). All three did not think burgundy walls would be a good idea. They were looking at what my comforter/curtains looked like versus what I want. Apparently it would be "too much" if I chose that color. So....I have settled for a green marbled wallpaper that will go a little more than half way up the wall (guess I'm not doing the wood. That too, apparently would be too much because my bedroom set is wood.) The border I have chose is really nice. And....It has plenty of burgundy in it also. The top part of the wall is going to ba a taupe/beige color. This will bring out the similar colors in the bedding and the wallpaper.

I will still try to post a picture when it's all done.

Hubby just sits there and shakes his head. he'd really like me to wait for him to tackle this but my week off is next week and I want to do it while I have quiet time. besides....I have help coming over. The room should be done in no time.

Once again,...Thanks guys!

I may still do the bagging effect. It sounds like a lot of fun and yet, so simple.
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